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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Pigs are domestic animals raised by most of people here and abroad. This kind of animal is the source of pork, which is in demand in the market. People in different walks of life consume pork regardless of the price it is being offered. Despite the issues about the effects of pork in our body, this food has been a part of our tradition as Filipinos, especially during fiestas and other special occasions. Because of the demand of pork in the market, people begin to venture into hog raising business.

Hog raising has become a popular home-based business through time especially here in the Philippines which is generally an agricultural country. Different kinds of pigs are raised for consumption or selling purposes. This kind of business has proven to give people a good source of income and it generates good profit. This feasibility study aims to determine the suitability of hog raising business here in Negros Occidental and eventually in the whole Philippines.

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This Is a Feasib Essay
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Our group will undertake the processes involved in venturing into this kind of business from raising to fattening and supplying to various markets, and group will also undertake the processes of manufacturing different processed meat from pork. Statement of the Problem The purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility of hog raising in Negros Occidental. It specifically aims to answer the following questions: 1) What organizational structure is suited for a hog farming business? 2) What is the process of production of a hog farm? ) What are the target markets of this kind of business? 4) What would be the profitability plan for this kind of business? 5) What are the social and environmental contributions of hog farming? Scope and Limitation of the Study Pigs are the key element of this business. This study will focus on raising and fattening of pigs in line with these we will undertake the process involved in manufacturing processed meat and also how the waste of these animals can be processed and used in order to conserve energy and minimize the costs and expenses of the utilities in the farm.

We are only after the fattening, slaughtering and processing meat to eventually supply in the target markets. Project Site(Vicinity Map) CHAPTER 2 MANAGEMENT ASPECT Oinky Porky is a sole proprietorship business organization which is owned by an individual. The mission and vision of the business is the path towards its goal. This chapter conveys the identity of the business, its mission and vision, goals and objectives, its structure and development, and the jobs to be provided for the Filipino people.

This chapter also states the policies, rules and regulations in the daily operations of the business. COMPANY MISSION AND VISION OUR MISSION Oinky Porky Hog Farm is committed to provide good quality, service and cleanliness through delivering and supplying healthy and disease-free pigs while securing the commitment of being an environmental friendly enterprise in the Filipino community. OUR VISION Oinky Porky’s visions are to: 1) To be recognized as the leading supplier of good and in quality pigs and be able to get at least 60% of the piggery market. ) To continue to deliver healthy and disease-free pigs. 3) To provide and achieve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and cash flows. COMPANY GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 1) To maintain the commitment on being an environment friendly enterprise. 2) To ensure on time delivery of the products. 3) To be able to realize present capital after 2-3 years. 4) To maintain affordable price compared to the benchmarking competitors. 5) To enhance the livelihood industry in Negros Occidental through the influence of our enterprise in the piggery industry. ) To cut down cost and expenses through the use of pig manure to generate electricity. 7) To meet 40% sales everyday. 8) To satisfy employee through reasonable compensation. 9) To maintain legal integrity by paying taxes on time and follow government rules and regulations. 10) To grab 30% customer share in piggery industry of Negros Occidental. FORM OF BUSINESS ORANIZATION Sole proprietorship is the form of business organization of Oinky Porky Hog Farm. This form of organization is suitable for a starting business like Oinky Porky for it has low organizational cost and the owner receives all profits.

It is easy to disseminate plans and objectives having a small area to cover and having one source of decision which is the owner or the manager. Organizational Chart Job Specification and Description Personnel Management Policies 1) Take Formal Education. Oinky Porky Enterprise shall provide steps on employee development. It shall conduct formal education programs for its employees to provide them proper understanding with regards to their specific fieldworks. New employees and employees given new field works are obliged to take this formal education before performing actual work. ) Practice Personal Safety. The enterprise shall maintain employee health and safety. Health and safety policies and benefits must be properly communicated and must be in compliance with the existing health, safety and welfare benefits provided by the labor code of the Philippines. Every employee must practice personal safety at all times. (? ) 3) Consider Punctuality. The enterprise shall compensate employees using a time based pay. Employees must be time conscious since compensation is tied to the number of hours the employee works. ) Follow overtime rules(? ). There will be no available overtime hours for farm workers since the management will require shifting every after 8 hours work. Manufacturing workers’ overtime cannot be acknowledged if not reported to management ahead of time. Prior approval of the management is required. 5) Consider Work Hours. There will be 8 minimum work hours every employee. Employees’ daily work hours schedule will be presented to each employee. Farm workers must always observe the proper shifting schedule. 6) Follow Working Policies. FEA


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