This is for the quiz on the vocabulary.

Question Answer
Observe -Study closely using one or more senses.
Infer -Use background information to understand (past, present, or future).
Estimate -An approximate calculation.
Measure -Describe an observation by comparing it to a standard unit: width, length, volume, weight, etc.
Predict -State what you think might happen in the future.
Classify -Group things together based on how they are alike (a property such as color or size).
Record And Organize -Put your data into tables, charts, graphs, and digraphs.
Hypothesize -An educated guess.
Analyze -Look closely for trends or patterns in the data.
Share -communicate results and information.
monarchy ruled by one
who is the leader of the titans Cronus
who is the leader of the olympians Zeus
why was Prometheus important created humans
why was Epimetheus important created animals
how did the peloponnesian war come to end starvation
tyranny unjustly severe government
oligarchy ruled by a small group of people
democracy ruled by the people
why was greeces environment considered unstable made of mostly mountains and rocks
positive greece grew olive trees
negative greece had lots of wars
why were olives important no one else had it so they got good trade
how did the sea influence the ancient Greeks great trade routes and
what landform covered most of Greece and what are two ways it affected them mountains, made them not trade or
which two cities fought in the Peloponnesian war Athens and Spartan

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