Trip to Dubai Essay

Mr. Loudin CPT-101 July 28, 2010 My Trip to Dubai Our first day of the trip consisted making sure we had everything we needed packed in our luggage. We arrived at the Greenville Spartanburg International Airport at nine-thirty, about an hour and a half prior to our plane taking off. When we did finally depart from GSP airport we took a two hour ride to Newark, from there we got on another plane and went to Frankfurt am Main changing planes once again and finally arriving at our destination Dubai. Expedia, 2010) The currency in Dubai was different from U. S. currency one U. S. dollar is equal to 3. 67AED or dirhams in Dubai money. When we arrived in Dubai we took a shuttle bus to pick up our rental car. We had reserved a 2010 Audi A6 because it was the most economical choice for our trip. We drove from there to the hotel the Burj Al Arab arriving at around Eleven-thirty. We went up to or room unpacked and got settled in for about two hours before leaving for our first event of the day, Aquaventure Water Park. Expedia, 2010) We stayed there for about five or so hours before returning to the hotel. On day two of our trip we woke up at eight o’ clock and went down to the aquarium dining room and had breakfast. After eating we left to meet our guide and captain for our Palm Cruise. (South Travels , 2010) The cruise was great it took us all around the man made palm islands, and included an afternoon lunch. When we got done with the cruise we returned back to the hotel.

We spent hours in just our hotel looking around at all of the amazing architecture that went in to building the hotel, not to mention the huge indoor aquarium with exotic fish and other sea life from all over the world. After exploring for a while we went up to our room and went to bed . On day three we woke up and went to the hotel pool for a little while before leaving for the Burj Experience which was a seaplane tour that took us to see the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa, the Burj Al Arab and the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa. Asia Travel Tips, 2010). The seaplane tour was amazing but as soon as it was over we were headed off to our Nighttime Panoramic Tour of Dubai, which was a double-decker bus tour through the city of Dubai. The tour showed you all of Dubai’s main attractions as well as the terrific nighttime lights throughout the city. When the tour was over we went back to our hotel to sleep. On day four we had to wake up early because we had to be at the airport at six-thirty to catch our seven-thirty flight out of Dubai heading to Munich.

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When we got to Munich we got on another plane headed to Newark where we caught our final plane to Greenville Spartanburg International Airport. The trip was amazing and the experience of a lifetime so I encourage you to take a trip similar to this one if you ever get a chance. ? Works Cited Expedia http://www. expedia. com/pub/agent. dll? qsfr=cmfd&itid=&itdx=&itty=&ecid= Car Rentals http://www. carrentals. net/carstp2. php? country=2&area=55&company=27 Asia Travel Tips http://www. asiatraveltips. com/ South Travels http://www. southtravels. com/


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