Twilight Essay

Twilight Picture this: “Divorced parents, one of them get married, and while they go traveling around the world, you get stuck with the one parent that knows nothing about you. This means going to a new school, making new friends, and some major adjustments to your life. You don’t seem to fit in with anyone. That is until something, or better yet, someone, unexpectedly changes your life” This is what Twilight is about. It is a novel written by Stephenie Meyer. She takes us on a trip in our imagination, where vampires and werewolves exist. In her book, even rivalry among vampires exists.

In Twilight, new relationships are built upon trust, and love conquers all. The main character is a young lady named Isabella (or “Bella”) Swan. Bella used to live in Phoenix, Arizona, with her mother Renee, and her stepfather, Phil Dwyer. Her mom’s new husband is a minor league baseball player, and they travel from place to place multiple times because of his job. As a consequence of this, Bella was forced to move to the rainy little town of Forks, Washington. Bella began living with her dad Charlie Swan, who is the chief of police of the town.

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They have a distant relationship, because she was raised with her mother. She didn’t expect much to change in her life, but things became different when she surprisingly meets Edward Cullen, a beautiful vampire. Bella is still trying to adapt to her new school. She gets more attention from boys than she used to in Phoenix. In a trip to a beach in La Push Reservation, Bella meets a friend from her childhood, Jacob Black. He tells Bella a legend about “the cold ones”. A few people in the reservation know that the Cullens were vampires. When Bella returns home, she does some research on the internet about vampires.

She decides that she is in love with Edward and does not care if he was not like the other guys, because he was a vampire. They engage in a passionate, yet strange relationship when Edward saves Bella from getting hit by a car in the school parking lot. Soon, Bella and her friends go to Port Angeles. She gets lost looking for a bookstore; she was walking when strange people try to attack her. Edward arrives in his gray Volvo and saves her. They have dinner together, and during the trip to return home, Bella asks a few questions to Edward, until she gets to the most important part: she asked him if he was a vampire.

Bella knows what the answer is going to be, for she is not surprised when Edward says yes, he is a vampire. He explains to her that he only drinks animal blood. Edward and Bella take a trip together to a nearby meadow, where Edward shows Bella that his skin shines in the sun, and that is the reason why he only comes out during the night or cloudy days. They kiss for the first time, and Bella learns about Edward’s family and his past. After that day, Edward spent nights in Bella’s bedroom, watching her sleep. For the first time, Bella meets Edward family.

He lives with his father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, his mother, Esme, and with his two sisters, Alice and Rosalie, and his two brothers, Emmet and Jasper. One day, Edward invites Bella to watch him and his family plays baseball. Three other vampires appear Laurent, Victoria, and James. James likes Bella and wants to hunt her. Edward and his family make a plan to get Bella away from James. Bella was sent to hide in a hotel in Phoenix, with Alice and Jasper. There she gets a phone call from James, in which he says that he wants to meet with her in the old dance studio.

He attacks Bella, but just in time Edward and his family arrive to rescue Bella before James kills her. However, it was too late, because James bit Bella’s hand. Edward must suck the venom out of her system before she changes into a vampire, while the other members of the family destroy James. They then take Bella to the hospital where she starts to recover. When they return to Forks, Edward surprises Bella by taking her to the prom. She was terrified to dance in public. She told Edward of her desire to become vampire, but he refuses to bite her.

Jacob, who was sent by his father, met Bella and said to her to be cautious of Edward because he is very dangerous. Edward listens what Jacob said to his girlfriend, gives Jacob an evil stare, hugs Bella and walks her inside to enjoy the party. The major theme of Twilight is the love between a human and a vampire (Bella and Edward). They risk everything to be together. It does not matter what other people think or say, because they are in love and they care about each other. The foreshadowing in this book, is trying to imagine the ending of the book with Bella.

The ability that she has to smell blood, her desire to become vampire, her hyper-sensitivity and the perception of the things, makes me think that she could become a vampire in the following books. Also she will need to choose between Jacob and Edward, because Jacob likes her and he would do everything he can to be with Bella. Could the love of Edward and Bella be stronger than the “friendship” that she has with Jacob? Would Edward and Bella be together again? This book leaves many questions unanswered because it is an introduction to the series. I guess as the series keep coming out, all those questions will be answered.


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