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Push or pull of an object force
Use of force to move an object work
Vibrations of a medium wave
The material -solid, liquid, or gas- through which a wave can travel medium
The top parts of a wave crest
The bottom parts of a wave trough
Particles move back and forth in the same direction longitudinal waves
Parts in a wave where the waves are close together compression
Where the waves are spread out rarefaction
Where the waves go up and down transverse wave
A wave that requires a medium mechanical waves
Vibrations of electric and magnetic fields electromagnetic waves
How far particles in a medium move from their rest position Amplitude
Distance from any point on wave to the next identical point Wavelength
Number of waves that pass a point in a given amount of time frequency
A unit of frequency Herts
Speed of which a wave travels wave speed
The ability to do something or act in a way power
A worker in a factory lifted a 200 N box 3 meters in 10 sec, what power is used? P=60watts
A chef made a whole meal and if 34 watts of power is produced in 20 sec, how much work s done? w=680j
What amount of time would be needed to produce 610 joules of work if 30 watts of power is needed? t=20.33repeated sec

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