Trading Infrastructure Essay

Strandbags Group Pty Limited is one of the Australian ‘s largest and most successful retail merchants and the company bring forthing net incomes from the retailing of pocketbooks and other travel goods. Strandbags has shops in Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Strandbags caput office is located in Belrose, New South Wales. The group is in private owned and operates over 350 shops throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and late South Africa. There are 47 retail stores for Strandbags in Victoria included 3 stores at Centre concern territory of Melbourne and besides accepts hard currency and recognition. Scale of the operation is big harmonizing to the figure of staff is about 201-500 employees. And one-year turnover is about $ 116,000,000

Strandbags is retailing Handbags, Small Leather goods, Travel goods, Business Cases and Backpacks and transport both internationally. However, the group besides owned the “ equip ” concatenation of shops that supplying Fashion Jewelry and other accoutrements and there are soon 80 for these shops. There is no in-between adult male for this group. As a consequence of many shops in Victoria, Strandbags is really accessibility and client can memorise the trade name as the shops have a medium size with all right decorated.

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For the engineering that has been used by Strandbags is the activity in the warehouse. Strandbags has chosen Toyota Material Handling equipment for its new 8500 square metre located at Erskine Park in Sydney ‘s west. New forklifts can run into their demands of the busy warehouse. In add-on this engineering will back up the program that Stranbags will open 22 shops by the terminal of the twelvemonth.

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Furthermore, stranbags takes the service from JustEnough to demand calculating an stock list panning solution and support Strandbags for refilling. After Strandbags had faced the job like supply is non plenty for demand so the chances of gross revenues were misuse.

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Strandbags retail merchant is a great chance for the NaRaYa to administer merchandise to Melbourne, Australia, contains 47 shop in Victoria and 3 shops in CBD country that offers a great handiness which is an first-class channel for NaRaYa to make consciousness to Melbournian. Stranbags is a strong retail merchant and good organized with a suited installations and good engineerings, in add-on Stranbags is appropriate retail merchant for NaRaYa because of its ware including bags which is the merchandise from NaRaYa. They besides have an experienced to retail this type of ware so we can guarantee that NaRaYa ‘s goods will be on the right path to the client manus. Furthermore, the planning from Strandbags which the group is willing to open more 22 shops is a good signal for a tough and unstoppable concern.

Section 10: Company
Organization factor

The organisation is formed as public company limited, named as Narai Intertrade Public Company Limited. For more 10 old ages NaRaYa has earned the repute by supplying merchandise from fabric with high criterion and quality and NaRaYa has been awarded including the 2000 Prime Minister ‘s Export Award for Distinguished Brand of the twelvemonth, The 2002 Distinguished Designed Award, the 2003 Prime Minister ‘s industry Awarded in the class of Small and Medium enterprise Industrial Management and being named one of the top 10 Thai companies awarded the 2003 Superbrand position by England-based Superbrand organisation. NaRaYa has gained net income about 20 Million AUD since 1998. NaRaYa has a distribution web and has over 50 subdivisions around the universe include 10 subdivisions in Thailand. In add-on NaRaYa has opened the new store at Senado territory in Macao on 26 July 2009 after one twelvemonth that it opened a store at Venetian in Macao.
Selling Factors

NaRaYa offers bags made by cloth with a well designed and delicate production. The trade name of NaRaYa is really celebrated for low monetary value bag with great trade name name. Commodities from NaRaYa are low-cost for the in-between category in domestic particularly in Thailand, in add-on the citizen likes to purchase merchandise from NaRaYa to be a gift or nowadays. NaRaYa operates by themselves and no trader. Many shops are located in the chief shopping Centre with handiness and good decorated.

Fiscal Factor
Entire sale sum is 20 million AUD for 11 old ages since 1998
NaRaYa invested 13 Million AUD for the new office ( HQ ) in Siam
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Manufacturing factors

NaRaYa follows economic systems of graduated table construct for their production so can purchase stuff in majority which can bring forth high and sale low monetary value so the merchandise from NaRaYa is set the monetary value depression. However to obtain this construct NaRaYa has less flexibleness and can non alter the production rapidly. The mill of production is located in Thailand. The method of production trade goods is hire labour and trains them. The production needs an expertness to take the quality cloth and demand trained worker.


NaRaYa has the possible and chance to entry the market in Australia Melbourne, which is known as a manner capital metropolis as the strong trade name in Thailand under the Thai name of NaRaYa. In add-on the company has a fiscal stableness as mentioned above sing to the new edifice for HQ in Thailand and the entire sale in 11 old ages that NaRaYa gained about 20 million AUD. As a consequence of enlargement to other states in conclusion in Macau can turn out that NaRaYa itself has solidness and ability to spread out a market into Australia. Furthermore the monetary value scope of the merchandise is be givening to be low with suited in the economic crisis that every states has faced. The quality and criterion of our merchandise is the precedence and client can set their trust on NaRaYa.


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