Trade, investment and migration patters in Mexico Essay

This paper is traveling to analyze about making concern in the emerging markets, Mexico. Some of the aims of this paper will be explored. It is traveling to research an overview of Mexico about its macro-environment with several factors. In order to analyze in-depth of making concern in Mexico, it is traveling to analyze the forms of trade, investing and migration taking to an emerging market severally. Afterward, the survey will be found out some cardinal features and challenges based on the different macro-environment factors and the trade, investing and migration forms in relation to Mexico.

Overview of Latin America

Latin America economic systems had been occasional relapsed by tackled rising prices, freed markets and decreased province control of concerns in major endeavors before 2002. Since in the terminal of 2008, a planetary economic crisis occurred and made Latin America economic systems relapsed downswing. However, each state in the part has suffered from the effects of planetary recession and the overall gross domestic merchandise is expected to shrivel 3.6 % in 2009 ( Figure 1 ) . It is revealed that Latin America economic systems have bouncing from the daze with a new resiliency and of import for every state to excite its ain economic system through sustainable policy attempts for their future growing. Although Latin America had experienced a crisis in footings of debt loads, rising prices and a generalized loss of institutional credibleness in 1980s, most of the part so adopted a concatenation of short-run financial and pecuniary policies by running more sustainable shortages, constructing foreign militias against possible liquidness deficits, and widening the adulthood profile of their public debt etc ( OECD 2010 ) .

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In 1990s, the liberalisation of markets had been taken topographic point in most of the parts in Latin America such as intraregional trade, duty cuts and the riddance of import/export licence. In add-on, the limitations on capital flows have been removed to pull the foreign investings. Harmonizing to Figure 2, it is showed the latest Capital influxs to emerging markets and the International Reserves to different parts are unbroken increasing. Some of the parts are besides actively entered into international organisation such as North American Free Trading Area Agreement ( NAFTA ) and Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD ) . However, a currency prostration occurred since 1994 and made the emerging markets of this part severely and influenced to Asian. The crisis had scared many investors off from the markets. In order to retrieve from the crisis, the Latin America states continue to adopted and built financial and pecuniary policies to accomplish the economic and political stableness ( Cavusgil et al. 2002 ) .

Therefore, the downswing high spots that the cardinal determiner for Latin America ‘s long-run growing is responsible and sustainable policy direction and besides bolsters the ability to defy negative dazes. Besides, it demonstrates that the parts are volitionally and progressively to come in a more globalized universe through larger trade and remittal flows that endeavor to diversify the composing and finish of their export countries. In the undermentioned parts, the survey will research in-depth about making concern in one of Latin America states, Mexico.

The Macro-environment of Mexico

In this portion, it is traveling to analysis about macro-environment of Mexico, particularly on factors, economic, political and ideological. Understanding the external forces impacting Mexico can assist to research the following portion of the survey on analysis of trade, investing and migration forms.


Mexico has a free market economic system in the trillion dollar category. From the appendix Table 3, it showed that Mexico ‘s GDP in existent growing rate was plunged 6.5 % in 2009 because of the universe demand for exports dropped and plus monetary values tumbled, but GDP is expected to post positive growing ( 4.4 % ) in late 2010 ( IMF 2010 ) . The GDP in buying power para in 2009 is ranked at 12nd ( CIA 2010 ) . Mexico has 46.2 million labor forces harmonizing to the appraisal figure in 2009 which contains three major businesss – service ( 62.9 % ) , industry ( 23.4 % ) and agribusiness ( 13.7 % ) . ( CIA 2010 )

Trade with the US and Canada has started and about tripled since the execution of NAFTA in 1994 with 80.5 % and 3.6 % severally ( CIA 2010 ) . Mexico has free trade understandings with over 50 states including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, the European Free Trade Area, and besides Japan. It is seting more than 90 % of trade under free trade understandings.


It is of import that an emerging market demand to maintain guaranting stableness and deriving the assurance of new investors after hampered by several fiscal, political and economic crises. Therefore, the rank in NAFTA and OECD are playing a important function to Mexico and brought it a batch of stableness and attracted a batch of foreign investors and houses. The free trade understanding besides strengthened and benefit between Mexico and United Stated that eliminate all trade limitations. The go oning foreign investing government with new jurisprudence provides national intervention for most foreign investing, extinguish many public presentation demands and supply liberalizes standards for foreign investing undertakings. Therefore, many of concern sector that were non antecedently unfastened to foreign investors such as edifice railwaies, ports, satellite communicating etc ( Cavusgil et al. 2002 ) .


Harmonizing to the intelligence advertised in 1982, Paz had stated that Mexico had searched for ways to go civilisations in many old ages ago. Mexican progressives yearn for American democracy as the original of modernness, taking them to follow the American political system. However, the effort is failed since Mexico for three centuries had been a Roman Catholic monarchy, the people or leaders did n’t see the great political, economic and religious revolution with which modernness began and the state is lack of businessperson and in-between categories to jump from a traditional society to a modern one ( TIME 1982 ) .

A brightest minute of Mexican-American dealingss is appeared during the Administrations of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and L & A ; aacute ; zaro C & A ; aacute ; rdenas. Some rules are interrelate between the dealingss, regard for the independency of Mexico, tolerance toward the necessary and about ever healthy diverseness of sentiments, fidelity on both sides to the involvements of democracy ( TIME 1982 ) .


Mexico is located at Middle America, surrounding the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, between Belize and the United States and surrounding the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and the United States ( CIA 2010 ) .


Harmonizing to the latest appraisal in July 2010, the population of Mexico is over 112 million which is ranked at 11st in the universe population. For the age distribution, 28.7 % of Mexican is 0-14 old ages ; 64.9 % is belonging to 15-64 old ages and 6.4 % is at 65 old ages and over. About the common linguistic communications, Spanish is occupied the bulk parts with 92.7 % and English is non popular in local ( CIA 2010 ) .

The forms of Trade, Investment and Migration


The trade theoretical account is emphasis on the competitory advantage of a state and balance of payments which is determined by its factor gifts ( Cavusgil et al. 2002 ) .

Mexico contains a mixture of modern and outmoded industry and agribusiness and progressively dominated by the private sector. Mexico has some natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, gold, Ag, Cu, lead, Zn, lumber. The agribusiness in Mexico is largely bring forthing dairy merchandises ; wood merchandises, rice, beans, cotton, maize, wheat, soya beans, java, fruit, tomatoes ; beef, domestic fowl. The industry is largely belongs to nutrient and drinks, baccy, chemicals, Fe and steel, crude oil, excavation, fabrics, vesture, motor vehicles, consumer durable goodss, touristry. ( CIA 2010 )

Its major import trading spouses are including US ( 48 % ) , China ( 13.5 % ) , Japan ( 4.8 % ) , South Korea ( 4.6 % ) , and Germany ( 4.1 % ) . The import trade goods are largely agricultural machinery, metalworking machines, steel factory merchandises, electrical equipment, auto parts for assembly, fix parts for motor vehicles, aircraft, and aircraft parts. In 2009, the import sum is making USD $ 234.4 billion, compared with USD $ 308.6 billion in 2008. ( CIA 2010 )

In contrast, Mexico major export merchandising spouses are US ( 80.5 % ) , Canada ( 3.6 % ) , Germany ( 1.4 % ) . The exports trade goods are largely manufactured goods, oil and oil merchandises, fruits, veggies, Ag, java, cotton. The export sum is making USD $ 229.7 billion in 2009.

Let ‘s take a position on US, Mexico is occupied as one of its import and export spouses which account for 10.1 % and 11.7 % severally. ( CIA 2010 )


Mexico really began to open up to foreign investing in the 1980s. The state had eliminated the trade regulations and removed the limitations on capital flows for foreign investings. The denationalization besides changed Mexico ‘s economic sciences. The gross revenues assets have helped state equilibrate its book and stabilise its currencies. Privatization besides infused state-owned companies with productiveness and efficiency that paving the manner for foreign investing ( Cavusgil et al. 2002 ) .

Due to the beneficial of NAFTA and the continued political and economic stableness, it makes Mexico an attractive location for foreign direct investing ( FDI ) . Mexico is being the third-largest host state for U.S. direct investing in planetary processed-food and drink industries, and besides attracted in production agribusiness. The understanding contains many commissariats designed to ease foreign investing, including equal intervention of foreign and domestic investors and prohibition of certain public presentation criterions such as a minimal sum of domestic content in production for foreign investings ( USDA 2009 ) .

From appendix Figure 4, it showed that the overall FDI flows into Mexico in 2008 were US $ 18.6 billion which US $ 8.9 billion is coming from US beginnings. This is besides proved that the high imports and exports rate from and to US for Mexico. The US provides 41 % of all FDI in Mexico and profiting more than 20,000 companies in 2009 ( US Embassy 2009 ) . The latest information besides showed that the investing is history for 21.8 % of GDP in 2009, revealed that investing is one of the economic sciences beginning.


Harmonizing to the latest nose count in 2009, there were more than 8.3 million Mexicans populating abroad, whom 99 % were in the United States. The Mexican population in the United States besides shows a low educational profile that about 70 % of Mexicans in the state have non completed secondary instruction ( OECD 2010 ) .

The figure of lasting migrators is more than doubled from 2007 to 2008, which making 15 000. The bulk ( 60 % ) of lasting migrators are coming from Central America such as neighboring Guatemala and Honduras, South America ( Columbia, Argentina and Venezuela ) , and from Cuba and the Caribbean.

Harmonizing to the Figure 5, it showed that the common income categories in Mexico are largely hapless group and lower-middle category group and most of the households have to back up by the remittals. The lower-middle category group who receive remittals has contributes the most which account for over 42 % than non-recipients.

Features and Challenges


Bing an emerging market, the understanding of NAFTA had transformed the Mexico ‘s economic system. Besides, the rank of NAFTA, OECD and World Trade Organization ( WTO ) besides demonstrated Mexico are desired to hold trade relationships beyond US and pull more foreign investors. NAFTA besides played a strong function in beef uping ties between Mexico and other states. Due to the size of market and the cheaper fabrication conditions, the FDI in Mexico is successfully increased twelvemonth by twelvemonth and most of sectors are no bounds on foreign ownerships ( Cavusgil et al. 2002 ) .

There are several ways of the entry schemes for foreign investors such as franchising, joint-venture, denationalization etc that benefit them with an riddance of trade limitation, duty cuts etc. The industry sector is bit by bit expanded to electricity coevals, natural gas distribution, havens, railwaies, telecommunications, and airdromes.


Some challenges are bing in Mexico. First, foreign companies who be aftering to put in Mexico should hold proper cognition of NAFTA regulations and ordinances while negociating with Mexican houses. If the investors have non adequate readying, it may go on a difference with local houses and authorities. The foreign companies besides have to happen the right agent or distributer established in the same field for success in Mexico as it is of import to find the companies are able to cover smaller metropoliss.

Second, English is non common in the state and hence, business communities are recommended to engage with a Spanish speech production interlingual rendition or helper during the dialogue procedure.

Justification of choosing Mexico and Conclusion

From the above findings, it showed that Mexico is a possible market for foreign investing under a good free trade understanding with many states. The trade understanding did convey many benefits towards to foreign investors such as removed the limitations on capital flows and riddance of import/export licence etc. The bing and the enlargement of industry sector besides pull more foreign investors to foster develop their concern through market development and variegation ( Learn Marketing 2010 ) .


Figure 1

Figure 2

Table 3

Beginning: International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) , ( 2010 ) . World Economic Outlook Update: Restoring Assurance without Harming Recovery.

Figure 4

Beginning: US Embassy, ( 2009 ) . U.S. – Mexico At a Glance: Foreign Direct Investment.

Figure 5

Figure 6


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