Transaction process System of Admission and Registration Office

Accounting Information System

Transaction procedure System of Admission and Registration Office


The information processing rhythm has an of import function in any organisation concern activities ( Romney & A ; Steinbart, 2012 ) . The ground behind it is because this rhythm helps companies to finish their action swimmingly. It starts with gaining control and come ining informations into Accounting Information System. Transfer them into utile information for users through processing, the rhythm besides includes storage. Information are kept or stored for future utilizations. Finally it reaches the end product point where assorted information are provided for users. Data capturing is procedure of reassigning informations into machine clear linguistic communication. Often companies that perform this type of gaining control will besides direct your consequences back in a clean format so it ‘s easier to look through the consequences and measure them ( Wright, 2014 ) . Harmonizing to (, 2014 ) district attorney gaining control involves with optical character acknowledgment but more complex, because it is used for selected targeted informations that is taken from a signifier. An illustration of informations capturing is electricity board, the customer’s metre should be recorded before bear downing the client. This information so will be entered in a computing machine system by an input device ( StudyMode, 2014 ) . It is really of import that the design of these signifiers should be really clear so that there will be fewer errors in entering informations. This point is really valuable for roll uping informations for statistical intents ( StudyMode, 2014 ) . Harmonizing to (, 2014 ) these dealing processing systems are divided into figure of stairss. The first measure is typing which is operational degree whatever informations that has been captured is being typed. Second measure is Input peers minutess and events. Third measure is treating where informations are being updated. Forth measure is Output, includes inside informations of every studies. Fifth measure is Users by that it means operations forces and supervisors. Finally determination devising which is extremely structured. An illustration that goes through all these stairss is payroll and histories collectible.

University of Kurdistan Hewler

The University of Kurdistan Hewler is an English-medium and independent university in Kurdistan part. It’s opened in 2006, it was considered the lone public English speech production university, in 2014 the university started to be privet. The university attempts to advance Kurdistan part through academic excellence. It is the Centre in research and instruction and in the airing and application of cognition to foster the industrial, economic, cultural, environmental and societal development of Kurdistan ( Kurdistan, 2014 ) . Harmonizing to ( Kurdistan, 2014 ) UKH wants to bring forth future leaders of this state. To give their pupils the rational capacity and wonder required to run into the challenges confronting Kurdistan. To do their pupil think critically and give them accomplishments to benefits their future calling. ( Kurdistan, 2014 ) states the mission of University of Kurdistan Hewler is “is to educate and develop immature endowments to go the impulsive force for sustainable development, bettering the criterion of life and taking rational life in the Kurdistan part and in Iraq in general” . UKH has about 1000 pupils and about 200 staff including admin and academic staff. It besides provide Master and PhD plan in add-on of many preparation and courses that being offered throughout the twelvemonth. The grades that UKH presently offers are Business and Management Sciences, Political Sciences and International Relations, Computer Science and Engineering, and Natural Resource Engineering and Management. UKH besides consists of several departments’ admittances and enrollment office included. The intent of this paper is to turn to dealing processes system of the section of admittances and enrollment office ( ARO ) .

Admissions and Registration Office

ARO section has six maps ; they are Academic Service Unit, Assessment Timetabling Unit, Student Information Management Unit, Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit, Learner Management System Manager, ARO Assistants ( Kurdistan, 2014 ) .

  1. Assessment Timetabling Unit of measurement: this unit is responsible of timetables for whole university activities related to tests, learning and monitoring, classs, booking. It besides deals with pupil entreaties, petitions for extenuating fortunes, direction of the Examination Boards. The procedure of doing timetable for exam hebdomad is like this ; looking at the information in the name lists of all instructors, faculties and pupils. Harmonizing to the figure of pupil of each section and each category the employee responsible of timetable will take a hall for each section. After that the employee will choose two invigilators one is called rule invigilator the other 1 is called 2nd invigilator. All these informations are entered into excel sheet to be send to Academic Support Unit ( ASU ) . ASU will direct the timetable to all sections to be confirmed. After its being confirmed by the sections, ASU will direct the verification electronic mail back to Admission and Registration Office.

The procedure of grads goes like this ; ARO will have classs of all pupils from the lectors. Then infixing these classs into a database, before giving pupils there consequences back the Exam Board must O.K. each pupil classs. After being approved ARO will direct consequences of exam via electronic mails to all pupils. The last measure of this procedure is that after the consequences are given, the Academic Board will sit for treatment. To cognize how many pupil passed and how many failed or if there are any pupils who deserve to be terminated and all that is related to pupil grads.

Appeal Process ; ARO will direct an electronic mail to all pupils inquiring them if they want to appeal for their consequences, normally giving the pupil one hebdomad continuance to subject their entreaties. Then the pupil fills the appeal signifier and gives it back to ARO office. ARO sends these entreaties to the relevant sections ( ASU ) and ASU gives it to the relevant lector to either accept or reject the entreaty. Finally the entreaties come back to ARO and they send the consequences of the entreaty to the pupil via electronic mail.

  1. Academic Service Unit: this unit is responsible of all that is related to pupil enlisting, academic calendar, ceremonials and certifications, pull offing all pupil formal paperss.

Academic calendar procedure: all information are gathered about when the university opens, exam day of the months, public vacations, UKH holidays, exam board day of the month, Academic Board day of the month. This information is entered into the informations base on the Academic calendar. The calendar is categorized by colorss and so sends to be approved by the direction board. After it is being approved Admission and Registration Office sends the calendar to everyone by electronic mail in add-on of seting it on UKH web site.

Student enlisting procedure: UKH announce the continuance for using application. Students come to make full the application and give the signifier back to Admission and Registration Office with all the necessary paperss. The applicant must go through a linguistic communication trial before being interviewed. If they pass the trial, pupil will be given a day of the month to come for an interview and if they meet the criterions of UKH the pupil will be accepted and Admission and Registration Office will give them an offer missive.

  1. Student Information Management Unit of measurement: this unit is responsible of Student Records and associated support systems, Creating and keeping databases for pupil information, pupil enrollment, backdown, expiration procedures, Researching and analyzing information, storage, updating pupil record inside informations, publishing pupil certifications and transcripts, pupil ID cards.

The procedure starts by infixing all the information they got of pupils into the database, do certain each pupil has a file. In this file application signifier, understanding paper, offer missive, high school transcript, enrollment cheque list and all related paper to the pupil individuality. Then these files are saved in the shortss which are categorized by degrees or position for the hereafter usage of this information.

Student ID procedure: first measure is acquiring the information like ( name, day of the month of birth, topographic point of birth, blood group, degree, and section ) from the ARO. Then this unit will direct electronic mail to all pupils to come and look into there information. They have to corroborate is this information is right. The pupil will be asked to take a exposure for the ID as the following measure. All these will be saved in the database until it goes into the design of the ID. After this the ID will be printed by Admission and Registration Office. And the office will inform all pupils to come for their ID by directing electronic mail.

There is besides the procedure of altering major, where fundamentally pupil can alter their major within their field ( humanity and scientific discipline ) . The procedure starts with admittance and enrollment office directing an electronic mail. It mentions the continuance of the procedure. Those pupils who want to alter their major will see ARO to make full up the signifier of this activity. The signifiers from school of societal scientific discipline will be sent back to school of societal scientific discipline section and the signifiers from school of technology scientific discipline will be sent back to school of technology scientific discipline section. They will either accept or reject this petition. The consequence will come back to Admission and Registration Office and so by directing an electronic mail the pupil will be informed of the consequence of his/her entreaty.

  1. Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit: is responsible of effectual and efficient quality confidence and enhancement model like updating of the UKH Academic Handbook, Oversing formalizing new programmes, Managing Periodical Review, supervising a system of developmental and judgemental instruction observations, Pull offing the whole procedure of external scrutiny of Programmes and rating of the University’s quality confidence and of schemes for betterment ( Kurdistan, 2014 ) .

One of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit procedure is pull offing statistics. Then input is the hypothesis it can be whatever ARO wants to hold statistics on, such as misss perform better that boys, or pupil who do good in linguistic communication test are more likely to make better in faculties. When the hypothesis is done, there comes informations aggregation where largely ARO gets it from academic support unit. Following measure is choosing a specific format for these statistics that can be suited. When all the informations are entered the database format the individual in charge of this procedure will run a trial on the public presentation and use it on the hypothesis. The chance of hypothesis for being incorrect or compose will be really clear. And the consequence of this goes back to Academic Registrar where he ab initio asks for these statistics to assist with determination devising.

  1. Admission and Registration Office Assistants: harmonizing to ( Kurdistan, 2014 ) the aid are responsible for the contact between Admission and Registration Office and public and pupils, all other procedure have to travel through this unit as they are the linkage point.
  2. Learner Management System Manager: Harmonizing to ( Yunnan, 2014 ) this unit consist of one individual. most procedure in Admission and Registration Office are linked to this unit, as it generates the database for other procedures such as grads, entreaties, exams…etc. one of the procedures of this unit is babble sheet study. This study wholly depends on Optical Mark Recognition ( OMR ) . The first thing is acquiring inquiries from Academic Registrar, which are been approved by academic board. After that they will plan a signifier in word papers with OMR fount and so they have to state OMR how to read the signifier it is either test or study by utilizing office comment. Then is being printed and so scanned with OMR scanner. It is a particular sort of scanner that can scan dual side one clip and 60 pages per. After scanning consequences comes out instantly. Then they generates an excel sheet. If its test ARO will direct it back to lector but if it is study the graph or consequence will be sent to Academic board for determination devising.

Another short procedure is student’s lost ID. This procedure is merely during exam hebdomads when Students go to ARO office and informs for their lost ID. ARO will give them a paper with their information on it to be used as a impermanent ID card.

Exam board sheet, is the procedure of unifying several sheet of excel sheet utilizing VLOOKUP database map. After the action is completed it goes to Exam Board.

This unit Is besides involved with grads. After the class sheets are being filled by ASU it will travel to entree database. This information base generates PDF file for each pupil for his/her grads and it automatically drops into mentality. With electronic mail of each pupil there is affiliated PDF grad file and automatic text. Then these electronic mails are sent to all pupils. Within this procedure sometimes a transcript goes to other maps of ARO without directing it to pupils.

Data capturing makes the work of the organisation to travel more swimmingly and less opportunity for errors. Modern engineering allows automatic informations gaining control to be speedy, accurate, and dependable. There are soft wares that do this all automatically. It is solution to document processing and because it uses OCR optical character acknowledgment, to place characters and Fieldss on signifiers. The needed information is extracted and so digitized automatically, ensuing in quicker and more accurate papers processing (, 2014 ) . Automatic information gaining control will do document work efficient and convenient.


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