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Question Answer
what is a object that a wave goes through? medium
what is a wave? A disturbance of particles that transfer energy
what is force? How much something weighs
What is the amount of energy used to move something? work
What is the efficiency of how you do work ? power
what is the highest part of a transverse wave? crest
what is a trough? the lowest part of a transverse wave
what is a longitudinal wave? A wave that moves back and forth in the same direction as the wave
what is compression? when particles in a longitudinal wave get close together
what is the part of a longitudinal wave that particles are apart? rarefaction
what is a wave that moves up and down? a transverse wave
what are mechanical waves? waves that need a medium
what are electromagnetic waves? waves that don't need a medium
how far particles move from their resting point? amplitude
what is wavelength? the distance between two identical points on a wave
what is frequency? The number of waves that pass a single point on a wave
What is frequency measured in? hertz (Hz)
what is the speed a wave travels at? wave speed
if some one wants to move a box that is 5,000 newtons 10 meters away, how much work would be done? 50,000 joules
If someone used 400 joules to move a pencil in 2 seconds, how much power was used? 800 watts
if the wave speed is 4 m/s and the frequency is 2 seconds, than what is wave length? 2 meters
is sound a longitudinal or transverse wave? longitudinal
why can't you hear in space? because there is no medium
what type of wave is light? electromagnetic
what wave is an earthquake? mechanical
what is a combination of a longitudinal and transverse waves? a surface wave

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