Total quality management and service Essay

There are many ways you can explicate Quality, for illustration Service or merchandise which meets or exceeds the outlooks of its consumers is known as Quality Product or Service. Product quality and Service Quality dramas were of import function in Hospitality Industry because if you exceed your Guest Expectation they will surly come back to you and they vll besides recommend you to their friends and household, which will increase the concern. Hospitality Industry is known for their Merchandises and Service and so it is of import for them to keep and bit by bit increase there choice harmonizing to their clients need.

Defination Of Quality:
Harmonizing to Oxford Dictionary “ Quality can specify as a grade of Excellence”Juran ‘s defins Quality as “fitness for intended use” the defination says that Quality is run intoing or transcending client outlooks.

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Total quality management and service Essay
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Example: If the Guest Stays in the 5 star hotel belongings, he is quite certain of the merchandises and service he is traveling to acquire from them, and if the hotel is successful in supplying expected service that means they have given the guest quality service and merchandises.

Harmonizing to Deming- Quality should be aimed at the demands of the consumer, present and future.

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Example: In the hotels there are guest who vist same belongings more offently may be every month, hotel should maintain the record of their particular demands such as what type of room they prefer, any particular dietetic demand, any particular merchandises they like holding in there room for eg. Fridge, fan etc. And supplying all the recorded demands of the invitee on his every vist, I called as Quality Service and Product.

Both the definition have about same significance that is quality can merely be achieved if the invitee is satisfied with the service and merchandises.

Harmonizing to me “Getting good Service or Product for less sum is quality”

For Example: For me remaining in B & A ; B is more hearty than a large belongings because you get all basic things and service in really low monetary value than a large hotel.

Difference Between Product Quality And Service Quality
Product Quality
Service Quality
Product Quality can be owned one time purched.

For eg, engagement of room in a hotel.

Service Quality can merely be Experienced as Good or Bad

For Eg, nutrient service given on tabular array.

Product quality, is non dependent on service quality

Service Quality is dependent on Product Quality

It is Tangible, for eg it can be seen

It is Non touchable, can merely be experienced

It is capital based, for eg. Room s, nutrient,

It is labour based, staff can merely give service

Product Quality can stay changeless.

For eg. Rooms remain same

Service Quality can non be changeless.

For eg. Depends on nature of staff when he is giving service.

It includes characteristics ( eg nutrient, interior etc ) , defects ( a/c in room is non working )

It includes Delivery Time ( supplying service on give clip ) , Knowledge of Delivery ( can give account about what is served to the invitee )

The above given points shows us that both Product Quality and Service Quality plays really of import function in cordial reception industry. If both the qualities are good balance by any company they can easy accomplish their ends. From clients point of position both qulaities are of import. For Example if a luxuries hotel, supplying all facitiles to the invitee but cant provide service harmonizing guest outlook, than it ‘s certain that guest vll non come once more.

Implementing Quality Model:
There are different types quality theoretical accounts available now such as, Total Quality Management, EFQM, Balbridge Award, Continuous Professional Development ( CPD ) , Six Sigma, ISO 9000, Bench Marking and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ( HACCP ) this quality theoretical accounts are helpful to about all different organisation.

Hilton Kensington:
Six Sigma is an really of import theoretical account in cordial reception industry:

Six Sigma is really of import theoretical account in Hospiality Management, Hilton Hotels have used this theoretical account, the theoretical account helps every organisation to increase gross, it increases client trueness, it besides cut down cost,

To keep optimum stock list: Hilton hotel as good records of their stock list, there is perfect count of all equipments used in eating house, in kitchen besides chef has proper count of all the nutrient points required, numbering of equipments are done on regular footing. In eating house and other section of hotel preparations are given to all staff about things required in there specific sections, by which staff has good cognition about their stock lists.

Minimize wastage/pilferage: In every section of the Hilton hotel there is really low wastage because of preparations they get from the section caputs. For illustration in front office all the paper which are used are recycled, all the H2O bottles which are opened and which has H2O in it staying are brought in eating house and are used in breakfast, it helps batch of wastage.

Reduce the clip: staff of section acquire all needed preparations on regular footing from section director and besides from GM, they are told how to work fast and efficaciously, for illustration: if the front office staff are trainined with latest package ‘s, and system they can look into in the invitee rapidly and so Hilton has all preparation which helps to cut down the clip.

Hilton hotel keeps record of every staff and the preparation they received, which helps them cognize how will knowledge the staff is.


In the above given study I have disscussed about different definitions of quality in the Hospitality industry and the assorted quality theories developed by the quality gurus like Deming and Juran. The study besides mentions the difference between service quality and merchandise quality. I have besides disscussed about usage of Six Segma in Hilton London Kensington.

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Mr stephane F & A ; B Manger, Hilton London Kensington, Date 1 October 2009

Mr Daniell Operational director, Hilton London kensington, Date: 2 October 2009


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