This will help with some science vocab for the MSA

Question Answer
Decompose An organism that obtains energy from decaying organic material
Density The amount of material an object has in a specific amount of space
Dependent Variable Factor whose value depends on the changes the experimenter makes to the independent variable
Deposition Process by which sediments are deposited in a new location
Disease A condition of the body in which there is incorrect function due to heredity,infection,diet, or environment
Displacement One substance or object moving another substance or object,or taking it's place
Diversity of species The number of different species present in an area
Ductility The ability of a substance to be stretched
Earthquake The moving and shaking of part of Earth's crust
Ecosystem A group/community of organisms interacting with their environment
El Nino A variation in worldwide weather patterns that recurs every three to five years and that is caused by changes in the wind,conditions over the Eastern Pacific Oceans
Electric Circuit Continuous path that can be followed by charged particles
Electric current the flow of particles from one place to another
Electrical energy Energy of electrical charges as a result of their position or motion
Electricity A general term for the physical phenomena that arises from the interaction of electric charges
Electron The negatively charged particle that moves around the nucleus of an atom
Element A substance that consists of only one kind of atom and cannot be broken down into simpler parts during a chemical reaction
Energy The ability to cause matter to move or change
Energy transformation When energy changes from one type to another
Environment The physical surroundings of an organism which includes the living and nonliving components
Erosion The carrying away of weathered soil,rock,and other materials on the Earths surface by gravity,water, and wind

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