Two Friends Comparsion and Contrast Essay

Peoples have different personalities. But some are similar in something, two of my college classmates Johnny and Ali are very different from each other, although both have some similarities. They started out as best friends, but the two good friends found living together a bigger task than they had ever imagined. Both friends liked to study and also they were both born the same year and they were clever students in our class. Also they spent many times with me having fun, enjoying, studying together and telling jokes.

They also shared their problems with each other. Their obvious difference is that Johnny is Christian and Ali is Muslim. Their life styles and cultures are different. Johnny came from outside the city of Addis Ababa and Ali came from the capital city of Ethiopia Addis Ababa. Johnny was a more traditional guy; he grew up in a traditional Christian family. He would go to church he had no brother or sister in Addis Ababa so he had no one to look up to or to teach him except Ali. His home was in a poor neighborhood.

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Two Friends Comparsion and Contrast Essay
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But he was a good student all through his younger years and he was always involved in extracurricular activities. Then he figured that college was the key to getting where he wanted be. But Ali had two younger sisters and one older brother and his family was rich. If given the chance to spend a night in town Johnny will more likely choose to stay at home. But Ali is not like Johnny. He liked to spend a night in town. Finally they both received many scholarships for their academic excellence and went to on finish college easily and quickly.


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