To Build a Fire Paragraph Essay

Alex Fugate Mr. Ortiz PIB709 April, 10, 2010 A Heroic Effort The critic is absolutely correct in believing I agree with the critic and do believe that the man obtains a kind of heroic stature by the end of “To Bbuild a Ffire” by Jack Loandon for a few reasons. He describes the man’s thoughts as he tries to compare the feeling of speed over the snow with his recollection of how the Roman god Mercury might feel flying along using his wings. First, as the man runs through the snow with frozen feet he seems “to skim along above the surface, and to have no connection with the earth”(pg 532).

The author is describing someone with super human speed giving him the ability to run so fast as to not break the surface tension of the snow. then compares what the man feels as he runs and the feelings of the Roman god Mercury who fly’s about with wings. Secondly, continuing to run as far and fast as the man does in the extreme cold takes an excessive amount of mental strength and the will to survive. Next Ddespite how cold and tired the man becomes, is he gets back up and “and he makes another wild run along the trail” and forcinges himself not to stop and walkrest(pg 533).

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Continuing to run like the man does in the extreme cold takes an excessive amount of mental strength and the will to survive At temperatures colder than fifty below zero survival is measured in minutes, andif possible which is what someone must have the same unyielding will to survive as a hero would have facing a fight to death. go through in order to become a hero of some sort. Lastly, Eventually though the man realizes that the cold and tiredness that has overcome his body even though his mind wants to push on. him is just too much to humanly survive and He decides that “he [does] not belong with himself anymore”(pg533).

It takes a heroic strength very strongfor a man to realize, that even knowthough heyou hasve tried hisyour hardest, itsit’s sometimes just not possible to survive the situationcomplete some challenge. s Thewhich is what the man has to do to and accept death for what it is, a struggle between him and nature, and not as a horrible fear. The man does obtain a kind ofa heroic stature because of how he is comparedcompares his physical effort to that of a god, his super human mental toughness but mostly howow he fights his mentality, and how he is accepting and at peace with of what the reality which has caught up is coming to him.


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