Tomorrow When the War Began Essay

What is the real hell in Tomorrow, When the War Began; the new world or the descent of Satan’s steps? We all know Hell is a term used for the place where the deceased go down in the underworld to be punished for their sins. When we talk about Hell, it’s used as an expression to describe some kind of intense feeling. Hell can be the destruction of mankind or it can be a place that has been destroyed. In the novel Tomorrow, When the War Began, Hell is used to describe the new world that Ellie and her friends now live in.

In the beginning of the novel Ellie and her friends travelled to a place called Hell where the Hermit lived. Ellie described this place as wild, she said “Wild wasn’t Hell, wild was fascinating, difficult, wonderful. No place could be Hell… Its just people sticking names on places. ” As the story further progressed Ellie and her friends discovered the Hermit was a murderous man who burned his wife and child alive and made it look like they were killed in a bushfire.

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He lived in isolation therefore people called this place Hell, but who knew that Hell could be the only place that would become welcoming? The main theme in the novel Tomorrow, When the War Began is war. War is a fight against people, but what are they all fighting for? Is there some kind of price or is the price just blood and murder? We never think about the consequences of our actions until we get punished for them. Ellie and her friends experience this bloodthirsty battle. They discover that the new world they live in is no longer their homes anymore.

Mankind is the reason why some people don’t even have a home, like Ellie said, “Hell wasn’t anything to do with places; Hell was all to do with people. Maybe Hell was people. ” In the novel Ellie and her friends all decided to flock to Hell since their homes had been invaded. What was special about their experience was that it brought them all together, this place Hell welcomed them to a new world where they had to rely on each other to survive. At the end of the novel Homer quoted, “lets go home…to Hell. This suggests that their lives have changed so therefore he has moved on and considers Hell as is new home because it’s safer. Hell has nothing to with Satan’s steps or places. Hell is people, Hell is the world people have created; Hell is a war against people. War is a sin and all sins have to be punished. This novel has consequences but also has a bright side. In dark times there is light if you believe in others as well as yourself and be willing to adapt in such changes, then you will survive.


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