Transfer of four key consumer health Essay

This study forms portion of PFIZER instance surveies, sing the transportation of four cardinal consumer wellness or non-prescription trade names to Johnson & A ; Johnson ( J & A ; J ) in India as portion of a $ 16.6 billion ( Rs65,660 crore ) planetary trade between the two.

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Transfer of four key consumer health Essay
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Are the jobs a company faces to reassign their merchandise.

Report content
The study is divided into three chief parts – Introduction, Case Study and Conclusion –

Followed by Research Methodology.

 Introduction: provides historical background on the company and explains how the

Company has responded to a peculiar concern challenge.

Swot: Provides the SWOT analysis of the company.

Fiscal study: provides the fiscal place of the company

 Case survey: provides the chief organic structure of text, detailing the company ‘s attack to a

Particular challenge ;

Decision: high spots the chief findings of the study, sum uping the key

Schemes the company has employed.

 Research Methodology: inside informations when research was carried out and the attack

Used in composing the study.

Type of the company – It is a Public Ltd company

INDUSTRY – Pharmaceutical

FOUNDED By- Brooklyn, New York ( 1849 )

HEADQUATER – New york metropolis, New York us

KEY PEOPLE- Jeff Kindler ( president and CEO )


Prosecuting Invention

The chase of invention is basic to Pfizer ‘s civilization. It shapes our scheme, defines our intent, and governs every aspect of our operations — from research and development ( R & A ; D ) that leads to pharmaceutical innovations, to the transportation of cognition to patients and suppliers, to the manner we respond to the altering market place.

Pfizer scientists have produced advanced discoveries in a broad scope of research countries, including depression, erectile disfunction, high cholesterin, HIV infection, high blood pressure, bacterial infections and systemic fungous infections. And today we ‘re taking on some of the universe ‘s most hard diseases, including malignant neoplastic disease, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Pfizer in India

Pfizer Limited ( India ) has a turnover of US $ 159.52 million ( November 2009 )

One of the highest Spenders in pharmaceutical R & A ; D globally, Pfizer has made clinical research investings of US $ 6.05 million ( November 2009 ) in India

The company was awarded the FICCI SEDF ( Socio Economic Development Foundation ) Certificate of Commendation for its societal duty attempts

Pfizer has won several awards including that for the transnational pharmaceutical company of the twelvemonth and the most well-thought-of MNC

About our merchandises

Six Pfizer trade names characteristic among the Top 100 pharmaceutical trade names in India

Two of Pfizer India ‘s trade names — Corex ( Cough Formulation ) and Becosules ( Multivitamin ) — continue to rank among the Top 10 pharmaceutical drug trade names

Pfizer has won the Golden Peacock Innovative Product for Magnex ( Sulperazon )

Becosules has won the Most Trusted Brand Award

Traveling beyond medical specialties

In India, Pfizer instituted the first of all time Disease Management Programme — Healthy Hearta„? in Cardio Vascular Disease ( Hypertension, Chronic Stable Angina and Dyslipidemia ) , in partnership with Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad and Apollo Hospital, Chennai

We offer Patient Assistance Programmes for Glaucoma, Breast Cancer and Neuropathic Pain

We spouse with physician associations to develop recommendations / guidelines of pull offing specific diseases

Location & A ; Peoples

Headquartered in Mumbai

Over 2,300 co-workers

State-of-the-art fabrication installation at Thane, Maharashtra

Academic Contribution

Formed theA Academy of Clinical Excellence ( ACE ) A in coaction with Bombay College of Pharmacy to supply professional preparation to research workers and other clinical research personnelA

We have besides partnered with other pharmaceutical companies, contract research administrations and research workers to set up theA Indian Society for Clinical Research ( ISCR ) , A a professional society aimed at raising the criterions of clinical researchA

Pfizer Education and Research League ( PEARL ) A is a new enterprise in which Pfizer seeks to spouse with institutes to better bing clinical research and go oning medical educational capablenesss


SWOT Analysis Strengths

Largest planetary pharmaceutical company

 Well-established market presence in India

Financial capableness, concern portfolio and industry experience to work the local drug market

Diverse local fabrication presence, based on a wide portfolio of antibiotics, vitamins and OTC pharmaceuticals, consumer and health care merchandises


 Weak domestic patent jurisprudence antecedently a major barrier to market investing for the company

 Opaque authorities drug-pricing policy favoring local drug makers

 Time slowdown between planetary and local launches due to subsidiary/parent company misalignment


The alliance of drug-patent statute law with WTO criterions in January 2005

 Robust branded drug market growing

 Strong OTC drug market growing

 Plans to establish three new merchandises each twelvemonth

 Potential for R & A ; D activity enlargement, pulling on a extremely skilled, yet low-priced pool of local scientists and low operational costs


Government failure to implement WTO-compliant drug patent statute law decently

Government failure to revise its opaque and prejudiced pricing and reimbursement policy

India Pharmaceuticals & A ; Healthcare Report Q4 2009

Business Monitor International Ltd Page 64

Fragile domestic economic system, staying susceptible to broad fluctuations based on agricultural public presentation

Anticipated monetary value cuts

Recent Activities Pfizer entered a licensing understanding with Aurobindo in March 2009. The Indian house agreed that

Pfizer would market 82 of its generic pharmaceutical merchandises including solid unwritten doses and injectables covering cardiovascular upsets, cardinal nervous system interventions and antibiotics within Europe and US.

Earlier that month, Pfizer announced that it would put up 600 smoking surcease clinics across India before the terminal of 2011. Pfizer markets Champix ( varencicline ) for the intervention of nicotine dependance. The patent covering Champix was challenged by Dr Reddy ‘s in May 2009.

In January 2008, Pfizer contracted domestic company Hikal to fabricate and provide APIs. By outsourcing this phase of the production procedure, costs would be dramatically reduced for the universe ‘s largest, but presently embattled, pharmaceutical company. Few inside informations of the trade were released. The APIs would be made at Hikal ‘s US FDA-approved works within the Jigani industrial zone.

Product Portfolio Pfizer India manufactures, markets and exports a broad scope of pharmaceuticals and curative merchandises, runing from vitamin addendums and nutritionals, to antibiotics and cardiovascular

Case of “ PFIZER ”

More than one twelvemonth after the US drug giant Pfizer Inc. sold its consumer wellness concern to Johnson & A ; Johnson Which is the most valuable babe Product launches company in a world-wide trade, the dealing between Pfizer and Johnson & A ; Johnson remains uncomplete in India. even the Rs65,660 crore trade closed. The India concern transportation remains unsure because Pfizer Ltd, the 40 % local subordinate of Pfizer, is fighting with the passage due to a deficiency of understanding between employees and direction.

R.A. Shah, president of Pfizer Ltd said in an emailed statement “ The consumer wellness concern transportation to Johnson & A ; Johnson is delayed in India, due to proficient grounds. The board of managers of the company is now measuring assorted options available for a smooth restructuring, ” Pfizer India pull offing manager “ Kewal Handa ” “ The hold in Indian concern transportation was expected because the company here is a listed entity and requires related clearances. So the board is yet to take a concluding determination in respect to the concern reconstituting. ”

Spokesperson of Johnson & A ; Johnson in India said that, early this twelvemonth, N.K. Ambvani the pull offing manager of Johnson & A ; Johnson had discussed the concern transportation options with Pfizer direction and had clarified most of the issues refering to employee transportations. However, inside informations of this treatment could non be freely observed.

Consumer wellness, or the nonprescription concern of Pfizer in India, is deserving at least Rs250 crore, which is about 20 % of the company ‘s entire gross revenues. The most valuable and popular merchandises are Gelusil, ( For sourness ) , Benadryl ( cough sirup ) , Listerine ( Mouthwash, ) it is really popular and all coevals individuals use it. Caladryl ( Anti-allergic lotion ) .

The division employs about 200 people here. A Pfizer India functionary, who did n’t desire to be identified, said the job was protests from the 200 employees who were concerned about “ occupation security ” .

Pfizer had been working on the passage of the international consumer wellness concern was in India last twelvemonth to urge an appropriate option. Pfizer India functionary said that their positions on the India passage theoretical account have still non been conveyed to the local direction.

Harmonizing to the initial program, all the employees working with Pfizer India ‘s consumer wellness concern were supposed to be transferred to Johnson & A ; Johnson, the leader in the Indian consumer wellness concern with one-year gross revenues of about Rs 700 crore. Johnson & A ; Johnson company operates in three areas-


2. medical and

3.consumer wellness.

The employee brotherhood leader of Pfizer Ltd Santosh Sawant claims thatThe employees at the company ‘s consumer wellness division are wholly baffled now as there is no authorization from the direction that they will be invested into the axial rotations of Johnson & A ; Johnson as lasting employees, They are besides unsure about the footings and conditions that the new company will offer. A senior executive heading Pfizer India ‘s consumer wellness concern left the company, adding to the uncertainty. Overall grosss have declined in the last three quarters though net incomes have grown marginally.

Finally the trade was complete on 31 December

Pfizer India Ltd, is the universe ‘s largest drug shaper Pfizer Inc. , approved the long-awaited transportation of four cardinal consumer wellness or non-prescription trade names to Johnson & A ; Johnson ( J & A ; J ) in India as portion of a Rs65,660 crore planetary trade between the two in 2006.

The four brands-

1.Listerine, 2. Benadryl, 3. Caladryl and 4. Benylin-that contribute about 10 % of one-year gross revenues of pfizer have been transferred to J & A ; J for Rs214.85 crore, harmonizing to a company notice to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

This transportation understanding between Pfizer and Johnson & A ; Johnson in India ends a biennial sagger. Harmonizing to the MintA study on 5 Oct, more than a twelvemonth after the US drug giant completed the sale of its consumer wellness concern to Johnson & A ; Johnson, the dealing remained uncomplete in India

the planetary trade that involved Johnson Johnson geting the full Pfizer consumer wellness concern, Pfizer India will retain all other trade names in its non-prescription portfolio. These include Gelusil, Nebasulf, Selsun, Ferradol, Neko and Waterbury ‘s Compound. All Pfizer employees in the division will besides stay with the company.

pull offing manager of pfizer Kewal Handa wrote in an electronic mail to Mint “ We believe there is antic potency in our maintained trade names and new concern schemes will be put in topographic point to maximise the chances and drive growing in the consumer wellness concern. ”

Pfizer India, which is a 40 % listed subordinate of Pfizer, will besides supply Johnson & A ; Johnson some transitional services to finish the merchandise transportation understanding, signed on 31 December. Johnson & A ; Johnson interpreter Anil Nayak said “ The four Pfizer trade names which will be transferred to Johnson & A ; Johnson will be added to the consumer sector concern, which is the chief country of our India concern. ”

While the planetary trade closed in December 2006, uncertainnesss loomed big over the India concern transportation procedure because of a deficiency of unanimity between employees and direction of Pfizer in India. Besides, as a listed entity, it besides needed regulative blessings.

Decision: –

After traveling through this instance we conclude that the trade between Pfizer and j & A ; j India was stared on 3 of October sing the transportation of four merchandises of Pfizer that is Listerine, Benadryl, Caladryl and Beryline. Which contributes 10 % of entire gross revenues of Pfizer? The job in this trade was the employee which was associated with this merchandise will stay in Pfizer or will besides reassign to j & amp ; J India. The employees were worried about their occupation security

That if they are reassigning to j & amp ; J they were non cognizant about the place that they will keep. Due to this the company faces a batch of job in doing the trade. But eventually on 31st of December the trade was completed and the employees were transportation to j & amp ; J with their occupation security.


This instance survey was derived from batch newspaper and through the aid of cyberspace. The survey was carried out between 22 October to 28 October.


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