Truth behind Equality Essay

Peter Singer is an Australian Philosopher and a utilitarianism who actively advocates the animate being rights and equality between species. He presented his statements sing his strong beliefs on his articles such as “All Animals are Equal” . “Famine. Affluence and Morality” and “Humans are Sentient Too. ” These articles. though have different points. were interrelated. and in one point. connected to each other. These articles merely advocated carnal moralss and equality. In his article. “Famine. Affluence and Morality” . Singer presented his impressions sing morality in relevancy to famine and richness.

His first impression in his article was that decease caused by scarceness of basic necessities in life such as nutrient. shelter and medical specialty was bad. Singer used the state of affairs in Bengal on 1971 as an illustration. wherein poorness. famishment and civil war resulted to enduring and decease of people of East Bengal. In his 2nd impression. he suggested that if we were able to forestall such bad things to go on so we were required to make everything we could make to halt that without the disbursal of making anything comparably bad.

He besides believed that richness states such as Great Britain and Australia. who had all the capablenesss to supply aid. should assist first the people of Bengal. regardless of how it is from them. alternatively of giving attendings to less important things. Furthermore. he believed that it was the government’s duties to supply aid so as the persons. This idea made up his 3rd impression. In his 4th impression. he believed that those who could supply assistance should give maximally since non all people were able to lend.

Furthermore. he suggested that people should alter their mentality sing charity. It was in our moral norm that charity was non mandatory- it is alright if you do hold something to offer but it is besides alright if you do non hold. However. Singer suggested that it was against the moral norm non to give. Singer. made people blamable by this idea. Singer might acquire his positions sing his moral construct on Marxism wherein persons were concerned on developing the human race. However. we are populating in the existent universe where worlds are excessively avaricious and egoistic to give and to believe of others.

Furthermore. on the economic point of position. it is non economically practical to accept the thoughts of Singer since supplying aid to other states is merely a impermanent solution in the instance of East Bengal. In decision to Singer’s article “Famine. Affluence and Morality” . it is everyone’s moral duty to give aid to person who is severely in demand or in the close decease. He believed that it was deserving giving the things that are less important than the life of people. In this instance. Singer’s claim with respect to his first article is related to his other article entitled “All Animals are Equal” .

In this article. he foremost introduced the non-dying issue refering sexism. He mentioned that all worlds were non equal in any facet. but we still believe that work forces and adult females were merely morally similar and adult females deserved to be recognized as work forces did. Women deserved to hold equality with work forces. In this instance. since work forces and adult females were merely portion of the same species. Singer claimed that it was besides possible to widen the same acknowledgment to other species- the 1s we called animate beings. Singer besides pointed out the instance of racism. which was besides an deathless issue in about all parts of the universe.

White persons were claiming that they were superior to inkinesss ; nevertheless we all know that it was non true. Some of the inkinesss were superior to Whites and had some capacities that Whites do non hold. A person’s colour was non a justifiable footing to cognize his abilities. It was non right to know apart other people merely because he was black and as a human being he deserved the same interventions and rights merely like the other people. However. it was besides undeniably right that worlds and animate beings had so many differences and these differences might take to different rights and considerations.

Singer believed that these differences were non an alibi non to give animate beings the rights that they deserved. Humankind must recognize that equality among worlds was non merely a factual possibility but besides a moral ideal. Singer besides suggested that the ideal of equality among worlds was all about on how we ought to handle worlds. Moral equality was extremely dependent on the nature of the persons. either human or non-human. Sing all those facets with respect to moral ideals. assorted positions on speciesism had come up to Singer.

He described speciesism as an act or attitude which favors the involvement of 1s ain species to take precedence over the other species. It was non the physical and mental facets of animate beings that were in inquiry with respect of equality. but it was their emotional facet that was taken into consideration. Humans let the animate beings to endure merely to fulfill our demands. though we decidedly knew that there were other agencies of fulfilling our nutritionary demands. As human existences. we all knew that we were guilty of making such things.

Singer noted in his article that worlds were all speciesists and we were all morally incorrect for being such since worlds allowed the agonies of other species to go on in our ain custodies. Singer besides pointed out that our society allowed raising and violent death of animate animate beings merely to provide the demands of people for meats. Singer noted that the act of rise uping and killing animate animate beings was an obvious grounds of giving other species enduring though we knew that we could halt that to go on therefore doing us digest something bad to go on and at the same clip doing us morally incorrect.

Singer suggested that it was our moral duty to halt practicing this method since it merely catered satisfaction to our tummy and hungering to eat meat. Likewise. Singer suggested that we should halt killing other species since they have feelings too- they besides get hurt and experience hurting and bask the pleasance of life. He besides noted that it would provide no good to us since eating excessively much meat was bad for our wellness and it was the otherwise if we eat less or no meat at all.

Furthermore. he noted that it was non environmentally sound and inefficient to continuously raise animate beings for meat production since it was a really uneconomical procedure. Singer imparted in his article that it was merely every bit immoral to execute experiments on non-humans and to eat their species. Singer did non happen any difference between the two aside from the fact that there would be more important result that could acquire in experimenting animate beings. Experiments on animate beings might ensue to extra apprehension and cognition every bit good as remedies to diseases.

However. Singer did non take it as an alibi and it was non justifiable to go on carry oning experiments on animate beings. He noted that these experiments were merely repeat and proof of old experiments. Singer believed that people behind these experiments on animate beings were merely making the experiments for their ain good and nil else. However. Singer pointed out that if we were carry oning experiments on animate beings. why we were non making it besides on worlds. Experiments conducted merely on animate beings were merely merely know aparting their species since they could experience pain as any human.

Animals should gain the same regard as we. worlds. earn. Another signifier of speciesism aside from eating carnal flesh and experimenting carnal organic structures for the promotion of scientific discipline was determined by Singer as speciesism in modern doctrine. Singer noted that doctrine ought to show enquiries on the things that most people took for granted. However. philosophers at this age failed to question about the moral rights of sentient animate beings. Most philosophers presented the differences between human being and animate beings doing it impossible to raise equality between the two species.

They besides presented equality in footings of human equality. and as the term suggested. non-humans though considered sentient. were disregarded when they mentioned or talked about equality. Singer assumed that the philosophers were know aparting the animate beings. since they did non exercise any attempt in conveying out the issue sing equality between species. The other essay of Singer entitled “Human are Sentient Too” . besides tackled the privilege of animate beings as a life animal to have the consideration and rights that they ought to hold.

Singer mentioned once more the term “speciesism” in this essay and claimed for the following clip that all species were equal. He believed that the scientific discipline universe. particularly the carnal research was being unethical to the sentient animate beings. Singer noted that these research workers believed that animate beings were inferior to us merely served as a tool that they could utilize to carry on researches and experimentation for the promotion of scientific discipline. However. the carnal release motion. particularly Singer. did non accept their belief and considered them as immoral for allowing the sentient animate beings to endure and experience hurting.

Furthermore. he believed that these research workers were go againsting the foundation of their cognition and belief. The Theory of Evolution. The said theory entailed that we all existed in the planet due to unplanned development and all beings existed were merely equal ; hence worlds were non supposed to rule the universe. Sing the rule on the work of Jeremy Bentham. Singer came to believe that it was possible to carry on experiments on animate beings and at the same clip non doing them any hurting or agony.

However. the scientific discipline universe still believed that we. worlds. were superior and we were allowed of rule over other species. And as a consequence. carnal release motions were actively and continuously carry oning presentations to demo the society the inequality that they refused to see. However. Singer believed that the authorities and the scientific discipline universe. specifically the research establishment were more responsible in doing alterations on the manner the researches conduct experiments- researches and experiments without doing force on non-humans and forestalling them to endure and experience hurting.

In relation to the experiments being conduced on animate beings. there is another sort of engineering that research workers invented in the mid-1970s that does non merely affect works species but besides carnal species. The new engineering involves pull stringsing the familial stuff of a species to modify the trait of that species and for it to hold the desired trait. Research workers believed that modifying the trait of a certain species is the solution to some of the world’s job such as famishment due to insufficient nutrient supply. untreatable diseases and expensive medical specialties.

The protagonists of familial technology claimed that it is merely like engendering a certain species. They besides claimed that it is non unethical since nature itself did it through development. Evidence to the benefits of familial technology to our lives has long been reported. Genetically modified beings are reported to work out the jobs on assorted Fieldss such as in medical specialty. agribusiness. humanity and ecology. Genetic technology has made dramatic advancement on the said Fieldss. Conversely. there are assorted groups that object familial technology.

Religious critics. for an case. believed that familial technology is against the legislative act and will of God. Furthermore. they believed that life is so sacred that worlds do non hold the right to change what the Godhead has given us. Other groups who object modifying the familial codification of species claimed that it is the self-respect of the species to be modified that is at interest. It is non the right of anyone to go against the self-respect non merely of human sort but besides of other life-forms.

Meanwhile. critics of familial technology claim that it is insecure and unethical to bring forth genetically modified harvests since it may endanger the environment and the safety of human sort. Changing the familial manner of beings may take to change of the balance in nature and may consecutive ensue to more serious job. The universe of scientific discipline has non yet discovered the harmful effects of genetically modified being hence it is excessively hazardous to depend so much on familial technology and cover ourselves with these “manufactured” beings.

When genetically modified beings are released to the environment and in bend proven insecure it will be impossible to remember these “manufactured” beings. The society may let the release of these beings until we are guaranteed that it is safe and may non convey any jeopardy on our environment and our ain wellness. Sing all the thoughts and positions of Singer on animate being rights and equality and the facts sing familial technology. though some are well absurd. it can be said that it is morally incorrect to genetically modify non-humans or what we commonly call animate beings.

It is beyond our ethical belief to change what the Godhead has given us. Other species such as works and animate being besides have awareness. capacities. uneasiness and value. Sentient animate beings are non made for the interest of humanity ; they exist in the planet for their ain purpose- to populate and bask the pleasance of life. Thus. worlds are non licensed to take the universe and shall non bear in our heads that we are superior to the other life-forms.

Worlds are supposed to esteem the being of other species and give the consideration that these species shall gain from us otherwise ; we do non merit the rights and consideration that we are gaining today. Humans enjoy the pleasance of life in this universe and other life-forms might every bit good see that pleasance of life. Humans. though given much more of the capablenesss and cognition that the other species failed to hold. make non hold sufficient right to rule the universe and do whatever they want to make to the other life-forms.

As worlds. given the chance to hold higher module and uneasiness. we are committed to take good attention and continue the universe. every bit much as we could. every bit good as the other life-forms life in it. It is non that hard for us to give the other life-forms the equality that we refuse to give them. All we need to make is to open eyes so we could hold a clear mentality on the present state of affairs of the sentient animate beings in our society today.

In bend. we will recognize and larn that their existent function in this planet is non merely to supply us sufficient nutritionary demands and a “tool” for research and but besides to populate and gain the regard and right that they have failed to gain from the really beginning.


Singer. P. 1972. Famine. Affluence. and Morality. Philosophy and Public Affairs. 1. 229-243. Singer. P. 2000. All Animals Are Equal. Contemporary Moral Problems. 490-499. Singer. P. 2004. “Humans Are Sentient Too. ” The Guardian.


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