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TVS COMPANY PROFILE: TVS Group is one of India’s oldest business groups. It is a giant conglomerate with presence in diverse fields like automotive component manufacturing, automotive dealerships and electronics. Today, there are over thirty companies in the TVS Group, employing more than 40,000 people worldwide and with a turnover in excess of USD 2. 2 billion. TVS Group originated as a transport company in 1911. TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited is the parent and holding company of the TVS Group. TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited has the following three divisions:

TVS and Sons: TVS and Sons is the largest automobile distribution company in India. It distributes Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles, Jeeps and Cars. TVS and Sons represents premier automotive companies like Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. , and Honda. The company is also one of the leading logistics solution providers and has set up state-of-the-art warehouses all over the country. TVS and Sons has also diversified into distributing a range of Garage equipments. Sundaram Motors: Sundaram Motors distributes Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles, Cars, and auto spare parts for several leading manufacturers.

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The company is also the dealer for Ashok Leyland, Honda, Fiat, Ford and Mercedes Benz. Madras Auto Service: Madras Auto Service distributes automotive spare parts for all leading manufacturers. Other major companies of TVS Group are: TVS – Motor Company Limited: TVS Motor Company Limited is one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in India. It manufactures Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooterettes and Scooters. Axles India Limited Axles India is promoted by Wheels India and Sundaram Finance, with technical support and equity participation from Dana Corporation, USA.

Incorporated in 1982, the company provides axles for the entire range of medium and heavy commercial vehicles, including Pressed Axle Housings, Drive Axle Housings, Trailer Axle Beams, Hub Reduction Axle Housings and Drive Heads. The company has a manufacturing capacity of 180,000 Pressed Axle Housings annually. | | Brakes India Limited Brakes India was founded in 1962 as a joint venture between TV Sundram Iyengar ; Sons and Lucas Industries, UK. The company manufactures braking equipment for automotive and non-automotive applications.

Besides exporting products to 35 countries worldwide, Brakes India caters to over 60% of the domestic OEM market. Some of its manufacturing sites have been assessed at ISO 14001, ISO 9002, TS 16949 and QS 9000. The foundry division has received the prestigious Deming prize and award for TPM excellence. Sales turnover for the year 2004-05 was Rs 9,720 million (US$ 221 million). www. brakesindia. com| | Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Limited Delphi-TVS is a joint venture between Delphi Corporation, USA and T. V. Sundaram Iyengar ; Sons, India.

The company manufactures Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment for Cars, Sports Utility and Multi Utility Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles, Tractors, Single ; Two Cylinder engines. Delphi-TVS believe that its success is based on the solid foundation of customer satisfaction, continuous innovation and total employee involvement. The company has a track record of sustained growth since it was set up. Delphi-TVS have obtained ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14000 certifications. The company has now won the JIPM TPM Excellence Award (first category).

To meet increasingly stringent emission norms, Delphi-TVS has upgraded its technology and introduced new products. Mechanical Rotary Technology has been upgraded to Electronic Rotary Technology and Delphi-TVS and has now introduced the state-of-the art-Common Rail Technology with full authority electronic controls. www. delphitvs. com| | Harita TVS Technologies Limited Formed in 2001, Harita TVS provides Engineering Design Services to customers across US, Europe and India. With core competencies in Automotive, Industrial Machinery and Energy ; Networking, it has become a preferred partner to many OEM and Tier-1 customers.

The company offers end-to-end solutions for next generation products with its Mechanical Design Services (MDS) ; Electronic Design Services (EDS). With a service portfolio covering the entire spectrum of a typical NPI (New Product Development) process, backed by strong engineering background of the TVS Group, Harita TVS has helped its customers reach their strategic business goals by reducing time-to-market and cutting costs. It provides project based solutions or full-product solutions based on customer requirements.

It has developed domain competency in Plastic, Sheet-metal and Casting technologies and has been able to apply its product design knowledge to provide value added services to customers across different verticals. Harita TVS is ISO 9001:2000 certified and has implemented ISO 27001. An excellent Customer Engagement Model ; Delivery System driven by Six-Sigma processes has helped Harita TVS maintain an impeccable track record of excellent and on-time delivery. A highly competent ; creative talent, managed by PCMM, helps keep pace with the growing needs of customers across different geographies in varied markets.

Apart from the state-of-the-art Engineering Center at Bangalore (India), Harita TVS also has presence in Michigan (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Chennai (India). www. haritatvs. com| | India Japan Lighting Private Limited India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in December 1996. It is a 50:50 joint venture between Lucas-TVS Limited, Chennai, and Koito Manufacturing Company Limited, Japan. The company manufactures headlamps, rear combination lamps and various other signal lamps for automotive applications. The headlamps and rear combination lamps are aerodynamically styled and represent the state-of-the-art technology.

The Company has introduced state-of-the-art clear plastic lens, multi-focal reflector headlamps with auto leveling mechanism and clear lens rear combination lamps. All products of IJL are designed to meet international levels of quality. IJL has all the infrastructure ; facilities required for in-house lamp design ; manufacturing. The company has a capacity of manufacturing over 2. 0 million lamps per annum. IJL is a ISO/TS – 16949 ; ISO – 14001 company. IJL sales turnover for the year 2005–06 was Rs. 1000 Million. (USD 23 Million).  | India Motor Parts and Accessories Limited India Motor Parts and Accessories Limited (IMPAL) was incorporated in 1954 to distribute automobile spare parts, accessories and garage equipment manufactured by General Motors, USA. Today, the company has a multi-business portfolio that includes the distribution of indigenously manufactured components. It markets automobile components manufactured by the TVS Group, as well as other leading automobile ancillary manufacturers. IMPAL’s turnover in 2004-05 was Rs 2,130 million (US$ 48 million). |  |

India Nippon Electricals Limited India Nippon Electricals limited was established in 1985 as a JV between Lucas Indian Service and Kokusan Denki Co. Limited, Japan. The company manufactures Electronic Ignition systems for two wheelers, three Wheelers and portable Gensets. Products for the future are designed and developed at its well equipped R;D Centre. The company has been accredited with ISO 14001 and is in the process of being assessed for TS16949 . Sales turnover for the year 2004-05 was Rs 1507 million. www. indianippon. com| | Irizar TVS Limited

Irizar TVS Limited is a joint venture between three equal partners, T V Sundram Iyengar ; Sons Limited, Ashok Leyland Limited and Irizar S. Coop. of Spain. Incorporated in 2001, this company builds bus bodies for domestic and overseas customers and fabricates bus body kits. With technology from Irizar S. Coop. , Spain, Irizar TVS has launched the Intercentury bus in the super luxury segment. The body design, features and quality all meet exacting European standards. Sales turnover for 2004-05 was Rs. 210 million (US$ 4. 8 million). |  | Lucas Indian Service Limited

Lucas Indian Service Limited (LIS) was established in 1930 and is a sales and service company for auto electrical and fuel injection equipment. LIS is a fully owned subsidiary of Lucas-TVS Limited and markets auto components for the replacement market. Its preventive service product, “Lucas Care”, is designed to deliver a problem-free driving experience. LIS has a country-wide network of 2000 authorised sales and service dealers. Its manufacturing facility at Chennai makes ignition coils and switches. Turnover for 2004-05 was Rs 1,350 million (US$ 31 million). |  | Lucas-TVS Limited

Lucas-TVS was established in 1961 as a joint venture between Lucas, UK and T V Sundram Iyengar ; Sons, to manufacture automotive electrical systems. Today, the company is a leader in the auto electrical field – 3 out of 4 vehicles in India are fitted with Lucas-TVS products. The company addresses segments across the auto industry, like passenger cars, jeeps, utility vehicles, light commercial vehicles, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles, industrial engines, earth movers, tractors and two / three wheelers. It also provides solutions for stationary and marine applications.

Lucas-TVS is a TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified company and has bagged the Deming application prize (2004) from the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). Turnover in 2004-05 was Rs 6,300 million (US$145 million). www. lucas-tvs. com| | Southern Roadways Limited Southern Roadways was founded in 1946 as a road transport and parcel service company. Today, it runs a parcel service with a fleet of more than 300 trucks and covers 60,000 kms a day through Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Pondicherry. |  | Sundaram Brake Linings Limited

Established in 1974, Sundaram Brake Linings (SBL) is a pioneer in the manufacture of asbestos-free friction material in India. Distinguished by its focus on cutting-edge technology, the company has a strong presence in the Indian OEM and aftermarket and exports to over 60 countries. SBL is a ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified company. It is the first friction material manufacturer in the world to win the coveted Deming Application Prize for Total Quality Management. SBL is successfully positioned to meet the growing need for friction materials for the automotive industry.

Sales turnover for 2004-05 was Rs 1,408 million (US$ 32 million). www. tvsbrakelinings. com| | Sundaram-Clayton Limited Sundaram-Clayton Limited (SCL) is a pioneering manufacturer of air brake systems. The market leader in this space, the company exports quality spare parts to over 15 countries. The SCL-Brakes division is the first Indian company to manufacture the next generation Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Anti-Spin Regulation (ASR), both of which have been developed with in-house design technology.

It is also the first company in India and the fourth company outside Japan, to win the prestigious Deming Award. The company’s Die-casting division has evolved from being a captive supplier to a full-service supplier of aluminium components to Indian and multinational companies. Both divisions – Brakes and Die-casting – have QS 9000 and ISO 14001 certifications. SCL’s turnover for 2004-05 was Rs. 5,360 million (US$ 122 million). www. sundaram-clayton. com| | Sundram Fasteners Limited Incorporated in1966, Sundram Fasteners Limited (SFL) is the largest manufacturer and exporter of high tensile fasteners in India.

SFL’s product range includes high tensile fasteners, powder metal parts, cold extruded parts, iron powder, radiator caps, gear shifters and automotive pumps / assemblies. Principal supplier of radiator caps to General Motors, USA, SFL has won the prestigious “Supplier of the Year” award from GM for five consecutive years. The automotive pumps and assemblies division is the principal supplier of rocker-level assemblies to Cummins, USA for ISX and ISM platforms. With facilities in Chennai, Madurai, Pondicherry, Hosur, Hyderabad and China, SFL was the first Indian company to get ISO 9000 certification.

Today, all its divisions are ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. Turnover for 2004-05 was Rs 10,370 million (US$ 235 million). www. sundram. com| | Incorporated in 1943, Sundaram Industries Limited (SIL) is a leading manufacturer of rubber products for automotive and industrial applications. It has also consolidated its edge in the field of tyre retreading. | Rubber division TVS Rubber, the rubber division of SIL, manufactures moulded rubber products for vehicle manufacturers, system manufacturers and other industries, including defence, electrical, electronic, mining, thermal and white goods.

TVS Rubber also serves the OEM and aftermarket in USA, Europe and other countries, on a JIT basis. It has a technical tie up with Bridgestone, Japan for the manufacture of Anti Vibration Mountings. It has achieved ISO / TS 16949: 2002 certification and received the TPM Excellence Award from JIPM, Japan in 2004. www. tvsrubber. com| | Tyre solution division Since its foray into retreading in 1943, SIL has been the market leader with a complete spectrum of tyre care solutions. It has acquired unique technology to recycle rubber waste from Levgum, Israel.

The company has won awards for the best retreads from the International Tire And Rubber Association, USA. |  | Sundaram Textiles Limited Sundaram Textiles was formed in 1960 to manufacture 100% cotton and synthetic yarn. It has two units: one in Tirunelveli District and another in Madurai. These units have 47000 spindles and 720 rotors. Currently, the company exports more than 50% of its production to countries in Europe, Middle East, Far East and South Asia. www. sundaramtextiles. com| | Turbo Energy Limited

Incorporated in 1982, Turbo Energy Limited (TEL) is a technical and financial joint venture between KKK Germany, (presently BorgWarner Turbo Systems–BWTS), Brakes India Limited and Sundaram Finance Limited. TEL manufactures turbochargers for internal combustion engines. Its state-of-the art manufacturing facility has the capacity to manufacture, test and assemble 350,000 turbochargers per annum. TEL is a QS 9000 certified company and is under certification for TS 16949 : 2002. The company’s exclusive R;D centre at Chennai has been recognised by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India since 1985. www. turboenergy. o. in| | TVS Automotive Europe Limited TVS Automotive Europe Limited is a joint venture between TV Sundram Iyengar ; Sons Limited and John Bruce UK Limited. The company is a single source for high quality automobile / engineering products for its OE / Tier 1 and 2 customers in UK and Europe. Products are sourced from QS / ISO certified suppliers located in India, China, Taiwan and Thailand. TVS Automotive Europe caters to the complete Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) needs of its customers by providing services like supplier identification, supplier audit, quality documentation and tailor-made logistics solutions.

A true end-to-end solutions provider, it has a marketing office in UK and ISO 9001:2000 certified sourcing and back offices in India. Apart from offering components across categories, the company also provides value added services, logistics support and warehouse facilities to its customers. |  | TVS Auto Parts Private Limited TVS Auto Parts is a 65:35 joint venture between TVS Lanka and Worldwide Trade Agencies of Sri Lanka. The company distributes spare parts across the island nation and is also an indentor of parts for Indian made vehicles operating in Sri Lanka. |  | ZF Electronics TVS (India) Private Limited

ZF Electronics TVS (India) Private Limited (Formerly TVS Cherry Private Limited) is a joint venture between TVS Group, India and ZF Electronics Corporation, USA (a group company of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany) to manufacture precision snap action switches, sensors and electromechanical assemblies in India. ZF Electronics TVS manufacturing facility located at Madurai is ISO 9001:2000 / ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified and is a UL approved site. ZF Electronics TVS manufactures Precision Snap Action / Rocker Switches, Sensors and Reed Relays to cater to automotive, consumer and Industrial markets.

ZF Electronics TVS also markets advance performance keyboards and key modules manufactured by ZF Electronics GmbH, Germany. ZF Electronics TVS offers its customers quality products and renders application design support. Switches manufactured by ZF Electronics TVS are used in various applications of following segments Consumer durables Automotive Computer products Industrial equipments Telecom equipments www. zftvs. com | | TVS CJ Components Limited TVS CJ Components sources high quality automobile / engineering products from TS / QS / ISO certified suppliers located in India, Turkey and Italy for OE / Tier 1 and 2 customers in UK.

It has a marketing office in UK and ISO 9001:2000 certified sourcing and back office operations in India. Customers include leading companies like CNH, Cummins, Perkins and Delphi. |  | TVS Electronics Limited TVS Electronics Limited (TVS-E) is a leading player in the information and communication technology market. Its mission is “Taking IT to the Heart of India”. TVS-E is organized into two business groups: Transaction automation products and solutions TVS-E leads the Indian dot matrix printer and mechanical keyboard markets, (40% and 52% share respectively).

This group also provides multi-platform solutions for front-end transaction processing to industries like retail, telecom, e- Governance and financial services. Electronic manufacturing services This group offers a wide spectrum of services to global customers, including product engineering and development, sourcing, contract manufacturing and customer support. With over 15 years of experience and a 350 strong supplier network, this division is focused on best practices in Total Quality Management, Business Planning and Human Resources Management. Turnover for 2004-05 was Rs 3,141 million (US$ 71. 4 million). www. tvs-e. in|

TVS GROUP -HISTORY TVS Group – 100 years young The TVS group has always been inspired by a century long mission and vision of its own destiny. it is not just a business but a way of doing business, which sets TVS apart from others. Back in 1911, to the founder of the company, the ordinary ambitions of a bus fleet operator or a vehicle servicing business would not suffice. Rather, he wanted to create an enduring business led by a family of like minded workers and managers united by a set of shared high principles. Driven by this inspiration, the TVS group has today emerged as India’s leading supplier of automotive components.

Today the TVS Group is the largest automotive component manufacturer in India, with annual turnover of more than USD 4 billion. The group has over 30 companies employing a work- force of 40,000 people. Underlying the success of the group is its philosophy of commitment to the cherished values of promoting trust, value and customer service. This was the personal philosophy of the Group’s Founder Shri T V Sundaram lyengar, and it remains the overarching code by which the Group functions. Market leadership and rewards of business have followed naturally. TVS Motor Company – Mission

We are committed to being a highly profitable, socially responsible, and leading manufacturer of high value for money, environmentally friendly, lifetime personal transportation products under the TVS brand, for customers predominantly in Asian markets and to provide fulfilment and prosperity for employees, dealers and suppliers. Vision Statement TVS Motor – Driven by the customer TVS Motor will be responsive to customer requirements consonant with its core competence and profitability. TVS Motor will provide total customer satisfaction by giving the customer the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

TVS Motor – The Industry Leader TVS Motor will be one among the top two two-wheeler manufacturers in India and one among the top five two-wheeler manufacturers in Asia. TVS Motor company Ltd (TVS Motor)- member of the TVS group is the largest company of the group in terms of size and turnover. TVS Motor – Global overview TVS Motor will have profitable operations overseas especially in Asian markets, capitalizing on the expertise developed in the areas of manufacturing, technology and marketing. The thrust will be to achieve a significant share for international business in the total turnover.

TVS Motor – At the cutting edge TVS Motor will hone and sustain its cutting edge of technology by constant benchmarking against international leaders. TVS Motor – Committed to Total Quality TVS Motor is committed to achieving a self-reviewing organization in perpetuity by adopting TQM as a way of life. TVS Motor believes in the importance of the process. People and projects will be evaluated both by their end results and the process adopted. TVS Motor – The Human Factor TVS Motor believes that people make an organization and that its well-being is dependent on the commitment and growth of its people.

There will be a sustained effort through systematic training and planning career growth to develop employees talents and enhance job satisfaction. TVS Motor will create an enabling ambience where the maximum self-actualisation of every employee is achieved. TVS Motor will support and encourage the process of self-renewal in all its employees and nurture their sense of self worth. TVS Motor – Responsible Corporate Citizen TVS Motor firmly believes in the integration of Safety, Health and Environmental aspects with all business activities and ensure protection of employees and environment including development of surrounding communities.

TVS Motor strives for long-term relationships of mutual trust and interdependence with its customers, employees, dealers and suppliers. The inspirational heritage Although the letters TVS represent the initials of our founder, T V Sundaram lyengar, to us within TVS they have always stood for Trust, Value and Service. The founder of the company embodied these values and set an example for all employees to emulate. TVS believes that the success of any enterprise is built on the solid foundation of customer satisfaction. Continuous innovation and close customer interaction have enabled TVS companies to stay ahead of competition.

Quality at TVS determines not only the end product but the systems, processes and operations at all levels. The first four companies in India, which have won the coveted Deming Prize are from the TVS group. The business ranges across automobile component manufacturing, components distribution, manufacturing of powered two-wheelers, computer peripherals, financial services, contract manufacturing services and software development. TVS Motor company Ltd (TVS Motor)- member of the TVS group is the largest company of the group in terms of size and turnover.

Launch of 7 vehicles on the same day – Manufacturing Excellence makes this feasible At the heart of the new product launches is the Production Team, setting to motion the dream put forward by the R;D. Driven by the Five Pillars of TQM The management philosophy is based on five pillars of TQM (Total Quality Management) which rests on the foundation of Total Employee Involvement, daily management and Kaizen (Continuous improvement). The Total Employee Involvement The Total Employee Involvement program ensures that responsibility for the company’s performance is the shared responsibility of all levels of employees.

It provides all employees with the opportunity to be involved in breakthrough activities and other improvements, over and above their daily routine. Daily work management Daily work management consists of defining and monitoring key processes, ensuring that they meet set targets, detecting abnormalities and preventing their recurrence. TVS Motor encourages continuous improvement in all aspects of work, using Cross Functional Teams (CFT), Supervisory Improvement Teams (SIT) Quality Control Circles (QCC) and suggestion schemes

The five pillars start with policy management, which is used to arrive at the annual breakthrough objectives. There are generally not more than three company objectives, arrived at after a detailed exercise, which are deployed and reviewed periodically. The company conducts an exhaustive range of training programs, utilising both in-house skills and consuftants from all over the world. The programs are conducted for all employees, at all levels. The Inspiration Moment When we won the Deming Prize in Quality in 2002, we were the only two wheeler manufacturer in the world to have won the award.

However, our penchant for quality continues as we work in line with the principles of Kaizen (Japanese for Continuous improvement) and TQM (Total Quality Management). TVS MOTOR PRODUCTS: The major products: * Motorcycles * TVS MAX 100 * TVS Fiero * TVS Samurai * TVS Shaolin * TVS Shogun * TVS Apache (150 cc,13. 7 Ps @8500rpm) * TVS Apache RTR 160 * TVS Apache RTR 160 EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) * TVS Apache RTR 180 (17. 3ps) * TVS Apache RTR 220 * TVS Centra * TVS Fiero * TVS Fiero F2 * TVS Fiero FX * TVS Flame * TVS Flame (125 cc,ccvti technology) * TVS Jive * TVS MAX 100 TVS MAX R 100 * TVS Star * TVS Star City * TVS Star Sport * TVS Supra * TVS Victor (110 cc) * TVS Victor EDGE (125 cc) * TVS Victor GLX (125 cc) * Scooterettes * TVS Scooty KS (60 cc) (2nd Largest used Scooter in India) * TVS Scooty ES (60 cc) * TVS Scooty Pep (90 cc) (3rd largest used scooter in India) * TVS Scooty Pep + (90 cc) * TVS Teenz (60 cc) Launch: 8 December 2006, Engine Volume: 65cc, Top Speed: 50 km/h, Mileage: 30–35 km/l, Colors: Black, Red, violet. * TVS Streak (90 cc) * TVS Teenz Electric * TVS Wego (110 cc) * Stepthru * TVS NEO 110 punya hera * TVS Rockz 125 * Mopeds TVS 50 (The most used moped in India and its subcontinent, has been manufactured 11,26,325 (its variants and derivates included) times (August 2005) and still going on in service. * TVS XL (60 cc) * TVS XT * TVS Eco * TVS Champ (50 cc) * TVS Super Champ (60 cc) * TVS Sport (70 cc) * TVS XL Super (70 cc) * TVS XL Super Heavy Duty (70 cc) TVS MARKETING: * New launches: TVS Jive, India’s first auto clutch motorcycle was introduced in markets across Tamilnadu as well as Andhra Pradesh. The bike will be made available in phases across the country. The company will also launch its much awaited TVS Wego in phases across the country in March 2010.

TVS-COIMBATORE: There are four main dealers for TVS motor company @ Coimbatore. Indoshell is one among the largest retailer for TVS motor company @ Coimbatore. Sells around 1300 vehicles as a whole with its network including three segment of two -wheelers (Motor Bikes,Mopeds,Scooters). GROWTH: TVS Motor Company has achieved sufficient critical mass to become one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers. Part of the TVS Group, TVS Motor Company generates annual revenues of some Rs. 2,734 crores (around U. S. $587,9 million). It manufactures motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and cooterettes, and maintains an impressive customer base of more than five million people. Today, TVS Motor Company leads the moped and scooterette segments with shares of 65. 3% and 34. 3% respectively. The company’s success can be attributed to its strong sales and service network of 430 authorized dealerships, 1,018 authorized service centers, and more than 864 certified service points; stateof- the-art manufacturing facilities; and a talent pool known for developing innovative products. But equally important to its success is the commitment to deliver uncompromising quality and value to the customer. SUGGETIONS:


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