Tuan Si Phu: Phu Time

Tuan Si Phu, or otherwise known as Mr Phu to some people, is a teacher of mathematics at St Patrick. Known for his high spirits and amusing personality. Even though he is a maths teacher he merely cared for one particular aspect of maths, multiplication. Mr Phu can be easily distinguished from crowd, just look for a macho style walk with a pair of colossal round glasses. But if your eyesight is as bad as his he can be further recognised with his theoretical ‘rippling muscles’ and the shirts he shows them off with. But if you cant see past his muscles, his macho, Kung Phu style belt will really get your eyes oing.

As touched in before, Mr Phu is a keen believer in the art of multiplication. Multiplication was the God of mathematics. “Ok kids, today we are going to learn how to multiply”, this was a phrase that would crack us up laughing from time to time. Mr Phu had a slab of rules just waiting to be broken. I believed that he hadn’t shared them all with us so I thought of one that would best describe him; Rule 1: I am always right; Rule 2: If I am wrong see Rule 1. Phus speech was something to laugh about on its own account. It wasn’t so much the phrases he said it was how he said them.

One of the remembered phrases said almost lesson was, “Keep your hands to yourself boys and concentrate on your maths”, if maths meant multiplication then we know exactly what it meant. Another classic involved Mr Phu and out first maths lesson. ” Hello boys, I’m Mr Phu”. This wasn’t the ideal start for the year with a warning for our childish behaviour towards his speech incapability’s. But after all that we are still cracking up laughing at moments even 2 years later. As mentioned before, Mr Phu is big on rules and regulations that you must abide by.

It was the strictness in some of them that led to the infringement of all of them. Such as the classic, “No talking while the teacher is talking”, rules like this just make you want to break them and see the end result in a fully aggravated multiplication teacher. These run ins with the rules didn’t benefit us in one way or another, just that it gave us additional time with Phu during lunch, which was a present in itself. It is just as the saying says ” Rules are meant to be broken”, I don’t think Mr Phu had ever heard this, which meant that we had sent the ost time with him than any other teacher in the entire year.

All in all, Mr Phu is a unique teacher and a unique experience is had with him as a teacher. Even though he can occasionally be on the nasty side its all part of the roller coaster ride with his ups and downs. Usually his humour and good spirit will make up for the spiteful bits. A schoolboys experience certainly wouldn’t reach its full prospective without having Mr Phu as a teacher, mainly a teacher of multiplication. Not so much for the teaching but for all the sides and extras that come with it.


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