To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

Based on the novel To Kill a Mocking Bird (TKAM) by Harper Lee and also the film A Time to Kill directed by Joel Schumacer, there are some differences and also the similarities in the context of the characters, themes, settings and also the values. For the characters, in TKAM, the similarities are Atticus Finch and in A Time To Kill, the character that has similarity with Atticus Finch is Jake Brigance. Both of these characters are the lawyers or also the attorneys who are willing to defend the Black people even though they know that the chances to win the case are slightly slim.

In TKAM, Atticus Finch defended Tom Robinson, a Black from their community. He was being accused in raping a white trash’s daughter, Mayella Ewell. Meanwhile in A Time To Kill, Jake Brigance defended Carl Lee Hailey as he had been accused in murdering two white racists, who intentionally raped his daughter in the first place. Tonya Hailey was ten years old when those two men raped and violently brutalized her. This situation made her father, Carl Lee Hailey shot both of them as he cannot bear the pain that her daughter had suffered from. Other than that, there are some differences among the characters in these pieces of art.

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First of all in TKAM, the character Tom Robinson had been in the custody as he was accused in raping Bob Ewell’s daughter. Even though the people at Maycomb City knew that Tom Robinson is not guilty instead he is a kind and innocent man but somehow the White kept on accusing him for the criminal that he did not commit. In contrast, in A Time To Kill, it was obviously seen that the character Carl Lee Hailey was somewhat guilty as he had shot two men before both of them being judged by the court. Both TKAM and also the film A Time To Kill highlight the themes on the racism and also the inequality of the life. in TKAM


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