To Kill A Mockingbird: Man Versus Society Essay

There Are Five Literary Conflicts In literature, Man Versus Man, Man
Versus Nature, Man Versus The Supernatural, Man Versus Society, Man Versus
Himself. There Is A New Literary conflict in literature, It’s Man Versus
Technology, Therefore, Known As the conflict on the 20’th century. A
symbolic meaning of this conflict is franticness. Literature, is a type of
communication. Poetry is written In lines, standers, and prose., Otherwise
wish The Separate Piece was written with sentences and paragraphs.

To Kill A Mockingbird Is ‘Man Versus Society’. It Was Written by a
fourteen year old girl, in the south during the 1930’s. The story is a
flashback when she was six to nine years old. This is a mini-novel by the
author Harper Lee. The story took place in the very deep part of the south
during the 1930’s when the country was in a ecomincal depression in a town
called Maycomb. This novel was written in the first person, therefore we
know that the narrator is a character in the story. This story is a
flashback that covered around three years. He father Atticus that treat her
as an invitingly. In the south the tradition and society is more important
which is the individual is more important! He makes them learn everything
by themselves, Therefore she tells us how she is getting educated.

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Jim was a very active boy, He has manners. He was the son of atticus.

Scott was the daughter and narrator of Atticus. Atticus was a well known
man. He was brave because he shot the dog. He was a lawyer. Calpurnia was
the housekeeper of atticus, always helping out the kids when they needed
them. Boo Radley was given a monster image by the kids. He is one of the
true mocking birds in this story. He said Scott at the end. Tom Robinson,
He was another Mockingbird. He used to help out people. He felt pity for a
white woman. He was charged for rape — That he never committed. Mr. Slady,
She was a Old woman that was trying to ‘Kick’ The habit. that’s why she
died. There are four types of classes known at this time in the south.

Blacks, Calpurnia And Tom Robinson. White Trash, Ewells. Poor Whites, The
Cunninghams. And The Average Southern,Atticus and its neighbors. Education
separate every. The average are the only to go to High School, College.

At this time there where three myths known that separated the blacks.

1. Blacks where like little children and had to be taken care of them. –
2. Blacks, Had sexually intimate to rape a white woman. They had to be kept
in a place.

3. White women where treated as goddesses.

The lessons learn in the south, where Things never change.


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