Tranquility 301 Prospect Street Niagara Falls, NY 14302 Phone# 886-555-2800 Fax# 886-555-2850 [email protected] com www. TranquilitySpa. com Table of Contents Owner’s Statementpg3 Executive Summarypg4 Purpose, Priorities and Goalspg5-7 Business Descriptionpg8-13 Marketingpg14-17 Financialpg18-19 Operationspg20-22 Risk Assessmentpg23 Success Strategiespg24 Appendixpg25-26 Owner’s Statement We believe that everyone deserves a chance to have a revitalizing and relaxing experience. Our mission is to be the pinnacle of health, healing and beauty.

Tranquility Spa’s doors open in 2005. This place is where you go to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Certified and licensed massage therapist, consultants and estheticians are available to form and individual assessments per client. J Robinson , the founder and owner, has extensive knowledge and experience and has found many effective modes of therapy. She is a licensed massage therapist for 10 years and also specializes in deep tissue and reflexology. Along with that she has worked in spas, with spa owners and has built relationships with other business owners.

The relationship with our respectable clientele and exceptional staff members over the years has brought our business success with an annual gross of $304,200 with an outlook to further growth in the company. Tranquility 301 Prospects Street Niagara falls, NY 14302 #886-555-2800 Fax#886-555-2850 Executive Summary Tranquility Spa is an upscale day spa in Niagara Falls, NY, offering a rejuvenating experience. We offer 5 ultra comfortable treatment rooms with the finest Egyptian spa linens and equipment. We offer massage in a variety of styles Traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot stone massage, reflexology, sports and pregnancy.

We also offer facials and body treatments like detoxify facial, revitalizing facial, eye and lip treatment and a special non surgical facelift. There is a full body scrub, foot and leg revival and an anti-stress back treatment. This day spa has the latest in skin care products and techniques, pedicures and manicures are also available in our spa packages. New York Times voted us #1 Day spa of 2010. Our primary focus and concern is health and wellness of our clients. We will achieve this through the superior service and excellent client care done by our highly qualified staff with 25 years experience.

We have been in business for 6 years developing a professional and respectable repore with the local community. The majority of our growth has been achieved for our short term goals; having charity event, increase product sales, local company and increasing and maintaining clientele. Due to the demands of our clientele may cause us to expand into a larger facility in the future. Our employees have been with us since inception and have been a strong foundation we build our reputation on. Purpose, Priorities and Goals

Our goal is to tailor the clients experience based on initial interview information, as well as feedback during the treatments to ensure the clients comfort and satisfaction and increase repeat business. We are mindful of the overall experience using only top of the line oils, lotions and beauty treatments. Special lighting, decor and textiles are used throughout the spa to complete the comfortable plush environment and enhance the clients overall spa experience. Our short term goals 1 to 3 years: 1. Increase and maintain clientele Incentives-free 1hr Swedish massage for every 5 referrals

Incentives-free facial for every 5 referrals Incentives-free pedicure for every 5 referrals 2. Increase products sales Discounts Holiday certificates/ gift cards Raffles 3. Double annual profits Increase clientele Increase product sales Increase staff 4. Charity events Breast cancer Prostate cancer Ovarian cancer 5. local company events chair massages rent out facility education workshops Our long term goals 3 to 5 years: 1. full capacity day spa expand building for kitchen hire contractors 2. add two more rooms draw up blue prints hire contractors 3. employ national certified/ license therapist

Scout colleges-Everest, Cortina… ect word of mouth 4. branch out another facility research locations apply for loan or potential backers again Business Description Massage is an intuitive healing art that has been around for millennia. The oldest written record of massage is approximately 4000 years old. It was found in a Chinese medical text book ‘Con-fu of the Toa-Tse’, dated back to 1800bc. In our own western tradition starting with the Greeks, one finds deep roots for the validity of massage therapy in the medical word. Hippocrates of Cos generally known as “the father of medicine” and the author of the Hippocratic Oath.

The massage field has been strong enough to withstand the declines and sexual associations in 228and again in 1884 only to come out and become one the largest growing alternative health care choice today. I became interested in massage in 1993. When I would witness all my friends stressing out and tensing up over homework and tests through out school, instinctivly I wanted to help them relax and take the deep breath to find a calming state. The passion keep growing so after I graduated high school, I went into a massage therapy program at Everest College.

Graduating with honors I was employed through spas gaining experience and knowledge to branch out into self employment. My mission is to be the pinnacle of health, healing and beauty. We can achieve this through the services, products and equipment we have. Our services are done by exceptional massage therapist and estheticians, our services include: Pricing of Services We have the most comfortable relaxing and state of the art equipment including: Equipment List Massage tables $595ea (3)Spinal $19ea (3) Massage Chairs $400ea (3)Half $9ea (3) Facial chairs $479ea (2)Oversized $26ea (3)

Pedicure chairs $1995ea (2)Cervical $13. 50 (3) Manicure tables $229ea (2) Hydro collar heaters $1245ea (3) Oil warmers $80ea (3) Lotion warmers $172ea (3) Magnifying lamps $195ea (3) Sterilizers $200ea (3) Stone Warmers $70ea (3) 4 in 1 Facial system $600ea (3) Hot towel cabinet w/24 towels $180ea (3) Hot stones $100ea (3) Core heat packs all sizes: Standard $12ea (3) We have the latest in skin care products include: Products List Tropical pain reliever 128oz $190ea (2) Hypo allergic lotion 5gal $123ea (3) Massage FX oil 5gal $154. 50ea (1) Foot and leg lotion 32oz $35ea (6) Lip rescue kits $15ea (10)

Cucumber eye patches $10ea (12) Masque seaweed facial ? gal $37ea (6) Lotus touch plus aromatherapy oil 1gal $160ea (1) Grape vineyard antioxidant 17oz 11ea (10) Collagen green tea mask 6oz 5ea (20) Lotus touch body scrub treatment 16oz $33 (50) Business Supplies Lotion and oil bottles $1ea (9)Bottle waters $4. 30 for 24cs (10) Stone ladle $6ea (3)stereo $30 (1) Stone warmer thermometer $10ea (3) White sheet set $19ea (300)End tables $15ea (2) White bath towels $8ea (100)Coffee table $20 (1) Fleece blankets $30ea (25)waste baskets $10ea (12) Tranquil CDs $10ea (4)Germicidal cleaners 1gal $20 (10)

Cloud 9 Robes $39ea (200)TheraPro detergent 1gal $20 (30) White slippers $4. 50ea (200)Cherry wood Reception desk $300 (1) Headbands $18ea (50)large urban retail display $200 (1) Esthetician Jackets $36ea (4)credit card machine $50 per month Consultant Jackets $36ea (4) Massage Therapist shirts $25 (6) Cash Register $300 (1) Stools $60ea (12) Service trays $160ea (2) Lockers $600 for 10 Couches $400ea (3) Tranquility has a unique feature that no other day spa has. Every year there is a holiday drawing for a chance to win an “At home paradise” gift set which contains: A robecucumber eye patches Slippersseaweed facial mask

Headbandbody scrub w/loofa Body lotionpumice stone We also have products for sale: Lavender hand and body lotion $15 for 12oz (available in a butter cream) Tropical Gel pain reliever $15 for 4oz, $20 for 6oz, $25 for 8oz, $40 for 16oz $25 Gift set which includes butter cream, body scrub, hand and body lotion and shower gel, scents available in Wild pomegranate, Dolcetto and Tropical Lime. Marketing Tranquility is a place to refresh and relax. The affluent community of 25- 45 years old women are our target market. Our market strategies are word of mouth, promotional incentives and our web page.

Our main strategy is word of mouth there is nothing like real people and their real experience they are willing to share. Our promotional incentives would be free 1hr Swedish massage for every 5 referrals, free facial for every 5 referrals and free pedicure for every 5 referrals. When people experience our exceptional services they are going to be willing to bring 5 referrals in for a chance to receive one of our free incentives. Our web site is connected to Google so it very easy to find us. It has all our information on it from incentives to discounts and our calendar for our events we will be hosting.

We are able to rent out the facility for large private parties such as birthday parties and corporate parties. We also donate our services for charity events for breast cancer to prostate cancer even to march of dimes and St Jude. Financial With the high demands of our clientele and the steadily increase, our income potential would be $192,920 per massage therapist annually. Tranquility offers pre-package discounts such as bridal parties with a 15% off and break up parties with a 10% off. We also offer a professional courtesy for other massage therapist, physical therapist, and chiropractor…ect. ith a 40% off. Dropping pricing might work for our competitors but I believe tranquility will stand on its high quality service. Our highly skilled staff, calming atomoshere and exceptional service has brought our business a current finance status of $304,200. Our break even analysis at this point would be $261,847 a year. I received help from two who decided to become my backers Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker. By 2013 their loans will be paid back in full. For the next 12 months I would need to restock my supplies with: Lotionshand towels Oilspain reliever Maskseye patches eadbands body scrub Detergentcleaner Business Income and Expense Forecast One year estimate ending 12/31/2010 Projected Number of clients For services only 150 For products only 50 For services and products200 Total number of clients400 Session Frequency Weekly 20×52= yearly total =1040 Twice per month80x24= yearly total=1920 Monthly 120×12= yearly total=1440 Quarterly 120×4= yearly total=480 Other60 Total number of sessions4940 Projected Income Sessions260,000 Product sales44,200 Total income304,200 Projected Expenses Start up cost 100,000 Monthly expenses (x12)45,000

Total expense145,000 Operations J Robinson is the owner and CEO of Tranquility. She has an extensive management background. Her strengths would be that she’s dedicated to her business, hardworking, great people skills and is well organized in time management. Her challenges would be that she’s not the best with numbers, to over come this challenge she is involved in accounting classes. She is the sole proprietor of this Day spa. The company’s policies are extremely important to follow to ensure a safe environment for out clientele as well as our staff. Employees

Dress neatly and keep jewelry to a minimum Maintain personal hygiene keeping nails cut short Wash hands before and after each client Do not wear heavy perfume or cologne Keep your technical skills current continue education Be punctual and prepared No drugs or alcohol Be aware of noise level in and around the treatment room Make sure treatment rooms are clean after each client and the end of your shift Keep all sessions confidential Return follow up calls within 24 hours Set clear boundaries Sexual harassment is NOT tolerated Up hold HIPP law Comply with the non smoking law

Stay up to date on client files Respect your authority and follow correct chain of command Disciplinary actions and grounds for termination are subject to the offense Clients sessions begin and end at scheduled times be present do not show up intoxicated or under the influence provide current and accurate health history 24 hour notification of cancellation is required or will be charge full amount Payment is expected at time service is rendered Sexual harassment is NOT tolerated Comply with the non smoking rule Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times

Every night after closing there will be a cleaning person to the floors, bathroom and take out what ever garbage is left. Keeping up with the massage therapist licenses, continued education, building and location permits and professional liability insurance is the key to keep us in a successful business. Risk Assessment We strive to counteract the risk potential by employing the highest qualified staff member in the field of expertise. Our location and atmosphere also gives us that edge against our competition. Dealing with clients looking for more than what we offer will not be tolerated and be ask to find a different spa to go to.

Our staff will not be subjected to that kind of association. To educate our staff every six months we all go through a risk analysis training to better equip our selves to deal with any and all risk factors. Success strategies Tranquility’s increasing success is based on the exceptional staff members and leadership qualities. To develop strong staff member we require proper certified documents and the continuing educating on new techniques that could possibility be added to the spas services in the future. We expect them to maintain the cleansing and sanitation for their rooms and equipment.

Everything in my opinion raises and falls on leadership so taking the proper workshops and classes will be our leadership qualities. Wise words taken from a pass workshop class of mine,” a manager will light a fire under your butt; however a leader will light a fire in your bell. ” Appendix Personal net worth statement… see page 16 Last years income statement… see page 19 Articles about the business… see page 4 Promotional materials… see page 13 Photos of our location see cover page and page 26 The fall at sunset The falls on New Years Eve


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