Touch Me Essay

The title of the novel ‘Touch Me’ is significant in many ways. Discuss. In the novel ‘Touch Me’ the words are very significant in the novel by James Moloney. The words touch me have many meanings in this book. Moloney puts out a lot of meanings to give the effect of trust in some ways love in some ways and in a way decency. The meaning of trust in the words ‘Touch me’ give the feel of trust between a girl that lost all respect and trust for all boys and a boy who discovers the strange yet fair ways of a girl.

Nuala lost trust of boys by a couple of nasty pranks and some bad rumors from her ex-boyfriend and his friends. She meets a boy called Xavier, who is stunned by what she does, dressing like a man, but understands her motives. But over a little bit of time Xavier gets to understand her better an Nuala trusts him. She finds he isn’t a guy that would take advantage of her, hence the words ‘Touch me’. The words ‘Touch me’ in a form of decency points more so towards Xavier and the type of person he is.

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Touch Me Essay
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Xavier is a good guy, and a good rugby player but hes a more gentle soul then the other boys. Although Xavier seems too be a good player hes not one for rough play. Scott is a good rugby play too but hes a lot rougher and less caring if he hurts somebody than Xavier is. Regardless of Xavier’s gentleness he is in competition with Scott at the start of the book. “Scott had never beaten him in a set of bench presses and Xavier was determined it should stay that way. ”


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