Tthe Great Ones Essay

Dehumanization and torture, two simple words to ruin the lives of many people. Some people chose this for evil, Hitler, for instance, an intelligent young man and very powerful man, used different tragedies to take control over all Jewish people. He used concentration camps, one of his biggest and most successful camps. Night by Elie Wiesel, Tattoo and Shearing and System of Death both by Michael Berenbaum will define all the ways Jews were tortured and killed.

One of the survivors and author of his own personal life Elie Wiesel was a victim of the Holocaust. Elie witnessed his own father get beaten and tortured in front of him, yet he stayed still and felt crushed inside” my son, they are beating me! ” “ who? ” I thought he was delirious. ” Him, the Frenchman, and the Pole, they beat me. ” One more stab to the heart, one more reason to hate. One less reason to live. ” This explains Elie’s hate to everything and the guilt of not being able to do anything to help.

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He loved his dad, and never lost faith in him, but his father was too weak, sick, and worn out to survive, so Elie stopped helping. Elie had been torn after seeing his father old, weak, pale, and sick. Jews were forced to be given tattoos, numbers to be given and printed on their arm’s. ” as you stretched out your arm, they gave you a number” “ Do you know what this number ‘s all about? ” I said, “No sir. ” “Okay, let me tell you now. You are being dehumanized. The facts that show how cruel and crazy naming human people by numbers go beyond human limits. This horrifying mark seemed to make these people feel like animals, outsiders, and inhuman. The tattooing seemed to make everyone consider the fact that they are in hell and that they were no longer free and were set to be prisoners of this twisted up world. The System of Death for itself, was what seems to be what it is. This system killed people who were unhealthy, handicap, and not well to work. “Form fives! “ Wiesel heard, as a selection began to determine who would go to the gas chambers. ” “ Next, those unable to walk were culled out and shot so that foot traffic on paths to the gas chamber could not move more rapidly. ” This can determine how Nazis were able to kill so many Jews, and how innocent lives were taken forever. Not only did the System of Death work, but it killed so many innocent and maybe caring people who had a life to live at home. Killing people out of rage and guilt was beyond cruel and inhuman, but horrifying.

Every single one of these things I shared today shows the ways people were treated for wrong skin color, hair color, eye color, and religion. The Holocaust was one of the most terrifying and worst place for someone to be involved in. Even the survivors were still placed in the mindset of them not being free, no trust for anyone, and life was no longer necessary. Although some managed to open up, like Elie Wiesel and share cruel moments of the past. Now racism and documentation has lowered in huge percent, now we can say we are free, for now. Recendez, Pascual Per. 6 Essay


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