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Masters Program in International Business PLACEMENT BROCHURE 2008-10 UNLEASHING MINDS TO FLY HIGH Badruka Institute of Foreign Trade BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 1 11/9/2009 12:17:32 PM Seth Ghasiram Gopikishan Badruka Educational Society Vision BIFT’s vision is to rank amongst the foremost Business Schools of the world rendering high quality management education programs and be able to transform management students and learners into global business leaders of the future. Mission

To contribute to the growth of India’s international business by disseminating knowledge about international business and trade by: • Imparting requisite knowledge to prospective managers of international business. • Assisting business organizations involved in exports / imports / foreign trade through specific studies and consultancy reports. • Adopting best practices in imparting education in international business through its own as well as through partner institutions and organizations across the globe.

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Objectives • To mould students and learners into globally competent managers in international business, with the requisite knowledge, skills and exposure to match the requirements of the industry. • To impart education in theory and practice of international business, so as to develop the capabilities of students in decision-making in today’s complex international business environment. To organise and conduct research and thereby expand the knowledge domain. • To impart knowledge to exporters, importers and regulators through training and research. • To assist the government and regulators in policy formulation and modification. Our Founder Late Sri Raja Bankatlal Gopikishan Badruka (1905-1966) BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 2 2 pages –3 11/9/2009 12:17:59 PM

Over the last 60 years, the Badruka Educational Society has grown from strength to strength, setting up various educational institutions covering a wide spectrum of learning at graduate and postgraduate levels: • Badruka College of Commerce • Badruka College Post-Graduate Centre • Bankatlal Badruka College for Information Technology • Badruka Institute of Foreign Trade • Badruka Institute of Foreign Education • Badruka Institute of Professional Studies • Badruka Junior College for Girls • Bansilal Badruka School of Music and Dance • Ramdayal Ghasiram Badruka Technical Institute • Laxmi Nivas Badruka Vidyarthi Gruh.

Over 70,000 students have had the privilege of passing out of the portals of the Society’s institutions, enriching the Indian nation in academics, fine arts, management, IT, commerce, politics and business. On the foreign education front, the Badruka Institute of Foreign Education (BIFE) had earlier been conducting the MBA program of Edinburgh Business School, Heriott Watt University, UK. Hony Secretary Sri Hari Prasad G Badruka keeps exploring new programs of value to students in various domains.

BIFT has already tied up with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and efforts are on to tie up with the Hague University, Netherlands for a faculty and student exchange program. Similar tie-ups with other renowned foreign universities / institutions in UK, Europe & USA are also being considered. Study visits to a few foreign countries are already being organized by Badruka Institute of Foreign Trade (BIFT), which owes its genesis to Sri Badruka’s vision of India empowered by managers who are competent to handle large, globally spread businesses in an environment where national boundaries have indeed vanished.

Serving the society through value-based education Sri Hari Prasad G Badruka, the Chairman & Honorary Secretary of the Society, is a dedicated educationist, visionary and philanthropist with a commitment to excellence. He has played a major role in the development of the Society through his dedication and involvement in the administration of the Society for nearly four decades. Sri Badruka has always believed that students must undergo education which not only helps them to further their careers but also fosters strong value systems in them. BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 3 1/9/2009 12:18:05 PM Aimed at preparing qualified professionals in the challenging field of international business, BIFT was established in 2001, under an MoU with Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, which is internationally renowned and is ranked amongst the top 10 B-schools in India. IIFT has been extending academic and faculty support to BIFT. BIFT is situated in Hyderabad, which has recorded phenomenal growth with large enterprises being established in the IT / Pharmaceutical / Biotech / FMCG / Retail / Financial Services sectors. The five-storeyed BIFT building has a built-up area of over 60,000 sq. t. The students enjoy well-equipped, air-conditioned lecture halls, PCs with broadband internet connectivity, Wi-Fi enabled campus, LCD projectors, audio systems, e-journals under EBSCO, electronic databases of industries / companies through CMIE’s Prowess & India Trades, Kompass Trade Directory, Trade Wizard Software, etc. The cutting-edge curriculum of MPIB comprises all subjects of the MBA program of a standard B-school and in addition, 15 more subjects that equip students in International Finance, International Marketing Trade, Global Logistics, International HRM, etc.

BIFT has tied up with Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, where BIFT students undertake shortterm specialization courses in International Finance, International Marketing or Port Management. BIFT is also exploring tie-ups for short-term value-added courses to be taken up in some reputed B-schools in the UK, Europe and USA. To offer new vocational opportunities, BIFT has introduced two-year Masters Programs in Healthcare Management, Infrastructure Management and Pharma-Biotech Management, under an MoU with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

It is in the process of introducing a 4-6 months internship in ‘Shipping and Port Management’ in association with Westport, Malaysia. Other new introductions include an Entrepreneurship and Family Business Program, as well as industry-focused weekend lectures (with APITCO). The growing number of students enrolled from all parts of India in the recent batches is indicative of the rapidly increasing popularity of MPIB. At BIFT, a unique trilogy of students, faculty and learning resources produces some of the best minds in the country.

Consequently, our students today hold key and enviable managerial positions across several reputed organizations in India and abroad. The teaching method and learning pedagogy at BIFT include lectures, case studies, seminars, group discussions, business games, role plays, simulation exercises, structured and unstructured group work, as well as industry visits and port visits to foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Commencing this academic year, BIFT has switched over to the semester system of instruction (from the earlier trimester system), to enable students to get more time for industry interaction.

Masters Program in International Business Cutting-edge curriculum for global business BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 4 4 pages –5 11/9/2009 12:18:13 PM From the Director Changing Trends in Management Education… Pioneering Sectoral Vocations. Established in 2001, BIFT has carved out a niche for itself over the last eight years in the International Business education arena, with overwhelming acceptance in the Trade and Industry. That over 600 BIFTians are occupying coveted positions in business organizations both in India and abroad, is a standing testimony of the Industry’s acceptance of our pedagogy and content.

It is heartening to note that the ill effects of the global economic slowdown, resulting out of speculative greed in the financial markets, are slowly tapering off. As per both IMF and World Bank, the Indian and Chinese economics are on the up-swing and it is expected that in the next 6-10 months, the global markets would emerge stronger. This is a welcome sign for all business management students. The corporates are looking for innovative, unpretentious young minds with focus on learning and handson experience to steer the engines of growth in the emerging areas.

To be successful in the global markets, the students need to acquire powers of critical thinking and moral reasoning coupled with knowledge on contemporary business issues and multi-cultural focus. The corporates prefer sectoral enthusiasts who have a flair for niche business areas and are ready to hone their skills in diversified segments with an open mind focused on ‘learning’ rather than ‘earning’. In the above context, BIFT would be providing increased exposure in areas like International Product / Brand Management; Acquisitions & Mergers and Business Valuations; Port Operations & Management; Banking, Finance, Insurance, etc.

BIFT has also introduced Masters courses in emerging areas like Infrastructure Management, PharmaBiotech Management and Health Care Management, under MOU with JNTU-Hyderabad, for better sectoral vocations. Nurturing entrepreneurs who would transform into ‘job providers’ rather than ‘job seekers’ is also the need of the hour. As the real India lives in rural areas, the students need to be social entrepreneurs with focus on areas like Microfinance, NGO Management, etc.

Lastly but not the least, based on experiences gained from the global mortgage derivatives debacle, which the Indian financial system has withstood, we need to evolve our own ‘Indian Approach to Corporate Management’ with strong foundations in Ethics and Values, merging the best of both East and West. We invite our respected corporates to partner with us in this ‘Yagna’ of Corporate Social Responsibility ‘Innovation – Intuition – Inspiration’ is the Mantra for Success. From the Director’s Desk Prof GS Rao BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 5 11/9/2009 12:18:18 PM From the Academic Coordinator

The Badruka Educational Society was established with the objective of inculcating academic excellence and lasting ethical values in the students. BIFT values learning as a way of life and promotes the habit of critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. We offer students access to cutting-edge learning experience, facilities and materials, to a faculty that vigorously pursues research and scholarship and to an academic guidance that is sensitive to their interest, needs and abilities. This is more than an academic exercise, for which we are employing good management practices.

Our curriculum focuses on skills a manager would require to operate in an environment marked by diversity. Business at global level gets more competitive, considering that policies differ from country to country, turbulent currency values and varying consumer behavior. So a manager who works in this set-up requires a special set of skills, which our International Business curriculum aims at imparting. Further, our institute lays a great deal of emphasis on regularly exposing our students to the corporate world, which in turn helps us to chalk out an innovative academic strategy and keep abreast of trends abroad.

As a result of this, our students become more articulate, confident and ready for the industry when the time comes. We welcome all the prospective employers of our MPIB students to look at these international leaders in the making, recruit them in good positions, groom them in the organization and in turn benefit from their youthful energy and specialized knowledge. The Placement Process The students of BIFT have come from various educational backgrounds. They have been groomed with soft skill training and classroom trainings to face the final placement process.

But, education of the future leaders will be incomplete without the exposure to working in an organization. The placement process covers Pre-Placement Talk and Final Placement. Pre-Placement Talk The Pre-Placement Talk offers the corporate and students an opportunity to interact and get to know the organization better. Organizations make important presentations to the students about the organizations and career growths in which student concerns like job responsibilities, remuneration package, ladder of growth, cross-functional exposure are answered.

Final Placement The industry participates in final placement process to utilize intellectual capital of BIFT. The real proof of the quality and effectiveness of any institution lies in the acceptance of its graduates in the industry. The placement of the 2007-09 graduating batch proves the rigorous two-year MPIB program at BIFT. The Institute has an impressive and consistent placement record. With best wishes, Rakesh Chander Sharma The BIFT Placement Team L to R: Mr Ravi Kumar, Mr PR Venkat Sai, Ms Preeti, Ms Jhansi BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 6 6 pages –7 11/9/2009 12:18:23 PM

From Head – Institutional Development Today, people perceive and measure excellence in higher education pertaining to the development and achievement of an institution as the number of students placed and their overall pay packages. There seems to be a need for thorough introspection here… Education, in its broadest sense, is an act that has an effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense education is a process by which society transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another through educational institutions.

The true values of education are to develop people of quality and character and to create an awareness of social responsibilities. An educational institution has to shoulder multiple aspects to ensure its progress by creating a competitive yet nurturing service attitude in individuals. At Badruka Educational Society, we aim not only to equip our students with the necessary skills needed but also focus on providing this service at an affordable cost, without any discrimination or gender preference.

The overall development of our students is of utmost importance to all of us working here. We help them develop various skill sets including understanding the employer’s need. A centralized Placements and Grooming Division has been set up for this purpose. To bridge the gap built over the years, we have developed a grooming program based on valuable inputs from our faculty, recruiters, alumni and past experience. Also, activity-based training is imparted for personality development.

Blood donation camps and service at orphanages is a part of understanding various aspects of life. Our students conduct and participate in management festivals, conferences and seminars. Industrial visits and guest lectures by eminent personalities are a regular feature here. We ensure that the students undergo various levels of learning and unlearning so that their Intelligence, Emotional and Spiritual Quotient is equally developed to be successful and satisfied in life. We strive constantly to ensure that every Badrukan is an ‘inner’ as well as an ‘outer’ winner.

Poonam R Saraf From Manager – Placements Welcome to the gallery of portraits of some of the best potential managers available. Over the years Badruka Institute of Foreign Trade (BIFT) has become a prime choice of the recruiters across the country. BIFT was rated by a Business India survey in the ‘A+ category’ in 2007 and in the ‘A category’ in 2008. BIFT students receive the best of inputs from academicians, professional soft skill trainers like TIME Institute, Badruka’s in-house Grooming Division, as well as from practicing managers.

Their training stint in Nanyang Technological University at Singapore, port visits to Malaysia and faculty / students exchange program with Hague University (Netherlands) enrich the students with international exposure. In addition to the standard MBA curriculum, 14 additional subjects are taught with dual specialization in International Marketing, Finance and HR, with Trade being common to all the students. Our endeavour is not only to create smart analytical ‘left-brained’ students but also those with soft-skills, inclined towards the ‘right-brain’ and who readily work across global cultures.

We can proudly say that the earlier recruiters have been quite satisfied with the quality of the BIFTians picked up by them, as is being reflected in their feedback, and also the fact that they have been visiting our campus again and again. We promise to provide you quality students to suit your requirements aptly. We look forward to your continued support, and invite you to visit our campus and see for yourself the great potential that is waiting to be tapped in each of our bright students. PR Venkat Sai BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 7 11/9/2009 12:18:28 PM

Core Mentors BIFT faculty members take the students beyond the typical classroom atmosphere, and provide continuous individual guidance to the students to mould them into competent professionals who can confidently take on the challenges of the highly competitive corporates which have acquired global dimensions with their business spanning several countries in the world. Dr Aswani Kumar M. Sc. , MBA, Ph. D. Prof J R Kumar B. Com, FICWA Mr Rakesh Chander Sharma BE (Chem), PGDEE, Advanced Diploma in French, Diploma in Scientific and Technical Translation (French)

Professor Expertise in: General Management and Marketing Expertise in: General Management Strategic and Unit Level Indirect Taxation Cost Accounting Academic Coordinator Expertise in: Consultancy related to chemical industries, environmental / energy-related issues. Mr M Durga Prasad M. Com. , M. Phil. (Finance) (Ph. D. ) Ms Mehnaaz Siddiqui BA, MBA (HR & Marketing) (Ph. D. ) Mr KC Mohanty M. Sc, MBA (Marketing), ITM (FIEO) (Ph. D. ) Assistant Professor Expertise in: Management Accounting, Financial Management, Management of Financial Services.

Authored two books and presented articles at national seminars. Assistant Professor Expertise in: HRM, Marketing, International Business Assistant Professor Expertise in: International Marketing, International Trade Operations, WTO, Agri Business, Commodity Trading, Export & Import Management Mr Deepak M. Sc. (Statistics) Prof G Surender Reddy M. Tech. (Ind. Mgt) IIT-Madras, LLB, PGDIPR, PGDPEM (OU), CAIIB Lt Col (Retd) AV Anand MIE (Mech), MBA, PGHRM, PG Equipment Management, (Ph. D. ) Assistant Professor Expertise in: Statistics and Operations Research, Research Methodology

Expertise in: Development Banking, Corporate Consulting, Management Teaching, Entrepreneurship Development and Mentoring Coordinator – Evaluation Expertise in: HR, Administration and Leadership Mr Prayaga Ramakrishna Head, Center for Indian Management Studies (CIMS) Mr Unnikrishnan Kurup M. A. (Economics), M. A. (Sociology), M. Phil, (Ph. D. ) Mr Syed Muzammiluddin B. Com (Computers), BCJ, MBA, (Ph. D. ) Associate Professor Expertise in: Educational Consultant and Professor in Economics, Principal under Kerala University in Kerala. Assistant Professor Expertise in: Marketing, Soft Skills BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. ndd 8 8 pages –9 11/9/2009 12:18:32 PM Tie-ups with Foreign Institutions BIFT has tied up with the Nanyang Technological University for BIFT students to undergo a short-term course in Marketing / Finance / IT etc, commencing from the batch of 2008-10 students. Also, we are in dialogue with a few other international institutions in UK, Netherlands and Spain, and for enabling desirous students to pursue short-term study modules in Marketing, Finance, Trading, Information Technology and other domains which will provide them ample value addition and also help them secure international placements.

BIFT is now study center of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK for certificate and diploma courses. BIFT’s integrated approach towards management education combines the regular set of all MBA-level management subjects with the international business-related curriculum is drawn from IIFT’s rigorous and knowledge-packed syllabus, as well as BIFT’s own additional inputs based on industry demand. The delivery of inputs by qualified in-house faculty is reinforced with that of eminent faculty from IIMs, IIFT and a few foreign universities.

Foreign languages such as French and Spanish are being taught. In addition, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin languages are also being offered to BIFT students this year onwards. The students are evaluated on the basis of assignments, presentations, group discussions, quizzes, role-plays and class tests. Considerable stress is laid on discipline, cultural values and personality development. Students make weekly group presentations on top business stories of the week based on their daily browsing of business newspapers and journals in the library.

The students’ skills are honed to make them emerge as knowledge-endowed global business managers of tomorrow, whose quest for knowledge will never cease. BIFT believes that knowledge is the willow that winners wield. Towards this belief, BIFT has set as its goal the transformation of its students, which will make their dreams come true. Mr Rael Escobar (an MBA student from Hague University, Netherlands) under student exchange program in dialogue with BIFT Director and faculty members Mr Patrick Sim (Senior Business Development Executive, NTU-Singapore) discussing details of a new module in Port Management with BIFT officials

Ms Tam Kam Peng (Head – Alliances & Learning Partnership) and Ms Aarti Porwal (Chief Representative – CIMA, UK) with BIFT Director Prof GS Rao and Prof JR Kumar Mr Jeff Carter (Dean, Canadian College, Vancouver) in conversation with BIFT Director and faculty members for Student Exchange Program BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 9 11/9/2009 12:18:39 PM Conducive Learning Ambience Library and e-Journals The BIFT library has a collection of over 10,000 books and subscribes to 40 national / international journals and magazines.

As many as 1100 e-journals through EBSCO and databases like CMIE’s India Trades and Prowess, and Trade Wizard Software have been provided to the students. Valuable data is also available in the form of trade directories, country / product research reports, project reports, trade publications, video-library, CDs and software packages of various kinds, etc. Library Session in Progress Computer Lab The Institute has a state-of-the-art Computer Centre with a Local Area Network comprising a Server, 80 Pentium Nodes and Internet access through a dedicated broadband link, electronic databases, etc.

WiFi Connectivity in Campus WiFi connectivity is provided for facilitating students, faculty and visiting guest faculty in BIFT premises. Computer Laboratory Laptops for Students Students are provided with laptops to enable them to not only access and browse databases but also store study material, data, and carry out analyses of data, presentations through slide shows, etc. Seminar Hall and Classrooms Air-conditioned classrooms. and a seminar hall-cum-auditorium equipped with contemporary teaching equipment such as an LCD projector, overhead projector, TV and VCR, broadband internet connection, audio system, etc. re available. Students in Classroom Cafeteria Serving hygienic and tasty snacks, the cozy cafeteria on the college campus also provides a useful platform for informal exchange of ideas / information between students of various batches and disciplines, as well as with the faculty. Students enjoying snacks in Cafeteria BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 10 10 pages –11 11/9/2009 12:18:54 PM Visiting / Guest Faculty A number of guest / visiting faculty from reputed institutions in India and abroad are invited to conduct lectures on curriculum topics.

MPIB aims at providing a comprehensive coverage incorporating important issues in international business. To this end, BIFT invites even experts from various industries / business houses to deliver lectures on various topics. It has also empanelled distinguished faculty from leading academic institutions to reinforce the students’ regular in-house learning. • Dr Arun Pillutla, Associate Professor, St. Ambrose University, USA. • Dr Kavita Karan, Head – Public & Promotional Communications, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Dr Rupa Chanda, Professor, IIM Bangalore. • Prof Stephen Mitchell, University of Gloucestershire, UK. • Mr G Ramanathan, Regional Head, Tata Consultancy Services • Mr C Vittal, IAS, Former Chairman, Central Vigilance Commission • Prof RK Mishra, Director, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad • Mr V Sraman, Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade • Dr Y Satyanarayana, Chairperson, ONGC Chair, ASCI • Dr PH Rao, Senior Faculty, ASCI • Dr Rohit Raj Mathur, Senior Faculty, ASCI • Mr KK Vel, General Manager, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Mr GK Nagaraj, Head – Placements, IIM, Bangalore • Dr (Ms) Susheela Balaguruswamy, Director, EBG Foundation • Mr Shakti Sagar, MD, ADP (Wilco) and Former President, HYSEA • Mr Srinivasa Krishna, Regional Sales Manager, Coca Cola (India) • Dr SN Sharma, Professor, Osmania University • Mr PS Rao, Managing Director, PSR Green Power Projects • Dr Reena Marwah, Reader, Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi (Fellow of World Bank) • Mr VNR Sudhakar, Consultant • Mr Ramakrishna, Consultant • Mr VK Menon, Director, CAS, ISB, Hyderabad. Dr S Padam, Dean, Administrative Staff College of India • Dr Francis Chandrasekhar, Reader, Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Hyderabad • Mr Surya Teja, Appraising Officer, Department of Central Excise and Customs • Mr Vijay Krishna Reddy, Exim Bank • Mr BM Mishra, Asst Secretary, Foreign Trade Committee, FAPCCI • Mr Dharmendra Matai, Sr Manager – Merchandising, FoodWorld, Hyderabad • Dr Ratan Reddy, Professor, Institute of Public Enterprise • Mr Sumit Guha, Zonal Manager – Marketing, Methodex Systems • Dr Venkat Reddy, Director, Institute of Materials Management • Mr Panduranga Murthy, Regional Manager, APSRTC • Ms Srabani Deb, Orion Communications • Pradeep Krishna, Orion Communications • Mr Chetan Srivastava, Maharishi Institute of Management, Hyderabad • Mr Ramanujam, Vice President, Karvy Investor Services • Mr EN Viswanatha, General Manager, VBC Industries, Hyderabad • Mr T Rama Rao, Pennar Industries, Hyderabad Mrs Lavanya Jayram, Zensar Technologies • Dr Hargopal, Head of Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology • Mr Lawrence Jacobi, Emirates • Mr Raoul Johnson, AFL Global Logistics • Mr Sudhindra, Dell • Mr Bhaskar Rao, Institute of Quality Management • Mr B Dhananjaya, INE Value Creators and Consultants • Dr T Prabhakar Reddy, Jt Director, Centre for World Solidarity • Mr T Laxmi Narayana, Academician • Dr M Prabhakar Reddy, Faculty, BCC • Mr G Veeresh, Faculty, BIPS • Mr Madhusudhan Rao, MD, M/S Oorja Engineering • Mr K Sharath Chandra, CEO Butterfly Edu fields • Ms Sundari R Pisupati, Founder Partner, Tempus Law Associates • Mr Ganesh Mahadevan, Lean Implementation Consultant, Kanzen Institute • Shri Ravi Prasad, Founder Partner, Tempus Law Associates • Mr Kushagra Kapoor, Infosys Technologies • Prof Ravichandran, Secretary General, Latin-Indo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Visiting Faculty from IIFT, New Delhi • • • • • • • • • Prof Ravi Shanker, Chairperson Prof K Rangarajan Prof Harkirat Singh Prof Narayan Datt, Former Dean Prof OP Wali Dr RK Wadhwa Dr MC Harbola Dr Sushil Kumar Dr Rakesh Mohan Joshi Mr Munish Bhargava, Head – Placements BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 11 11/9/2009 12:19:07 PM Academic Interactions Mr Kushagra Kapoor (Infosys Technologies) Ms Lavanya Jayaram (Head – Marketing & Communications, Zensar Technologies) Dr Rupa Chanda (Professor, IIM Bangalore) Mr JM Lyngdoh (Former Chief Election Commissioner) Prof Narayan Datt (Former Dean, IIFT) Prof K Rangarajan (Faculty, IIFT) Prof Ravichandran (Secretary General, Latin-Indo Chamber of Commerce and Industry) BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 12 12 pages –13 11/9/2009 12:19:08 PM Gaining global knowledge

Study visits constitute an important aspect of the course curriculum, providing the students practical exposure to the dynamics of the industry / corporate business. Interactive sessions with corporate managers are arranged during the visits. Students are sent every year on study visits to Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), the world’s busiest port, Jurong Port (Singapore), as well as to Northport and Westport, Port Klang, Malaysia. During these visits they meet senior executives of various multinational companies and obtain valuable insights into the dynamics of global trade / international business, global logistics, international marketing and international finance, etc.

A senior official of Northport Malaysia addressing BIFT faculty and students BIFT students at Westport, Malaysia Mr Muhammed Nor B Ismail (AGM – HR, Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad) addressing students Mr Suthahar Kanapathy (Head – South East Asia Operations, Westport, Malaysia) addressing BIFT faculty and students Prof GS Rao (Director, BIFT) and students with Dr R Naidu (Director, Member of the Board – HR), Mr Muhammed Nor B Ismail (AGM – HR) of Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad BIFT team with Ms Nancy Tay (Manager – Tavern & Brewery Tour Corporate Communication, Asia-Pacific Breweries Singapore Pvt Ltd) BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 13 11/9/2009 12:19:30 PM … Gaining global knowledge

BIFT faculty and students with Mr Seah Ben Hun (Director – Center for Continuing Education) at NTU campus in Singapore Certificate distribution ceremony of Marketing & Finance module at NTU, Singapore Marketing module students with Dr Kavita Karan and Dr David at NTU, Singapore BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 14 14 pages –15 11/9/2009 12:20:00 PM MDP and Consultancy Cell The Cell has been established to: • Network extensively with the industry and offer consultancy in the areas of entrepreneurship development, export marketing, international business law, foreign trade policy, general management, as well as management of sectors such as services, manufacturing, power / energy, transportation, agriculture, public utilities, etc. Build up a knowledge bank through industryrelevant research such as market / sectoral studies, and to disseminate it through MDPs/ FDPs / seminars. For collecting / collating real-time data in various sectors globally, the Cell is equipped with the latest software such as Kompass, NetIinx, CMIE databases namely, India Trades & Prowess, Economic Intelligence Services, Agristat and First Source trade directories, as also e-journal database, viz. , EBSCO. BIFT conducts various MDPs on diverse themes of relevance to the corporates. The MDPs enable the faculty to enhance industry interface, facilitate interaction with practicing managers, entrepreneurs and regulators, disseminate knowledge and guide budding export entrepreneurs. Mr SE Krishna Mohan Reddy (Asst.

Commissioner – Commercial Tax) speaking on ‘VAT & Service Tax’ Mr Prayaga Subrahmanyam (GM – Forex Department, RBI) speaking at the seminar on ‘International Trade Finance and Transaction Banking’ Recent Seminars and MDPs • Export Marketing Procedure & Documentation for SMEs • International Trade Laws – An Overview • Export Procedures and Documentation • Role of Facilitators in Export and Import • Foreign Exchange Risk Management • Corporate Lifestyle and Yoga • ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management Systems • Foreign Trade – Opportunities and Challenges • Exports Management • International Marketing Management • Human Resources Management • World Trade Organisation • Entrepreneurship Development.

Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO – AP Chapter) in association with BIFT is organising a series of seminars. The seminars held in the series were: • VAT & Service Tax – 4 December 2008 • Business Etiquettes & Communication skills for Global Workplace – 19 December 2008. • International Trade Finance and Transaction Banking – 16 January 2009. Mr R Ashokan (Joint Director, FIEO – SR) and Mr Dhananjay Sharma (Asst. Director – FIEO, AP Chapter) were instrumental in organizing the seminars. Prof. John McGee (Associate Dean, Warwick Business School, UK) addressing faculty and students. Prof John McGee interacting with Heads of Badruka Institutions BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 15 1/9/2009 12:20:11 PM Conferences & Competitive Events BIFT faculty and students participated in a national conference on ‘Export Opportunities’ organized by CII, Hyderabad. Ms Mehnaz Siddiqui (BIFT faculty) presented a paper at an international conference in UK. She also presented a paper at an international conference on ‘Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations’ at Singapore. Mr M Durga Prasad (BIFT faculty) presented a paper on ‘New Horizons in Management Education’ at the 8th Euro-Asian Entrepreneurship and Management Network Conference held on 6 October 2009 at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. Research / Studies Cell

Research studies are undertaken by BIFT in domains such as India-Africa Trade, Retail Business in India, Mergers and Acquisitions Analytics, etc. A study on ‘Market Potential for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants’ has also been done. It is proposed to undertake studies in Commodity Trade, Retail and Financial Services segments. Mr M Durga Prasad making a presentation… … with Conference Co-Chairman Mr Feike Witlam … with Conference Chairman Dr Vivek Nagpaul Customer Relationship Management Project Competitions Winners of the CRM competition BIFT students at Sambhav-2009 at Gitam University, Vizag BIFT students at PES-2009 at Bengaluru BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. ndd 16 16 pages –17 11/9/2009 12:20:20 PM Foundation Day Celebrations Foundation Day Celebrations on 15 October 2009 brought out standing performances from the students in various cultural programs like singing, dancing, mimicry, etc. Chief Guest Dr PL Sanjeev Reddy, IAS (Retd), Former Director General – IIFT, lighting the lamp L to R: Prof GS Rao (Director – BIFT), Sri Hari Prasad G Badruka (Hon. Secy – BES) and Dr PL Sanjeev Reddy, IAS (Retd) Mr YS Harishchandra Prasad (President – CII, AP) at the Valedictory Function Kuchipudi dance by a student Indoor games in progress Management Event in progress BIFT Faculty Participation in Seminars / FDPs

Program Certificate Course in Export Promotion International Finance Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy and Preparedness for Trade and Globalization in India Budget Talk Financial Derivatives (FDP) Entrepreneurship Orientation Program AP State Budget Review Poverty, Growth & Inequality – Budget Talk Managing Exports in a Challenging Economy NBA Accreditation Awareness program International Financial Reporting Standards Internal Controls in BSNL Faculty Exchange Program NEN Orientation Program Dates 20-30 April 4-15 May 4-15 May 11-12 June 5 July 6-11 July 11 July 11 July 15 July 30 July 7-8 August 13 August 17-19 August 6-16 October 19-23 October Organization FAPCCI, Hyderabad NTU, Singapore NTU, Singapore UNCTAD, New Delhi Business Line Villa Marie College IIM, Kozhikode IPE, Hyderabad HMA, Hyderabad HCU, Hyderabad CII, Hyderabad JNTU, Hyderabad CII, Hyderabad NATFM, Hyderabad The Hague University Aurora Business School, Hyd Faculty Members Mr KC Mohanty Mr Durga Prasad Mr KC Mohanty Mr KC Mohanty Mr KC Mohanty Mr Durga Prasad Ms Mehnaaz Siddiqui Ms Shipra Shrivastava Mr Unnikrishnan Kurup Prof JR Kumar Mr KC Mohanty Mr Deepak Kumar Mr Unnikrishnan Kurup Mr Syed Muzamuddin Prof G Surender Reddy Mr Unnikrishnan Kurup Mr Unnikrishnan Kurup Prof JR Kumar Mr MV Durga Prasad Ms Mehnaaz Siddiqui Mr Deepak Kumar BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 17 11/9/2009 12:20:51 PM BIFT Publications MPIB has a cutting-edge curriculum with focus on International Business & Foreign Trade which has equipped BIFTians with the essential knowledge of International Management. BIFT brings out a quarterly journal titled ‘BIFT’s Journal of International Management & Research’ (BJIMR) which is aimed at collecting & disseminating knowledge related to management & International Businessrelated subjects. The April-June 2009 issue is released with ISSN – 0975-1378 and it has become a referred journal now.

Under the guidance of the Director and faculty, BIFT’s students also bring out ‘Prerna’, s a quarterly newsletter which h highlights the students’ academics, p projects, outstation seminars & e events and co-curricular activities. BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 18 18 pages –19 11/9/2009 12:21:30 PM New Masters Programs Introduced BIFT has entered into an MoU with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University to introduce the following two-year full-time programs from the Academic year 2009-10: • Masters in Pharma-Biotech Management • Masters in Infrastructure Management • Masters in Healthcare Management Highlights of the new programs include: • Degree awarded by JNTU. Excellent career opportunities in these rapidly growing sectors. • Enhances knowledge and skill levels; critical networking inputs from industry professionals. Provides advantage of applying their learning in regular work. • Customized content developed by JNTU and industry experts and working professionals. • Over 1700 hours of contact classes (theory, discussions, expert lectures). • Standardized textbooks and other relevant course material. • Structured classroom teaching in I year gives basic theoretical concepts on various aspects of healthcare services. • Practical training in II year enhances the student’s core abilities with hands-on experience in related organizations. • Workshops for personal and professional development of students. • IV semester on industry-relevant projects under guidance of core faculty and industry experts.

Eligibility Criteria • For Pharma-Biotech Management: Graduate (minimum 50% marks) in Science / Biology / Biotechnology / Microbiology / Medicine. • For Infrastructure Management: Engineering graduate (minimum 50% marks) in Civil / Electrical / Mechanical / Architecture. • For Healthcare Management: Graduate (minimum 50% marks) in Science / Pharmacy / Microbiology / Genetics / Biotechnology / Medicine. Admission for all the programs is based on performance in entrance tests in English and Quantitative / Analytical ability, followed by Group Discussions, Presentation and Personal Interview. Signing of MoU with JNTU for new courses in Healthcare, Pharma-Biotech and Infrastructure Management.

L to R: Prof G Surender Reddy (BIFT faculty), Prof GS Rao (Director BIFT), Sri Hari Prasad G Badruka (Hony Secretary, Badruka Educational Society), Prof DN Reddy (VC, JNTU), Prof Lalkishore (Rector, JNTU) and Prof Tulasiram Das (Director – Academics and Planning, JNTU) Orientation program for Batch of 2009-11 with Prof Manoj Kumar Panda (Director – CESS) as Chief Guest BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 19 11/9/2009 12:21:48 PM Beyond the Curriculum Exports Promotion Cell The Cell offers consultancy in buyer identification, product / market / country research, international contracts for sale of goods, distributor agreements, joint ventures and charter-party agreements. It constantly monitors the world trade pattern and exploits all relevant atabases with a view to guiding exporters on the aspects of demand for goods / services in various countries. Consultancy assignments have also been carried out for various industries and commerce departments of governments. WTO Study Centre The Centre keeps itself abreast of WTO-related issues, its various ministerial meetings, trade agreements between countries, etc. , and has capabilities that enable it to undertake studies and research work in this behalf. Alumni Meets Alumni Meets are regularly organised by the students, with the assistance of the Management. The alumni keep in regular touch with BIFT students through Web links and Classroom sessions. Freshers’ Day Celebration at Leonia Resorts

Cultural Cell The Cell is categorised into five groups: Prasar (media), Abhinandan (socio-cultural activities), Manch (quizzes / seminars), Sampark (coordination with other Cells) and Gaurav (BIFT brand-building). All these groups are entirely managed by the students themselves. Entrepreneurship Development Cell The Cell imparts entrepreneurial skills by imparting requisite learning, especially in respect of goods / products / services to prospective entrepreneurs, as also issues such as bank financing modes and schemes for entrepreneurs among students and the general public, to enable them to start their own ventures. Giving Back to Society BIFT students organised a voluntary blood donation camp at BIFT premises in association with Lions Club of Hyderabad.

Several units of blood were donated by the faculty and students, drawing heartfelt appreciation from the Club, as well as wide coverage in the press. Blood Donation Camp 2008 BIFT students and faculty at an education fair in Bhubaneshwar An ‘Art of Living’ session in progress BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 20 20 pages –21 11/9/2009 12:21:58 PM Alumni Reflections “The 3D’s (Discipline, Dedication and Determination) not only makes you fit in the Corporate World, but also makes a good Human out of you. BIFT gave me the opportunity to analyse my strengths and recognise my weakness. The Faculty provided a roadmap, which enabled me to understand the best practices prevalent in industry today.

The faculty and the course helped me to include qualities like teamwork, managerial skill and leadership qualities that helped me in overcoming adversities and become better manager. ” Priyadarshini Bhattacharya (Batch 2002-04) Polaris, Singapore “The Institute provided me with an ambience that encouraged self-development under the thoughtful guidance of my experienced teachers and the vision of the top management in constantly updating the curriculum from time to time. ” Anchal Goel (Batch 2003-05) Kotak Securities “BIFT was a milestone which brought a change in my life. It provided me with the right knowledge and skills that are necessary to be competitive in this world.

The knowledge of business management and international business I acquired through the rigorous and academically rich MPIB course have enabled me to contribute to the achievement of the corporate goals of my organisation. The MPIB course is very comprehensive, and elevates students’ thinking to higher strata of business management knowledge domain. ” Jayant Kulkarni (Batch 2004-06) Citi Group Global Services, UK Retail Banking Operations “The curriculum of MPIB is very dynamic and covers all the latest management topics. I had an opportunity to visit international trade operations. BIFT encourages students to participate in various management fests. I participated in IIT Kharagpur’s fest ‘Kshitij’ and IIM-B’s fest ‘Vista-06’.

BIFT provided me with an excellent Summer Internship with Deloitte Consulting Private Limited, which in turn helped me in getting placed in Zensar Technologies Ltd. The two years spent in BIFT were very valuable and I enjoyed every moment of it. ” Kavitha C (Batch 2005-07) Zensar Technologies “BIFT with its best quality faculty and firmly crafted courseware excellently transforms mere graduates to management professionals. With varied activities covering national & international perspectives, industry interaction, presentation sessions, guest lectures, foreign languages with foreign study tour, alumni meet and personality reengineering helps in improving one’s knowledge level and enhances personality with building confidence & positive attitude.

I can truly say that BIFT has given me the wings to fly and reach high levels in this hard competitive corporate world. ” Mukesh Kumar (Batch 2006-08) Futures First “BIFT’s comprehensive curriculum coupled with variety of extra-curricular activities has boosted my confidence level and it is helping me a lot to face tough situations in corporate life. Satish Kumar (Batch 2007-09) Axis Bank “The updated curriculum taught by BIFT’s excellent faculty has equipped me to handle the marketing of all 52 branches in my region. The extracurricular activities at the Institute gave us a great opportunity to mould ourselves to fit in this competitive corporate world. The practical management education has helped me to become a good leader at my workplace. Arunark Chatterjee (Batch 2007-09) Indian Overseas Bank “BIFT provided me with an ambience that encouraged self-development under the thoughtful guidance of my experienced teachers. I have learnt a lot and because of academic inputs I received from my mentors made me confident to face challenges in life. ” T Soumya (Batch 2007-09) Coca Cola “BIFT’s updated curriculum and extra curricular activities have made me a very confident person and I am really thankful to my faculty members who have shaped me into a person who is ready to face challenges in this fast changing world. Ch. Sreemantha Naidu (Batch 2007-09 Coromandel International Limited BIFT – an institution that synchronises academics, pressure handling and extracurricular activities – definitely widens the students’ knowledge domain in tune with the future requirements of corporates. This institution has been instrumental in shaping my career path and helped me become a part of a winning team. It has not only widened my horizon, but also inculcated in me qualities to stay competitive in the business arena. ” Utpal Choudhury (Batch 2007-09) Deloitte BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 21 11/9/2009 12:22:36 PM Recruiterspeak Recruiters from reputed organisations in the manufacturing / pharma / financial / FMCG / trading domains, etc. have opined that students of BIFT’s MPIB course are talented, have abundant potential skills, are knowledge-endowed and have acquitted themselves very well at work. “The BIFT students recruited by us have shown great talent and potential, and have made a significant positive contribution to our organization. We look forward to a continuous association with BIFT. ” VP and Head – HR Kotak Securities “I have been very impressed with the work ethic, knowledge, commitment and professional standards displayed by the students of BIFT. I am confident that they will turn out to be good Managers and Business Leaders, and win laurels for their alma mater. Regional Head Citifinancial Consumer Finance India “Barada Kanta Mohanty, who has been in the services of ICICI Lombard General Insurance since February 2006, is a very hardworking and target-oriented person who believes in good performance and excellent results. I believe that these qualities have been inculcated in him through the good training and knowledge that were imparted by Badruka Institute of Foreign Trade. ” Area Sales Manager ICICI Lombard General Insurance “The BIFTians who have joined us over the last few years have shown their skills as ‘Budding Managers’. I thank BIFT for its vision and ideal of promoting true ‘corporate citizens’.

BIFT is bound to grow from strength to strength and become a centre for academic excellence. ” Advisor – Sales & Marketing Hindustan Pencils “I think that BIFT has done up to their optimum level, the result of which I see in the performance of the Institute’s alumni at work. ” RMAG – Credit and Operations Group ICICI Bank BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 22 22 pages –23 11/9/2009 12:23:37 PM Our past recruiters Having undergone a cutting-edge curriculum in the two-year MPIB course, and thus having knowledge of global business management in their grasp, BIFT students have earned placements amongst some of the best organisations, a few of which are listed below:

ABN Amro Bank Asian Paints Axis Bank Bank of America Citibank Citifinancial Coca Cola India Dell Computers Deloitte & Touche e-Serve International Federation of Indian Exporters’ Organisations (FIEO) Future First / Future Money Glaxo Smithkline Hindustan Pencils HDFC Bank HSBC Bank ICICI Lombord ICICI Bank India Bulls Ivy Comptech Kombench Kotak Mahindra Bank Kotak Securities Mahindra & Mahindra Mahindra Finance Motilal Oswal Securities Polaris Reliance Capital SabMiller Standard Chartered Bank Tata Chemicals Tata Motors Times Group Visa Facilitation Services Wipro Zensar Technologies Ltd. BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 23 11/9/2009 12:23:47 PM Batch Profile BIFT students come from diverse backgrounds such as Engineering, Agriculture, IT, Tourism, Science, Commerce and Arts. This offers a broader outlook to different views and ideas, and provides a thought-provoking atmosphere for tackling situations only after considering all possible alternatives. Area of Specialisation Educational Background

Fin & Mkt Mkt & Fin Mkt & HR Summer Internship Placements Summer internship is an integral part of MPIB curriculum in which the students undergo training for a period of two months in various reputed corporate houses of India spanning across pharma, insurance, financial services, trading, etc. The summer internships are excellent opportunities for students to gain first-hand industry knowledge and to validate the classroom learning. Given below is a list of some industries that have provided summer internship to our students. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • AC Nielsen ACC Cements Allcargo Global Logistics Amul Apna Commodities Trading Co.

APSFC Aurobindo Pharma Bajaj Allianz Bajaj Auto Bhavishya Advisory Comtrade (India) Pvt Ltd BHEL Big Bazaar Birla Sun Life Insurance Chennai Petrochemical Corporation Ltd Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd Electrolux Essar Global Logistics GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Health Care Ltd • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Glosel Godrej Google. com Havell’s India Ltd HDFC Heritage Foods Hermis Travel and Cargo Hero Honda Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd ICICI Bank IL&FS Indiabulls Inter Connected Stock Exchange of India Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj Property Consultants Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd Kombench Financial Services Lupin Pharmaceuticals MCX • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Monster. com MUDRA Advertising Agency Nagarjuna Agrichem & Fertilizers Ltd.

NALCO National Academy of Telecom Finance & Management Paradip Port Trust Pfizer Prabhat Udyog Priya Foods Religare Standard Chartered Bank State Bank of Hyderabad State Bank of India Tata Consultancy Services Tata International TVS Motors UTI Asset Management Services West Pharmaceutical Services BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 24 24 pages –25 11/9/2009 12:24:08 PM MPIB Course Structure DISCIPLINE GROUP COMPULSORY COURSES Economics & Trade Policy Business (Micro) Economics Macro Economics International Economics WTO and International Policies Regional Trade Blocks Agri-Commodity Trading Marketing Management International Marketing Management International Marketing Research Business Research Methods Advance Research Methodology ELECTIVES Trips Cross-Cultural Management Market Access Issues Marketing

Consumer Behaviour Marketing of Services Advtg & Promotion Management International Brand Management Marketing Strategy Rural Marketing Retail Management Retail & Distribution Management Investment Banking Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Management of International Finance Commodity Trading & Price Risk Mgmt Derivatives and Risk Management Project Appraisal & Finance Understanding Currencies and International Financial Markets / Instruments Global Financial & Banking Management Fixed Income & Security Analysis Any one of the following foreign languages / courses for which are being offered during the IV, V and VI Trimesters: • Business French • Business German • Business Spanish • Business Japanese (being commenced) • Business Chinese (being commenced) Bridge Courses (Non-Credit Courses): • Mathematical Review • Yoga • Introduction to Computers Summer Internship (3 credits) • At the end of first year the students undergo summer internship in various reputed corporate houses. • At the end of the two-month internship, a dual evaluation is carried out both by the company and the Institute.

Participation in any two Seminars • Regional Specialisation • Agri Business • Personnel Management • Entrepreneurship •International Accounting Practices • Any others in any business Management domain Research Project (6 credits) In the final trimester of the course, every student does a Research Project under the guidance of a faculty member. These Research Projects are done in the respective fields of specialisation of the students. They give the students an opportunity to showcase their talents and put into practice the knowledge acquired in their areas of specialisation. Finance Management Accounting Financial Management International Financial Management QM, OR & SCM

Business Statistics Quantitative Methods for Decision Making Production & Operations Management Supply Chain Management Sectoral Strategies for Exporters International Business Law International Trade Operations & Documentation International Trade Logistics (Shipping & Transport) Supply Chain Management Global Sourcing & Business Development Business Communication Organization Behaviour Human Resource Management Principles of Management Business Strategy Competency Mapping Performance Management Managing Multinational Corporations Competitive Strategies International Business Negotiations International Business Strategy International Business Ethics Managing Software Exports Business Intelligence Knowledge Management Business Process Modelling ITO & Logistics General Management & Strategy E-Business & Technology Management Management Information Systems E-Business & E-Commerce IT Services Management Only the curious will learn and only the resolute will overcome the obstacles to learning. The quest quotient has always excited me more than the intelligence quotient. ” Edmund Wilson BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 25 11/9/2009 12:24:34 PM Quick Index of Students Sl. No. Name of the Student Qualification BBM B. Com. B. Sc. B. Com. (Hons) B. Com. B. Com. B. Tech. (EEE) BA (English) B. Tech. (ECE) B. Tech. (CSE) B. Tech. (ECE) B. Tech. B. Com. BHM B. Sc. B-Tech. (ECE) B. Com. B. Tech. (ECE) B. Tech. (Civil) B. Tech. BE (Mech) B. Tech. B. Tech. B. Com. (Computers) B. Tech. B. Sc. BA (Economics) B. Com. B. Com. B. Tech. (EEE) B. Tech. EEE) BA Specialisation Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Page No. 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 44 31 32 32 32 44 32 44 44 32 32 44 32 44 32 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 34 44 1 Aadarsa P 2 Abhijeet Bhasker 3 Alekya Dadi 4 Akshat Khetawat 5 Aditi Kulshreshtha 6 Aniketh Ramname 7 Annaldas Shiva Ramakrishana 8 Anup Thomas J 9 Aparna Thakur 10 Aravind PS 11 Arun T 12 Arup Jyothi K 13 Avva Mahathi 14 Bodasingi Sudhakar 15 Bontha Mallikarjun Reddy 16 Calvin Samuel 17 Chakshu Kakkar 18 Challa Manasa Reddy 19 Chennu Sujit Mohan 20 Darisi Praneeth Kumar 21 Daniel Shubhakar Sama 22 Govinda Rao D. 3 Deborshi Adhikary 24 Deeksha Reddy A 25 Deepak Singh Farthyal 26 Dhanujaya Reddy G 27 Dharmendra Kumar Singh 28 Dipika Bhansali 29 Durga Bhavani K 30 Jigeesha CL 31 Harinath Reddy M 32 Harika N BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 26 26 pages –27 11/9/2009 12:24:42 PM Quick Index of Students Sl. No. Name of the Student Qualification BE (CSE) B. Tech. (ECE) B. Com. (Foreign Trade) B. Tech. (IT) B. Sc. B. Sc. B. Sc. B. Com. B. Sc. BE (ECE) B. Com. , LLB BBM B. Tech. B. Sc. , PGDM (Comp) B. Tech. (EEE) BMS B. Com. , MA (English) B. Com. B. Com. B. Sc. B. Tech. (EIE) B. Sc. B. Tech. (E. T. M. ) BA B. Com. B. Tech. B. Tech. B. Com. B. Tech. (CSE) B. Com. , M. Com. B.

Com. B. Sc. Specialisation Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Page No. 4 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 35 45 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 36 36 36 36 45 36 45 36 36 36 37 45 37 37 37 33 Harsha Vardhan Reddy K 34 Harishith D 35 Imtiyaz S 36 Indira Priyadarshini A 37 Izahar Basha 38 Janardhan Reddy A 39 Jaya Krishna P 40 Kilaru Deepti 41 Jyothsna Ganji 42 John Malcolm Manuel 43 Kalyan Kumar TVS 44 Karthik Amara 45 Karthik N 46 Kavita K 47 Kavya G 48 Khosla Devershi Girish 49 Pallavi N 50 Kiran Kumar T 51 Krishna Chaitanya V 52 Krishna Mohan A 53 Krishna Sumanth Pavani 54 Karthik Reddy M 55 Leena Deepika S 56 Manas Kumar Das 57 Madhavi Latha Maganti 58 Madupu Sreelalita Suparna 59 Mahesh Kattekola 60 Manish M 61 Mounika Edara 62 Manjul Mohan Patel 63 Manoj Kumar Jain B 64 Mateti Prashanth Kumar BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 27 11/9/2009 12:24:50 PM Quick Index of Students Sl. No. Name of the Student Qualification B. Sc. B. Com. (Honors), CFA(Pursuing) B. Tech. B. Com. B. Com. B. Sc. B. Com. (Computers) B. Tech. (EIE) B. Com. B. Tech. B. Sc. B. Tech. (ECE) B. Com. B. Tech. B. Com. B. Tech. B. Sc. B. Sc. B. Sc. B. Tech. B. Tech. B. Com. B. Tech. B. Com. B. Tech. (CHE) B. Sc. (Microbiology) BHM B. Sc. (Lifesciences) BE B. Sc. B. Sc. B. Tech. ECE) Specialisation Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Page No. 37 37 37 37 38 38 38 38 38 45 45 46 47 38 38 46 45 38 39 39 39 39 46 46 39 45 46 46 46 46 47 39 65 Mohd Mehdi Ali Khan 66 Naalla Naresh 67 Nagarjuna Rao M 68 Seeram Amrutha 69 Pankaj Jain 70 Pavan Kumar S 71 Pooja Vemavarapu 72 Praneeta Rao 73 Prasad Sabniveesu JV 74 Pothula Chandra Sekhar 75 Phanindra Kumar R 76 Priyanka M. 7 Priti Bajoria 78 Pratyusha P 79 Puneet Dubey 80 Sandeep Mellam 81 Suman Ghose 82 Raghurami Reddy K 83 Rakesh Kumar 84 Ravi Kiran Reddy G 85 Ravi Teja Ressu 86 Rishabh Harbhajanka 87 Rajesh Kasimsetty 88 Ramarjun M. 89 Sai Aparna D 90 Sairem Lembi Chanu 91 Satish Tumpala 92 Shrey Kumar Varma 93 Shyam Nath G. S 94 Sreekanth K 95 Sumiya Begum M 96 Sai Krishna I BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 28 28 pages –29 11/9/2009 12:24:51 PM Quick Index of Students Sl. No. Name of the Student Qualification BE (EEE) B. Tech (CSE) B. Com. BE B. Com. B. Sc. B. Sc. B. Tech. B. Com. B. Com. B. Com. B. Sc. B. Sc. B. Sc. BBA B. Tech. B. Com. B. Sc. B. Com. B. Sc. B. Sc. B. Com. B. Sc. BA B. Com. B. Tech. (EEE) B. Com. (Comp) B. Tech. (Mech) B. Com. B. Com. Foreign Trade) Specialisation Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & HR Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Marketing & Finance Page No. 39 39 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 42 42 42 42 42 47 42 42 42 43 43 43 97 Suhasini Ch 98 Pramila Rani M. 9 Sesha Tejaswi Mirtya 100 Shailaja G 101 Sharadh Jhawar 102 Shashikanth S 103 Shehanaz P 104 Shiva Prasad G 105 Shweta Goel 106 Sonia Ranade 107 Sravan Kumar L 108 Sree Priya S 109 Sri Chandana M 110 Srikanth Kasthala 111 Srikanth V 112 Srinivas G 113 Vishnu Tej K 114 Yeluri Ramesh 115 Suryasnata Sahoo 116 Swarnalatha P 117 Swati Gandhi 118 Syed Aman Shakir 119 Thota Krishnaveni 120 Vani Tripathi 121 Veerabhadraiah G 122 Venkata Satya Prasad G 123 Venugopal N 124 Vinay Choudhary C 125 Vindhya R 126 Waichale Amit Bharat BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 29 11/9/2009 12:24:53 PM Students’ The MPIB Class of 2008-10 NTU Batch Non NTU Batch (without overseas study module) BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 30 30 pages –31 11/9/2009 12:24:54 PM Profiles M arketing & Finance Aadarsa P DOB Quali Project With : : : : 12-11-1987 BBM Market Reasearch Amul India Aditi Kulshreshtha DOB Quali Project With : : : : 25-11-1987 B. Sc.

Market Research Baja Allianz Life Insurance Corporation Abhijeet Bhasker DOB Quali Project With : 15-05-1987 : B. Com. : First Citizen Customer Retention : Shopper’s Stop, Begumpet, Hyderabad Aniketh Ramname DOB Quali Project With : : : : 07-12-1987 B. Com. Risk Management at APSFC Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation Alekya Dadi DOB Quali Project With : 29-03-1987 : B. Sc. : Operations Research and Market Research : Aurobindo Pharma Limited Annaldas Shiva Ramakrishana DOB Quali Project With : 27-07-1987 : B. Tech. (EEE) : Export Management and Banking System : SBH, Gunfoundry, Hyderabad Akshat Khetawat DOB Quali Project : 28-11-1987 : B. Com. Hons) : Market Reseacrh Data Analysis Strategy and Business Plan Formulation : Glosel Ltd. , Singapore Aparna Thakur DOB Quali Project With : : : : 11-08-1986 B. Tech. (ECE) Finance (Mutual Funds) Sharekhan Ltd. , Hyderabad With BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 31 11/9/2009 12:25:33 PM Students’ M arketing & Finance Aravind PS DOB Quali Project With : : : : 23-12-1985 B. Tech. (CSE) Commodity Trading India Bulls Securities Ltd. Chakshu Kakkar DOB Quali Project With : 14-11-1987 : B. Com. : Derivatives – Futures and Options : ISE Ltd. , Hyderabad Arun T DOB Quali Project With : : : : 22-12-1984 B. Tech. (ECE) Mutual Funds India Bulls Securities Ltd. Challa Manasa Reddy DOB Quali Project : 09-04-1986 : B. Tech. ECE) : Consumer Research and Space Selling With : Big Bazaar, Hyderabad Experience : Wipro (6 months) Arup Jyothi K DOB Quali Project With : : : : 10-06-1987 B. Tech. HNIs with Distribution Channel ICICI Bank, Hyderabad Darisi Praneeth Kumar DOB Quali Project With : 07-05-1986 : B. Tech. : Cash Flow and Expense Management : Viswas Business Synergies Ltd. Bodasingi Sudhakar DOB Quali Project With : : : : 07-05-1982 BHM Precious Metal Exports MMTC Ltd. , Visakhapatnam Govinda Rao D. DOB Quali Project With : : : : 02-08-1987 B. Tech. A Study on Ratio Analysis APCPDCL BIFT Placement Brochure (08-10) FINAL. indd 32 32 pages –33 11/9/2009 12:25:45 PM Profiles

M arketing & Finance Deborshi Adhikary DOB Quali Project With : 24-07-1984 : B. Tech. : Every Dealer Survey and Analysis : Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, Hyderabad Dharmendra Kumar Singh DOB Quali Project With : 11-03-1983 : BA (Economics) : Trade (System Integration and Logistics) : Usha Martin Ltd. , Ranchi Deeksha Reddy A DOB Quali Project With : 01-08-1988 : B. Com. (Computers) : Market Research on Customer Satisfaction : Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. , Hyderabad Dipika Bhansali DOB Quali Project : 16-09-1981 : B. Com. : Finance (Investment Appraisal System) With : Dr. Reddy’s Laboratoties Ltd. Experience : HR (9 months), Air Information Tech Pvt.

Ltd. Deepak Singh Farthyal DOB Quali Project With : : : : 23-05-1985 B. Tech. Import of Coking Coal HBL (Hyderabad) and VPT (Visakhapatnam) Durga Bhavani K DOB Quali Project With : : : : 22-10-1988 B. Com. Analysis of Forex Sharekhan Ltd. , Hyderabad Dhanujaya Reddy G DOB Quali Proj


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