Treaty of Versailles Sample Essay

This essay will be based on whether the Treaty of Versailles was just upon Germany. The Treaty of Versailles was a peace colony signed after World War 1 had ended in 1918. Most of it was decided by the ‘Big Three` Woodrow Wilson. David Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau. In my sentiment. I think that the Treaty of Versailles was non just to Germany. Furthermore the purposes of were excessively rough. due to the fact that George Clemenceau ( president of France ) had demanded that Germany should pay for the harm that was caused in the war. The monetary value that Germany had to pay was gathered to $ 33 billion dollars. However the harm was non merely caused by Germany hence they should non pay for reparations otherwise it would be unreasonable to Germany.

However. France had lost a one-fourth of its male population. Besides over 48. 000 kilometer of Gallic roads and 23. 000 mills had been destroyed. In compensation. Alsace Lorrain was returned to France. Despite the fact that Alsace Lorrain was returned to France. Germany still had to pay for reparations. In 1919. Woodrow Wilson ( president of USA ) issued his 14 points at the Versailles Conference in hopes of deciding the First World War and future wars. and besides making a permanent peace. The Fourteen Points included an terminal to secret pacts. freedom of the seas. free trade. a big scale decrease of weaponries. and self-government. Wilson believed that all of these issues had helped do the war. Wilson in conclusion called for a League of Nations to assist maintain peace in the hereafter. Furthermore. the Treaty of Versailles was non the sort of pact that he wanted. although it had a consequence of a new formation of new states that afforded some of the peoples of Europe the independency that they long wanted. In add-on. David Lloyd George ( president of Britain ) was determined to penalize Germany due to the fact that this is what he promised the British populace. However. he wanted justness. but he did non desire retaliation.

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Furthermore. he said that the peace must non be rough as it could take to another war. As the purposes were finalised. Germany had lost all their abroad settlements. They had besides lost 10 % of their land. Germany was split into two due to the fact that Pozan was given to Poland. therefore Poland had become a state for the first clip since 1815. Furthermore. Danzig had become into an independent metropolis under the attention of the League of Nations. This would impact Germany Because Danzig was their chief port. hence they will no longer be able to merchandise goods. and hence Germany would easy go hapless. However even though this is non just upon Germany. Danzig every bit good as the metropolis Memel had eventually become into an independent metropolis which they had long waited for.

Furthermore. the Rhineland that separates France from Germany had had become into a demilitarised zone. significance that German military personnels were non allowed into the country. Furthermore. the military clause was the harshest and most detrimental clause. and was greatly disapproved of by Germany. The size and power of the German ground forces was one of her greatest assets. By curtailing her to an ground forces of merely 100. 000 voluntaries. the Treaty left her defenceless and vulnerable. For such a big state. an ground forces of 100. 000 work forces was merely large plenty to maintain order within Germany. but was non big plenty to support Germany from other occupying powers. The ground forces was a symbol of German pride and an of import political beginning of patriotism. Having about half of it taken off destroyed Germany’s Great Power position. and made her an easy mark for other states.

Therefore. Germany was merely allowed to maintain six of their conflict ships. Hence the German armed forces were non allowed to construct or purchase any armed vehicles. pigboats or military trade. Besides the war guilt was unfair. every bit good as the reparation clause. This had a great impact on Germany. It forced Germany to state that they entirely caused World War 1 and that it was hence right and proper that they had to pay reparations. The war guilt clause was besides a justification for reparations. It was besides widely taken to intend that Germany was a ‘rogue state’ . Furthermore. the German authorities was force to accept the incrimination that they were the exclusive cause of the war. From my point of position Europe had slid into war and that it was non one country’s mistake since most were involved in the weaponries race and confederation system. Therefore Germany should non hold to take the full incrimination for it.

In decision. The Treaty of Versailles was highly unjust to Germany. due to the fact that the Treaty was a Diktat ; furthermore Germany was non allowed to be portion of the European Society. Due to this action there could be future jobs in Europe. In add-on. my sentiment on the pact of Versailles was just until Germany had to pay full reparations every bit good as restricting their armed forces.


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