Too Much Corn Sample Essay

Today American’s are acquiring fatter and fatter. The statistics are reeling. Harmonizing to Michael Pollan in his book Omnivore’s Dilemma. “Three of every five Americans are overweight ; one of every five is corpulent. ” ( Pollan. 108 ) These statistics are flooring. One demand merely look around at the local promenade to acquire some sense of merely how out of control our nation’s weight job has become. Almost every twenty-four hours there is an article that reflects the jobs associated with the rise in fleshiness. Obesity is bing our state 1000000s of dollars every twelvemonth in increased medical disbursals caused by a higher incidence of preventable medical conditions. such as Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. non to advert the increased hazard for complications associated with medical processs performed on the corpulent patient. Looking farther. there are adjustments that may necessitate to be made for an corpulent client on a plane or coach.

Who pays when an excess place is required to suit an corpulent client. the air hose or the consumer? What function does the authorities drama in all this? Shouldn’t they bear some duty in the increasing rate of fleshiness? After all. the over production of maize in this state has lead the authorities to look for some topographic point to drop it. Where is it all traveling? It is traveling in our nutrient and doing American’s fat. Obesity in America is being driven by how our authorities has chosen to cover with an surfeit of maize.

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Too Much Corn Sample Essay
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America’s addition in the rate of fleshiness can be traced to the 1970’s. It is no happenstance that this is the same clip period when Butz began to level the policies that protected our husbandmans from overrun. ( Pollan. 102 ) In the past. loans were provided to maintain excessively much maize from hitting the market. Without that control. husbandmans have few picks when it comes to seeking to increase their economic return. Farmers try to increase their output which means there is more maize on the market which leads to a bead in monetary values per bushel. As the monetary value beads due to over production. the lone manner a husbandman can increase their income from maize is to increase production. The barbarous circle it creates leads to a demand to happen more ways to use maize. Thankss to good old American inventiveness and resourcefulness. large concern has found multiple ways to utilize this extra maize. but it is at the disbursal of our people’s wellness. Sure. Americans don’t have to eat so much.

We could merely take to eat less. but that’s non what is go oning. Peoples are devouring an norm of 200 more Calories per twenty-four hours harmonizing to Pollan ( 2006 ) . and at that place has non been any addition in activity to assist fire those Calories. Through statute law. our authorities has created a excess of maize and now it is kicking about the fleshiness epidemic it has created. Some might reason that this is merely allowing free endeavor dictate the market but. it’s non that simple. Alternatively of making ways to assist the husbandman control the sum of maize hitting the market each crop as they did before the seventiess. they are subsidising the husbandmans by paying them money to countervail the low monetary value of their over produced maize.

Calorie dense convenience nutrients pack a batch of Calories into fast. easy nutrients that are unluckily non nutritionally heavy. This provides the husbandman with a market for all that extra maize. but puts our last socioeconomic group at highest hazard for the spread outing waistline. Alternatively of droping of import monies into doing healthy and nutritionally sound nutrients more low-cost. our authorities continues to perpetuate a system of over production that merely worsens the job. This excess of maize insures that the cheapest and most abundant nutrient available will drive our fleshiness rate higher as clip goes on. It’s true that maize is non the lone inexpensive Calorie beginning available in the food market and fast nutrient market. fat adds plentifulness to that equation every bit good. nevertheless ; maize is by far the cheapest when you look at the energy output per acre of land. ( Pollan 108 ) When you factor in the twine of measures that support the over production of maize and maize merchandises and no such support for other nutrients. it’s easy to see how the presence of maize in its many signifiers has found its manner into about every nutrient we consume.

It used to be our surplus could merely travel towards feeding hogs and doing whiskey. but now we even found a manner to feed it to our cowss. therefore inculcating our meat supply with maize. The cattle’s digestive system was non designed to manage this type of nutrient but thanks to engineering and antibiotics we force their systems to use this new diet so that we can utilize more maize. This procedure has decidedly made our meat supply more low-cost. but once more. at what cost? The meat is loaded with antibiotics that help to construct a host of resistant bacteriums which in clip will take non merely to more fleshy Americans but infections that no longer respond to antibiotics.

The Government’s backup of plans that support a excess of maize is driving our national epidemic of fleshiness. That same inventiveness that gave us so many unhealthy utilizations for maize should be able to assist us alter way and get down happening healthier utilizations for maize excess. Further. possibly it’s clip to look back at how we used to subsidise husbandmans. Controling the excess of maize was a better manner to help the husbandman in gaining a life as a nutrient supplier. Surely we can happen a manner to return to a more controlled harvest of maize. therefore contradicting the demand to happen things to make with so much maize. Alternatively of seting so much money into happening ways to utilize the extra maize we could happen ways to supply more low-cost alimentary nutrients.

Possibly it’s clip to subsidise the fresh fruits and vegetable husbandmans of our state. Finally. if there was less maize on the market. possibly we could return to a clip where cowss ate a diet of natural grasses. therefore extinguishing the demand for so many antibiotics. Surely we don’t want to throw away all the promotions and utilizations for maize but. it would look if we want to decelerate the class of fleshiness. we need to look at something that is more in-between land and non so maize infused.


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