Tuck Everlasting Essay

Tuck Everlasting Living forever! Wow, wouldn’t that be fun? Never dying or getting hurt or sick. You could see things people haven’t or won’t see but you will. There’s a movie like that called Tuck Everlasting. This movies genre is fantasy and romance. Tuck Everlasting is taken place in a small town called treegap. Treegap is an old fashion town with dirt roads and carriages pulled by horses. There are also saloons markets and other places like those. The wealthier people had old fashion cars with drapes over the windows. The main characters are Winnie Foster who runs away from her parents Mr. and Mrs. Foster to the woods.

There in the woods she meets Jessie. A boy her age with a huge family secret. As Jessie tells Winnie to go Jessie’s brother Myles comes and kidnaps Winnie thinking Jessie has told the family secret. Myles has brought Winnie to May and Angus. Jessie’s and Myles parents. These four characters are known as the Tucks. There is one more main character known as the man in the yellow suit. This man causes a lot of problems for both the Tucks and the Fosters. He tries to make money off of the Tucks secret and uses Winnie as a threat to the Tucks and wants big things from the Tuck in favor of finding Winnie after they send a search party out for her.

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This movie was great! I love all the romance in it and how the tucks spend every moment doing something and never wasting there time. Winnie doesn’t even know how long she stays with the Tucks because of this. Winnie and Jessie always have fun! It doesn’t matter if there swimming in a lake by a waterfall or climbing a pile of rocks to get to the top. Its always fun for them!! I would totally recommend this movie! It’s packed with excitement and romance.


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