Time Management Essay

Essay on time management We all know the sound of the clock that just keeps moving whether you are moving or not. Students often find that time is one of the hardest things to manage. As a student, there are some basic principles of time management that you can apply, such as times to study, which subjects to study first, and places to get good study time in. First, you have to identify the best time for studying. Everyone has high periods of their day when they are most alert; for instance, if you are a morning person, you pick mornings to study, if you are a night person, you study in the evening.

Use your down times to get other things done. If you have a job like most people do, make a slot in your day just for studying. Second, if you study difficult subjects first when you are fresh, you can retain more information quicker and save time as a result. You can also avoid falling asleep or getting bored on the subjects you are not interested in. If you find yourself avoiding a particular subject do it when you are most alert; once that is done, the rest will be easy.

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Finally, make sure your surrounding is good for you to study. This will allow you to have very little distractions that can waste your time. When you use the same place to study, your mind gets used to studying in that area. Libraries are designed for learning. The lighting is perfect. The noise level is low and materials are available for you to study. Some of us can study when our children are at school or even when they are asleep or playing in their rooms.

If this does not work for you, try to get up an hour early so you can have the quiet time you need to study. Also, try to combine activities. If you are watching one of your kids activities, you can use this time to study even if only for a little bit; it is better than nothing. In conclusion, if you find time to study, and make sure you are studying all subjects, as well as finding a good area to study in, you can make studying a lot easier. In the end, it all comes down to your time management skills and how you implement them.


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