This Is Just to Say Essay

Out of all the poems that we have viewed in the first two weeks of class the one that caught my attention was the poem by William Carlos Williams, “This is Just to Say”. This poem was so short and so simple but seemed to be so much more than what it really is. The poem by William Carlos Williams; “This is Just to Say” is difficult to dissect. In shorter poems the perception of what it actually means I feel is harder to find.

Being the poem is only 28 words and no word is over 3 syllables it seems that this was an intended note left for someone to find. This poem; This is Just to Say was written in 1934 and it is still unknown to whom or what the poem was intended for. As for I reading this poem it seems as if this was left for a lover. I have intended that this note was left for a lover because they have made the plums the center piece of the poem.

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Fruits in general are an exotic and forbidden form of love and they use the plums in a seductive way to the reader. I came to the generalization that the plums were not edible for the fact that the last ten words in the poem are; “forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold”; the sender of the poem is pleading for forgiveness for the fact of eating the frozen plums. Also the fact, that the plums were in an icebox so sweet and so cold it feels as if they were not meant for eating.

The perspective I am getting from this is that they wanted to let the reader know they were there intended to leave a trace behind and not just a note. It seems as if the writer knew what they were doing and the plums were a significant meaning to the reader and that the poem took little to no time to write. The poem illustrates great detail in so little words giving you an endless amount of thought to why the sender has eaten these so sweet and so cold plums that were in the icebox.

The sender seems as if they planned to write their receiver a note and had to input a secret message as to why they actually have written it. In many cases poems are about love and hidden messages that only the writer can tell you the intended meaning of it. Due to the fact that William Carlos Williams never answered the questions asked about this specific poem he wrote in 1934 his answers to all our questions will remain unknown forever.


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