Treaty of Paris Essay

The Treaty of Paris (1783) ended the American Revolutionary War between Britain and America. General Cornwallis’ defeat at Yorktown due to food and ammunition shortages marked British defeat in the war. The Treaty of Paris took 6 months to sign and contained 10 important articles. These articles gave privileges and agreements upon ideas of economics, politics, and wars of the United States and Britain.

Three provisions of the treaty that were most important for the United States were: all thirteen colonies were recognized as independent states; new boundaries were reated for the United States, and the end of fghting along with the withdrawal of British soldiers from America. Article one of the Treaty of Paris mentioned that the British monarch has recognized the independence of the colonies as the United States. This was very important because the colonies have broken away from monarchy and began to have their own government and claims of land. The king no longer had a say in government and could not interfere with American land.

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Treaty of Paris Essay
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Article two of the treaty created western boundaries at the Mississippi River. This boundary ncreased the United States two times its previous size. This western expansion would increase population growth in the United States and encourage more settlers moving west for more agriculture growth and the expansion of trade. Article seven of the treaty promised that prisoners of both the British and American sides would be set free and that the British troops would be withdrawn from United States. This was important to show that Americans were not disturbed by British soldiers when leaving America.

The British created peace with the Americans by eaving their properties, including slaves, untouched. This showed that the British and the Americans do not plan for future war. The Treaty of Paris (1783) was important in establishing peace between Great Britain and America. The importance of U. S. independence, creation of boundaries, and the end of war by pulling soldiers out of America marked that Britain gave freedom to Americans. The ideas of the Treaty of Paris were later adapted to the first constitution known as the U. S. Articles of Confederation. Treaty of Paris By Lucy-Cheung


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