Transporting of elderly people Essay

A2.1 Identify the cardinal histrions

AgeCare Centre is a charity for aged people. It ran as a little group of voluntaries for transporting of aged people. Due to the support from local authorities, local concern groups and single, it is becomes good known AgeCare. There are 15 subdivision centres across the South of England. In AgeCare, there are such as Keith Brooks ( Chief Executive Officer ) , Jose Rodrigues ( Centre Manager ) , Assistant Manager, Administrative Support staff, Lead Worker, Doris Smith ( Project Manager ) , Claire Graham ( Project Leader ) , Syed Faisal ( Director of Administrative support ) , Jayne Harrison ( Finance Director ) , Patience Mbewe ( Education Coordinator ) , Christos Papadimitriou ( Information Quality Officer ) . All undertakings are funded by Local authorities, local concern groups, single and people, as legal guardians. Each undertaking has a contract.

A2.2 Identify the cardinal issues and country of struggles

Syed Faisal ( Director of Administrative Support ) feels uncomfortable pull offing the information for constructing the database. He/she want to pull off the information centrally. Therefore, he/she hopes to maintain the staff on board and give them the right support when needed. Jayne Harrison ( Finance Director ) wants to buy new finance system to work out their finance system foremost. He suggested that it should be them in the finance squad concern with all sort of finance. Jose Rodriguez ( Center Manager ) still want to utilize MS Excel and he think that it ‘s besides indispensable for other centres.

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Christos Papadimitriou ( Information Quality Officer ) gets that information come from different format but these are inconsistent at all. The supermarket feels that Green Drive could non take adequate clients to them. Chaire Graham ( Project Leader ) good known that the aged people could non purchase reasonably monetary value because of high monetary values. Furthermore, the undertaking leader wants to run this transit service to suit by taking the most efficient path to the supermarket. Patience Mbewe ( Education Coordinator ) admitted that instruction undertakings are managed by the aged people themselves and there is no adequate money to back up them efficaciously. Besides, he could non give informations to Information Quality Officer. He said that their instruction undertaking could non be ran without budget. The Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) wants to wholly alter the civilization of AgeCare which Project Manager introduces to it.

A2.3 Discuss chief focal point of the system and demands

ACC needs some demands. If I were in CEO ‘s places, I will let to be portion information about the clients between undertakings There is needed to be a consistent manner of running undertaking in ACC because there are different demands in different undertakings. Some undertakings in ACC record their informations utilizing a paper based system. So, I think, a standard manner of entering information about users of their service is needed. To assist pull off ACC, it is needed to back up better direction tools and to construct Information System to assist the caput office to supervise undertakings. Then, I guess, there should be provided more effectual tools to assist Administrative Director and Information Quality Officer to pull off their work. In the caput office, each section should be able to see information as it relates to their sections. Furthermore, The ACC needs the system that records all contracts and to assist the contract squad manage bing contracts and construct up the hereafter contracts for new undertakings. When I view Administrative Director, needs to develop the staffs who are supported decently in the new system. So, they require proper preparation, doing certain that there is a secure system as much of the informations held is personal informations and confidential, doing certain that it is easy to utilize because a batch of staffs seem terrified of utilizing IT. The Undertaking Manager and Project Leader should supply accurate fiscal informations to the Finance Department because the Finance Director need to cognize the information about pull offing the fundss of local undertakings. I think the following point is Finance Office that the information that used is full of mistakes. So, it is need to be changed for acquiring up-to-date information. The AC demand to the system that will let undertakings to come in the chief information into the system which can utilize to mensurate entering and monitoring. And there is demand to be a system that holds basic informations about each aged people that the bureau works with as they are cardinal to mensurating public presentation in each undertaking. Hence, the system that entering when aged people individual joins the AgeCare Charity, and the same basic information about who they are, etc. is needed.

And so, the different undertakings have different demands for coverage and deliverables. So, we need to alter to the consistency manner of the running undertakings processs. Following, I presented that about the contract system of the AgeCare. The undertakings are concerned with contracts. All undertakings are funded by local authorities, single as legal guardians and have contracts. I think the contract system has a spot job such as demand to pull off bing contracts and program for future. Following undertaking is changed the out of day of the month package to up to day of the month because there have out of day of the month package in some section in the system. After that, the AgeCare Centre is really based on people centered. Many of them non hold any existent attending for information engineering and an of import figure of staff sees utilizing any signifier of engineering as an unneeded burden on their work. But I think this job is disappeared when the system is developed and used the database. I mention that in the development system of the bureau, there is use the UML tools and MySQL database. Using these tools and database, there is no mistake of entering users and their services ‘ information. Not merely big undertakings but besides little undertakings can utilize this database. Equally far as I know, these facts are the demands of the AgeCare charity.

A3. Rich image make to apprehension of a complex environment

By pulling rich image, I have many benefits. I have learned rich images is an modern manner of turning complex systems, thoughts and mundane concern issues into an orderly by nature format and everyone can understand easy. During I draw rich image, I have known rich image can be used at the really earliest phases of my coursework to when analyzing a peculiar concern issue. The procedure of sum uping a status with images and symbols will do clarity about the issue and I might even turn up that what my idea was job is n’t a job at all but an chance.

When I was pulling my rich image, I choose symbols such as struggle mark, boundary mark, scenes for illustration, in my rich image, age attention Centre, undertaking, sections and so on that represent the state of affairs or issue. Then, I put in connexions between my symbols such as communicating flows or relationships. Following, I used words merely where wholly necessary and to do separations between my symbols that might look similar. Finally, I identified the boundary of my rich image and cardinal histrions. So, I have learned how to pull the rich image good and I have known the manner or stairss of pulling rich image.

Then, I drew my rich image, I noticed that there ca n’t be used the words as a last option to distinguish or when I ca n’t believe of a symbolic representation. And I have known what elements do I have in my construction or system in my rich image? These are normally the parts that alteration bit by bit over clip and primary to the whole. For illustration, what actions are traveling on in my rich image? And so, I noticed that what is the procedure behind my system or instance survey in my coursework and how do they related to each other? Such facts have been noticed for me.

I have known that a distinguishing characteristic of rich images that turn out to be utile seems to be they are merely what they say they are. If I take convenience as the step, I was known the utile rich images are the 1s satisfied with involvement and activity. And so, I have learned that rich image can integrate everything I know about the state of affairs. Either put things into the image as I revise the description ; or makes lists of the characters, the organisations, the constructions, and so put them into the image. Include people every bit good as the functions they occupy in my instance survey.

Furthermore, I have understood rich image may be predictable that understanding suggest them as I draw. I besides understood a rich image is a more familiar type of notation that can be used in combination to map the procedures. Rich image may surely be that as portion of my observation, I obtain into the pattern of making these familiar drawings which can subsequently be extended as necessary. This rich image can be used to confirm the findings from my observation, and used as grounds in my coursework.

Then, I have learned the intent of a rich image is to assist us add to an blessing of the job state of affairs. As it is understood rich images are used as a agency to be a symbol of the state of affairs of concern and consist of necessities which influence the job, but which would non possibly be picked up utilizing more formal methods. And so, I have understood rich images can besides be viewed as a sort of symbol. It has been disputed that symbolic linguistic communication is better to factual linguistic communication because it confines acquaintance and feelings better and because it can interchange a few words intending in complex, ill-defined state of affairss.

Besides, I have noticed that the usage of images as a originative tool can reflect a constructivist point of view on actuality. An imaginative usage of symbol can be taken to reproduce a common constructionist position of organisational world in that the organisational world produced is a map of the personally viewed communicating and apprehensions as to the stand foring symbol. This suggests utilizing images and descriptions to name in a uninterrupted edifice and deconstruction of intending in come across with mundane world.

I had learned that rich images are an attempt to sum up apprehensions of a state of affairs through a without restraint, pulling representation of layout, dealingss, associations, and so on. Equally good as these nonsubjective impressions, rich images can stand for personal elements. The importance of rich images as contact and cognition programs for the persons caught up in their development is for the most portion important in aggregation locations where best conjectures and apprehensions about the province of personal businesss can be exposed rapidly. And so, I have noticed that the rich image is of import to communicating that the behaviours were longed-for be debuts to more entire ways of believing about the assemblage thought. More clip and several loops of the affair developed would be required to wholly see the sights some of the issues and subjects moved up for the continuance of these Sessionss in the context of managing.

Afterward, I understood that the procedure of developing rich image armed forces the members to speak about, disagree and discuss until an in agreement representation is reached. For this ground rich images can function us an of import function as a communicating tool. And so, the rich image is to make an exemplifying representation of the elements that need to be considered or are of import to my coursework, including histrions such as undertaking director, administrative managers, etc. and issues, and the connexions and connexions between them. Then, a rich image can assist me that can be identified what characteristics of a province of personal businesss need to be monitored, which modify indexs to track and which cardinal histrions need to be included in my rich image.

In amount up, rich image is precisely really utile method for me and really helpful for me. The rich image supports me many utile benefits and I have known how to pull off a undertaking and how to pull a in writing diagram for my undertaking. So, including rich image in my coursework is really practical for me.

B1. Use Case Diagram for Green Drive undertaking

B2.1. The two keys countries of the undertaking are:

  • Arrange Timetable
  • Record Time

B2.2 Primary Scenario and Secondary Scenario

The Green Drive undertaking is managed by Claire Graham. Doris Smith, who works portion clip for AgeCare, arrange timetable for the trips to supermarkets, expression after the care of the vehicles and arranges the rote of drivers. Each month Doris work out a Rota of times and the paths for the coachs to take for the month in front. She so allocates drivers to each of the trips. The driver will come in the office in the forenoon, pick up the keys, mark for the vehicle and travel out on the path designed by Doris. He or she will take with them a list of riders and times when they are anticipating to be picked up. The driver will so take the coach on its path, clicking off people and doing a note if the individual decides non to come on the coach. At the terminal of each twenty-four hours the driver will return the coach back to the Centre and return the keys to the office. If Doris is in office, she will enter the clip the coach has been return to the centre.

Each Friday afternoon, whoever is driving the coach, fills it up with fuel. A careful record is kept of the sum of fuel purchase and the figure of stat mis driven. This information is so passed to Doris who enters it into her spreadsheet. The driver will pay for the fuel from money given in advanced by Doris and Driver returns a reception to her records. Each month Doris sends her spreadsheet to Claire who forwards the appropriate information to the Finance Office and AgeCare cardinal disposal as necessary

B3. Understanding demand for developing Use Case

Use Case: Supply financess for general cost

Actor: Supermarket

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when supermarkets provide financess for general costs such as the fuel, the upkeep and disposal costs of the GreenDrive undertaking that provide a service to the aged utilizing green engineering which provide shopping trips to one or other of the supermarkets arranged twice a twenty-four hours from Monday to Friday. This terminal the usage instance.

Use Case: Arrange Timetable

Actor: undertaking director

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when Doris Smith ( project director ) draw timetable of trips to the supermarkets. After she draws the timetable, she besides draws the day-to-day path for drivers. This terminal of the usage instance.

Use Case: Register as voluntary driver

Actor: Driver

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when registry as a voluntary driver at GreenDrive undertaking. Before they can get down as a voluntary, they need to take security and wellness cheque trial to corroborate that they are ready to drive or non. This terminal of the usage instance.

Use Case: Allocate driver

Actor: undertaking director

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when Doris Smith ( project director ) allocates Drivers for day-to-day trips to pick up/off clients to supermarket. This terminal of the usage instance.

Use Case: Received Daily Route

Actor: Driver

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when the drivers received day-to-day path that was drawn by Doris Smith ( Project director ) . If the fuel was purchased for their coach, they need to enter the information such as the sum of fuel purchased and the figure of stat mis driven, so passed to Doris Smith ( Project director ) . This terminal of the usage instance.

Use Case: Return coach

Actor: Driver

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when the driver returns the coach to the centre at the terminal of each twenty-four hours and demand to return the key to office. This terminal of the usage instance.

Use Case: Record of fuel purchased

Actor: Undertaking director

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when Doris Smith ( Project director ) received the information about the sum of fuel purchased and the figure of stat mis driven from each of drivers. Then she will enter these information at her spreadsheet. This terminal of the usage instance.

Use Case: Record Time

Actor: undertaking director

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when each of drivers returns their coach to the centre at the terminal of each twenty-four hours. Then she record the clip the coach has been returned. This terminal of usage instance.

Use Case: Send Data

Actor: Undertaking director and Project leader

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when for each month Doris sends her spreadsheet to Claire. This is the terminal of usage instance.

Use Case: Send appropriate informations to direction

Actor: Undertaking leader

Main flow of events: The usage instance starts when after directing the information from Doris, Claire forwards the appropriate information to the Finance Office and AgeCare cardinal disposal.


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