Traffic Congestion Sample Essay

In most big metropoliss. the traffic congestion has arisen as a major concern for the single and public. In this essay. I will analyse the implicit in grounds for the issue and set forward suggestions on how to undertake it. The overload of traffic volume on the route is chiefly triggered by a figure of grounds. First and first. in some extremely developed metropoliss. the figure of auto proprietors has surged over the past few old ages because of the publicity in people’s life criterions. However. the building of roads and main roads has lagged far behind the booming in auto industries so increasing Numberss of vehicles bring roads a heavy load. Second. the unreasonable metropolis layout is besides normally blamed on the heavy traffic. In big metropoliss of China. such as Shanghai and Beijing peculiarly. the concern country is chiefly concentrated on the metropolis centre whereas the families are dispersed around the fringe. When it comes to top out hours. drivers are forced to pass a majority of clip in waiting on the route because of the heavy traffic. Third. the individual’s pick or penchant is another accelerator. It has been widely accepted that driving vehicles could do people make about everyplace within the metropolis at will. Unlike going by public transit. people have to be constrained by its timetable.

In order to relieve the traffic congestion in metropoliss. steps could be taken in two facets. At first. a long-run solution is that satellite metropoliss could be established and developed in the suburb of metropoliss and therefore. people could no longer drive a auto to transpose between their place and workplace. Rather. all indispensable services could be located within walking distance or easy accessible by public conveyance. Additionally. public transit. including coach. metro or cab should be supported and developed farther by the authorities. If people are accustomed to utilizing public transit for their first pick when traveling out. the figure of private autos on the route will shrivel obviously. In drumhead. I believe some factors. as argued above. should be attributed to the traffic congestion in metropoliss or towns. If we earnestly take the issue into consideration and follow proper actions. it is really likely to be solved in the foreseeable hereafter.

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Traffic Congestion Sample Essay
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