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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The government should spend money helping more people access the Internet instead of improving public transportation. In the past five decades, we came trough through the age of electricity electricity and stepped into the era of information; nowadays, internet fills in every corner of our daily lives. While everybody are crazy for this remarkable innovation and ask for the government to finance into the IT industry, I still hold the opinion that public ransportation matters in every aspect of out our lives and government should spend majority of money on it.

Unlike public transportation, Internet can only convey digital information rather than tangible substance such as cargos, industral metrial industrial materials and, of course, human beings. Even though some people will argue that they can buy goods in the online stores, they forget that these goods also deliver to their houses by the means of public transportation. Therefore, without high-speed and convenient ransportation, it is hard for human beings to maintain their trades and investment.

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In other words, cutting-edge transportation may allow domestic and global trades in a an efficient order, therefore spur the regional and overall economy. So if the government provide provides funds into the transportation industry, it may recieve receive the outcome that I mention before. Apart from the advantage that the advanced transportation will bring to the trading market, employment rate can also be arised elevated by the renewing and construction of the transportation.

Although the surge of the global financial crisis had passed, many developed countries, which highly depend on their modern economic industries, still suffer from the low enpolyment employment rate. One of the remedies for this problem is to launch some huge constructions and attract labor force. And building an airport or railway station can provide people Jobs and salaries. A good case to support my view is the construction of the high-speed rail in my country. This immense project involved two large construction companies, 100 engineers and around 20000 workers.

Finally, public transportation can enable us to access to different part of the world. There is no doubt that internet expand expands our vision of the world and enhance enhances our knowledge, it still cannot replace the transportation. The more money government finances on the public transportation, the larger amount of people can travel to the places they want to go. Therefore it can not only stipulate the global tourism but most importantly, also give people opportunities to enjoy the exotic food and experience.

For instance, a new, modern international airport was accomplished ecently in my city. Before that, citizen had to go to the nearby city for an Internatlonal traveling. Now witn tnls progressive alrport ana alrllne, It Is easy ana convenient for them to fly to other countries. Therefore improve the efficiency and quality of our lives. To sum up, it is public transportation rather than the internet should and need be financed by the government. Since both individuals and government can benefit by it ,and I am confidently to predict that the future world will be better with the advanced transportation.


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