Top Girls and Sisterly Feelings Essay

Caryl Churchill ‘s Top Girls is a drama on gender which focuses on adult females as genderized societal existences. The drama consists of female characters some being fabricated, some existent characters. Until the first scene, the sensible audience identifies with Marlene, nevertheless she besides proves to be a merchandise of patriarchy toward the terminal. Marlene and her sister Joan have small difference in individuality. However Churchill puts the two sisters into two classs. Marlene is a selfish figure – which is her sister ‘s ailment – who leaves her female parent and her bastard babe. She rejects her ain category – working category – and desires to fall in the middle class. She sees working category morality as incorrect. She additions material success ; nevertheless, she loses her household and her ain individuality. In footings of category and feminism, Marlene and Joan have different positions. While Marlene represents the businessperson feminism, Joan embodies socialist feminist attacks. Marlene feels no duty for her household. She does non pay any attending to her female parent or sister ; she is comfy plenty to go forth her babe to her female parent.

Alan Ayckbourne is besides concerned with household dealingss in Sisterly Feelings. In one of his Hagiographas, he insists that he is more interested in parents than the kids. He deals with household dealingss in tremendous item. He is less interested in matrimonies than man-woman dealingss. He analyzes the manner adult male and adult female differ. He states at one point that “ [ degree Celsius ] ollapse of matrimony has to make with the prostration of phantasy ” . He does non back up the thought that matrimony is a happy establishment. The ground why he is so pessimistic toward matrimony is likely due to the relationship between his parents. They divorced when he was five old ages old. Ayckbourne ‘s capable affairs in his dramas are domestic and matrimonial state of affairss, mercenary greed ; unfaithfulnesss and treacheries. Sisterly Feelingss, as the rubric suggests, is a drama about siblings. Dorcas and Abigail are two sisters who are in love with the same adult male, Simon. However it is interesting that Abigail is married and Dorcas has a fianc & A ; eacute ; . Simon, on the other manus, is a divorced adult male.

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The drama is an unusual one in that Ayckbourne leaves pick to the audience which he himself calls a “ related comedy ” . He sees the drama as a orderly gag foremost because two sisters are viing to unify with the same adult male ; secondly because there are four options depending on the pick. What Abigail and Dorcas are perpetrating is adultery. Each is bewraying her fianc & A ; eacute ; or conserve by seeking to be closer to Simon. Ayckbourne is critical of treacheries. The scene is late February, Thursday afternoon in Act I Scene One ; June, Saturday afternoon in Act I Scene Two ; September, Saturday afternoon in Act II Scene One ; November Saturday afternoon in Act II Scene Two. The events take topographic point during a field day in Common Pendon. Sisters compete with each other during the field day since each wants to be closer to Simon. They even toss a coin in order to make up one’s mind who is traveling to walk with Simon alternatively of traveling with the auto. Ayckbourne includes two options by spliting the scenes in to two, one Scene two A, the other, Scene two D ; the missive A stand foring Abigail, the missive D, stand foring Dorcas. In the scene devoted to Abigail, it is Abigail who manages to acquire united with Simon whereas in the scene devoted to Dorcas, it is Dorcas. Ayckbourne puts stage waies such as:

Should Abigail hold chosen to remain with Simon, Act II Scene One A follows. If, nevertheless, Abigail opts to travel with Patrick, the reader should turn to Act II scene one D { p. 296 } . ( Sisterly Feelingss 238 )

The two of the four options refering Abigail are either Abigail chooses Simon or her hubby, Patrick. The other two options refering Dorcas are either Dorcas chooses Simon or her fianc & A ; eacute ; , Stafford. Ayckbourne inquiries the sistership through Dorcas and Abigail along with man-woman relationship through their relationship to male characters. When Patrick is leery of his married woman, he asks her whether she is run intoing Simon. The reply is a unusual one in that Abigail suggests she is bored with him and needs an escapade. She is bored after old ages of matrimony and is in hunt of a more exciting adult male. As for Dorcas, she besides has got bored with Stafford and is in desire of a new relationship with another adult male. It is therefore non merely the inquiry of sistership but besides the inquiry of dissatisfaction of adult females that Ayckbourne trades with. At the terminal of the drama, Simon proves non to be satisfactory and he remains an escapade for both of the sisters. There has been no alteration in the spouses despite the escapades lived with Simon. What Ayckbourne discusses is the relationships within society. He portrays matrimony as a drilling and insecure establishment.

As a decision, there is small difference between Ayckbourne ‘s attack to household dealingss and those of Churchill ‘s. Marlene is like Dorcas and Abigail who pay small attending to sisterhood in the sense that she denies her household ties for her ain desires. Dorcas and Abigail betray both each other and their couples. Marlene betrays her female parent and her sister, and is apathetic to her babe. Family dealingss are non every bit near as it was in the old traditional dramas. Along with the society, the values of society have besides changed. There is no longer the traditional household in modern play. Peoples have been estranged from each other therefore households are disconnected.


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