Three Strawberry Shakes’ Sample Essay

This picture was produced by Wayne Thiebaud ( born 1920 ) in the twelvemonth 1964. The lifelike picture shows an image of ‘Three Strawberry Shakes’ with three stripy straws in and the cup outside decorated with unusual colorss and designs. The cups are over-lapping with each others shadows but original cups put in a reasonably diagonal place. The picture was produced in oil picture on canvas. The temper in the picture captures harmoniousness with the usage of a light cup and another temper being peace with the usage of insouciant vibrant colors. This image has been created by the milk shakes painted to be standing beside each other like existent friendly relationship or a relation demoing a narrative about diverseness. Thiebaud has used the formal elements of coloring material ; bold coppice shots of pure yellow have been painted over an intense covered blue background. He has besides contrasted assorted colorss so that all colorss complement each other to look strong. As for the lines he has presented a fluid free piece. A unsmooth study to get down out with but confident lines do outcome. Strong. powerful. lines have been painted into the light field. delicate background to do the milk shakes look just and stand out.

There is a strong contrast between the visible radiation and dark tones in the picture and Thiebaud has done to utilize this component by chanting and melting out the brighter colorss like the yellow-mustardy colors. The image shows no smoothness but instead gives strength to the painted country like a tapestry which is threaded by manus but merely even more intense. The form is simple with merely three repeated and uniformed milk shake cups with straws somewhat moved. The texture is somewhat crumbly in the shadows of the cups but the lines neat and accurate for a harsh oil-painted piece. My personal sentiment of this picture is that I like it because of its narrative. The ground I think this is because Thiebaud has shown lot’s of intending into this oil-painting and used many different astonishing techniques which has inspired me to make more with my drawings in future to utilize different stuffs and texture without vacillation! It’s fantastic how Thiebaud has created an image utilizing many art accomplishments where everything complements each other and has a positive significance.

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Three Strawberry Shakes’ Sample Essay
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