Type And Size Of Organisation Essay

The study considers a scope of administration issues, researching cardinal facets of direction within the administration. The administrations direction construction and procedures are analysed and evaluated in the relation to current theory.

The undermentioned beginnings were consulted:

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Type And Size Of Organisation Essay
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Primary beginning: I did interview of my HR director Miss Kimberly Clark and Checkout director Mrs. Rheena singh.

Secondary beginning: www.newworld.co.nz


Coach press releases

1.3 Executive Summary:
Type and size of administration: New World Birkenhead is franchised shop of grocery. In this new universe they have more than 180 staff with 9 different sections. Each section has their ain section directors.

Administration construction: New universe has functional construction in his administration which is more likely workers is followed by the supervisors and directors and they are comes under shop director and on the top they have proprietor /operator of the new universe. The determination is followed in one way.

Environmental factors: In new universe they have external and internal environment factors which tell us that about the rivals, community demands and sustainability on the other side internal factors are staff preparation, safety, Customer duty and Culture and demographic.

Planing and commanding: In new universe planning and controlling is really of import because it is non a little administration and it deals with all money affair which is really of import to the concern and besides staff safety and their involvement every bit good as community. For that I have discussed some sections which is finance, operational, information direction, human resources.

Team construction and kineticss: Team construction is fundamentally described the place of every individual employee in the concern which is divided on the footing of their experience and accomplishments. Supervisors are formal and kineticss they have to be proactive as good.

Leadership: In this peculiar shop we have different leading people which define their ability and responsibilities. The shop director is plays leader function in a concern that passes all the information around the shop to the troughs so they can go through to the employee or supervisors. Supervisors are besides a portion of a leader because they earned to be leader by executing good and utilize their ability to make the short term aims.

Foodstuff was born when members of the Auckland maestro grocers association got together and formed a purchasing group. They foremost met on July 6th 1922 and at a following meeting in October, 8 the members decided to get down operations instantly. In 1925 the group decided to market merchandises under the four square label utilizing a design developed by the so secretary of the association, Mr J Heaton Barker.

Following the surrender of Mr J Heaton Barker in 1934, Mr P A ( Phill ) barker was appointed director. In Feb 1948 following a trip to the USA to analyze repositing and retail trading, Phil and the helper director Mr Ray McGregor opened a self service shop in Onehunga. Which after a hesitating start made good advancement and convinced a figure of members that self service presented a new chance? Over the following five old ages four squares throughout NZ made outstanding advancement as they changed to this new method of retailing. One really of import trade name developed by the Four Square was a “ Pams ” , a private label trade name that commenced in 1937 with the production of a Pams baking Powder and a Pams Custard Powder. Today Pams is the major private label on the NZ market.

Merely 10 old ages after the company Introduced ego service into the state the first Supermarket in the county was opened by the Bill Miller, a member at Belmont. Early Supermarkets advertised under their ain names as portion of the four square group but to enable co-operative advertisement to be introduced the “ New WORLD ” trade grade and insignia were adopted and by 1964 New World Supermarkets were Forming and individuality of their ain.

2.1 Type and size of administration
2.1 A findings
New World is a New Zealand full-service supermarket concatenation. Each shop is independently owned, operated and is portion of one of the 3 Foodstuffs ‘ co-operatives ( Foodstuff South Island, Foodstuffs Wellington and Foodstuffs Auckland ) . Other members of the Foodstuffs Co-operatives which are besides independently owned and operated include Pak’nSave and Four Square shops.

Founded in 1963, New World was the first American-style full-service supermarket trade name of Foodstuffs, and the 2nd in New Zealand ( after Food town ) . As of October 2012, there are entire of 138 New World supermarkets across the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

New World is a New Zealand Supermarket where you can happen all your basic demands. This includes fresh nutrient, food market, vino, bakeshop, chilled nutrient, frozen nutrient, vino, food shop, seafood etc.

Most New Zealanders have grown up with New World in their local community. New World is the major patron of Netball New Zealand every bit good as back uping many charities including Canteen and Keep New Zealand beautiful.

New World shop sponsorship and support in their local communities is extended from local schools, voluntary fire brigade and other community based undertakings.

This was an overview about the new universe organisation how it works around the New Zealand and under whom.

Below I have interviewed my Hr director girl. Kimberly Clark and I am composing about this new what I have found in this new universe.

New universe Birkenhead started at place on the North Shore since March 2003, and a major employer in the local country. We aim to supply the best in service, value, quality merchandises and all in a pleasant shopping environment. Our big auto park off Mokoia Road provides easy parking and entree, even on the busiest yearss. ( World, 2003 )

New universe Birkenhead has more than 184 staff members and each section have about 20 to 35 employees. And it is a large administration, most of them are lasting full clip, and some of them are portion clip there is no insouciant footing employee work at that place. The intent of New World shop is positioned to present the best overall shopping experience that meets our clients ‘ complete demands. New World shops offer the best possible scope of food markets and quality fresh nutrient with first-class client service and great value for money.

2.1 B Analysis:
Harmonizing to my vision that new universe Birkenhead is traditional organisation because it is stable and work is good defined by the occupation places and besides directors ever makes determinations or take part in the treatment to the determinations.

New universe has a Hierarchical relationship mean the owner/operator make most the determination and step the regulations and everybody has to follow that and besides work at installations from ( 7am to 10pm ) 7 yearss.

Furthermore, the Numberss of staff in this new universe is sufficient for functioning best and possible scope of food markets and quality fresh nutrient with first-class client service and great value for money.

New universe give what client they are looking for everything under one edifice.

2.2 Organizational construction
2.2 A findings
The organizational construction is like set uping the relationship between parts of an organisation. A model through which the organisation operates, responsibilities and places. In new universe it is like that organisation has owner/operator who has a relationship with everything individual employee who is working for him. He is the individual who makes all the determination and everybody has to follow that. Under him I found there is shop director chiefly he works in a food market but he besides maintain everything update to the troughs and the owner/operator on any juncture. There is 9 different Department which is Bakery section, Butchery Department, Chilled and Frozen section, Checkouts, Wine/liquor Department, Grocery section, delicatessen Department, Seafood Department and Produce Department.

So it ‘s like an each section has its ain little concern within in a concern. Each section has its ain Directors which they good described about their functions and responsibilities. Directors do work largely on the monthly studies so they can show to the shop director or owner/operator. Directors are authorized for telling their ain section merchandises and budgeting to keep it. Supervisors are like they supervise the work of the worker and to maintain do certain everything is traveling good supervisors are authorized to do alterations on the roll and besides authorised for the safe to the money that we count at the terminal of the twenty-four hours which is the portion of my occupation. Workers are really less authorised to anything but they are most welcome to participative on any event that happens in new universe and give their sentiment and be a portion of treatment.

2.2 B Analysis
Harmonizing to my research and my survey ability I found that new universe has a Functional organisation construction. Based on Theories I think in new universe is like a Classical Approach and directors followed the scientific direction ( Frederick W Taylor 1911 ) and the Bureaucratic direction ( Max Weber 1956 ) every bit good. Because now these yearss everything is altering with engineering so the directors have to develop their staffs to acquire cognize about the new engineering and develop their accomplishments. But there is besides something like directors have to split the work to every staff partly and besides each place controlled by the higher 1. As you can the diagram on as given. Besides have some regulations and ordinances in this administration to follow like the alone uniform, Customer Service, merchandise handling, Health and safety etc.


Shop Director


Department director


Department director

Department director





Based on my survey Knowledge the troughs are followed following four procedures Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling to file away the certain ends and besides to carry through organisational ends and they besides authorised to do certain determination that they have the authorization to Empower the staff individual who is suited for that and besides motivates them. Supervisors they keep oculus on workers to do certain that everything is working harmonizing to the program. And good organized. And they largely are the Empowerment people selected by the directors. At last the workers they work and follow the direction from the supervisors and directors ( Grill, 2007 ) .

2.3 Environmental Factors:
2.3 A Findingss:
External Factors:
Economic Competition: – As that new is situated in Birkenhead and it is a really large and rather celebrated supermarket in this country. As I surveyed with my director Mrs. Rheena Singh she is working for this company from last 10 old ages as I got to cognize from past few old ages we have so many rivals around new universe which consequence a batch on this new universe there is a countdown small far from this new which has played the rolled most of it. The sale went down because countdown late opened and Customer likes to research the new topographic point. Which affect the new universe bing client and cut down the sale of new universe. And besides some little vegetable store and spirits stores owned by some Foreigners affect the concern. So it ‘s like a war between them who is the best for their clients.

Community needs: – New universe is right in the center of residential country which is biggest advantage for both clients and the proprietor every bit good. New universe Owner he donates supplies to the Birkenhead community Centre from last 10 old ages. To maintain his self-respect and repute of his new universe and besides helps any athleticss event happened in Birkenhead community. And there are some others charities excessively that he assist them includes primary school every bit good. This new universe besides support to Netball squad and besides canteen for malignant neoplastic disease people.

Sustainability: – New universe is by and large represented from its client service and scope of merchandises and fresh nutrient. To keep the sustainability they have some regulation and ordinances and set of policies and footings for all the staff who work at that place. For illustration wellness and safety, cleaning procedure, Customer service etc. In food market we have like the monetary value should be right so client can swear he is non acquiring ripped off and merchandises on the shelf should non be out of day of the months. In deli most of the merchandise is fresh and handmade and hold some certain temperature for the hot nutrient to keep that they have their ain processs. To do certain everything is prefect so every bit good with green goods section.

We have one Slogan for our check-out procedure section “ Customer goes at that place where they are invited but remain where get attention of ” .
Internal factors:

Staff Training: Every new universe may hold some different preparation procedure because all the shops are owned by different people but all have the same qualities merely the different ways to execute but do the right things in a right ways. In Birkenhead new universe we have a initiation in which the new employee go with HR director and have a overview the whole shop. Health and safety and fire issue where they are situated in the edifice. Then its depends on the Department directors how to develop that individual and when is the right clip for illustration on check-out procedure that individual is acquire train for packing the goods into bags so the good do n’t acquire squashed or broken by packing and besides see how to pack natural and cooked meat. Then he/she acquire train to run on the machine it ‘s largely trained by the troughs and besides how to function the client with 100 % client service.

Safety: wellness and safety is the chief concern in any administration. Without the wellness and safety developing none of the administration could travel longer. In new universe we have wellness and safety preparation and besides they organize the 1 hr orientation and demo the videos how to maintain safe at work topographic point and if anything happens who to describe and what to make for instant incident. At check-out procedure they have accident record book in which they record all the incident happened in the shop. They besides have fire extinguisher tanning how to utilize them and fire dismay to avoid or minimise any major incident before it go on.

Customer Responsibility: The intent of New World shop is positioned to present the best overall shopping experience that meets our clients ‘ complete demands. In Birkenhead new universe they have some client duties to guarantee that client is non acquiring misdirecting with any merchandise and service. They besides have the two meet client demands to the full. Well served and take attention of them. Make them experience like they are the portion of our organisation.

Culture and internal Demographic: New universe is multicultural organisation in every section you will see different multicultural people working together New universe have chiefly some European, Indian, Maori, Islander, South Africa, Brazilian and Chinese. Some of the staff works full clip and portion clip with different ages. Peoples want to do their calling out from the supermarket we need to demo them how they do that how they start from streetcar male child to proprietor operator. They besides do civilization study every twelvemonth and it did demo the morale is reasonably high in new universe and we are making a good occupation.

In 2007 all the directors spread in a group to different stores and get down detecting the strength, failing, chances and menaces which is called SWOT ( analysis ) . After the long treatment and with different sentiment.In decision the came up with vision mission value statement this consists following things.

Vision: New universe Birkenhead the people ‘s figure one trusted supermarket

Mission: by presenting excellence in Service, Quality, scope and Ambience, we will make an environment that exceed our people and valued client ‘s outlooks.

Value: Integrity, Customer Driven, Commitment.

2.3 B Analysis
After seen all the external factors in new universe it has a figure of rivals which has their ain little concern around new universe like fresh nutrient, spirits store, dairy stores and chief consequence is Countdown dramas major function in that.

In this new universe I have noticed that Owner of this new universe drama large function of assisting Birkenhead Community and to back up them for any event by giving the nutrient supply or contribution to the charities society. In which he is making his societal duty really good. But I have found that they sell coffin nails which are bad for the community and to the clients. But authorities should censor this but it has big figure of revenue enhancement income which comes from it. That ‘s why authorities is seeking to minimising it but non halting it. It ‘s all concern schemes to derive more net income.

New universe has its ain repute to keep the repute they have some certain policies that every employee has to follow it. Legitimacy to the stockholders so they can put the money on it.

SWOT ( analysis ) every concern before it established they do cram analysis to detect the strength, failing, chances and menaces of an administration.

Strength: I analysis that strength of the new universe is Store unfastened from 7 in the forenoon to 10pm at dark which is rather good for every individual client. And besides the good client service the more do outdo the more trust you will acquire from the clients.

Failing: Because it is a supermarket you ne’er know when it is traveling to acquire busy and if you do n’t hold adequate staff client to function the client the long waiting line will originate which lead to client has to wait longer for his bend and consume clip. And besides non adequate stock on the shelf besides could be the failing, and unfriendly staff besides arise the failing of the concern.

Opportunity: New universe has ability to spread out premises as they are making renovation after 10 old ages the new universe is spread outing and coming with assortments of merchandise scope and besides will engage more employees. The best chance for this new universe is it ‘s situated in a center of residential country.

Menaces: Most common menace to this new universe is Countdown which is small far from this new universe and other little independent stores which is in private owned. Now these yearss client is more concern about the monetary value scope which is besides a menace to new universe because new universe is expensive because of its quality and service.

2.4 A Planning and Controlling
Planning is a formal statement of a set of aims and programs to make those ends in best manner. Strategic program is chiefly set by the grocery for all the take parting supermarkets under the grocery. Short term end is chiefly set up by proprietor of the concern which is merely last merely twosome of old ages but chiefly it ‘s for a twelvemonth. Any other determination doing new universe have weekly directors run intoing to discourse any issues bought up, new publicities, new thoughts in the shop.

Fundss: In new universe all the finance plan is already programmed by the grocery and we have office director who deals with finance operation, maintain the day-to-day history sedimentations and wages all the sections, conforming all the bills that the new universe received from the providers. And besides day-to-day gross revenues study every bit good. The office director keeps update about the gross revenues and disbursal of the supermarket merely authorised people are allowed to travel into the admin office.

Operationss: In new universe operations are predefined operation undertakings made by the grocery they indentify the external commercial chances and do programs which by and large grocery purchaser has to follow it and so standardised his budget so he can order the merchandise and besides see the infinite direction to do certain he has adequate infinite to hive away all the merchandises by confer withing with the shop director. He controls the cost within budgeting guidelines and maximizes the sale profitable with the trade name.

Informational direction: Foodstuff has an information direction system which helps us to happen out the latest update trade for following hebdomad publicities. Information direction are concerned with pull offing information in order to do it easy accessible.

Human resources: In Birkenhead new universe they a pre-programmed apparatus which is done by grocery they follow that plan. But by and large human resources is responsible for choosing new employee with fiting demand after taking an interview separately, developing for every individual common demands in on organisation which is wellness and safety and keeping nutrient temperature, besides maintain the employee information safe etc. And honoring employee besides in this new universe they have employee of the month to actuate the employee. It is fundamentally responsible for everything related to employee ‘s public assistance. As my interviewed with her I asked her about the Hiring process and she said its depends on what place is available in the shop and the individual we should engage should run into all the demands and for firing person they have their process foremost they give verbal warning and so two written warning after that if that instance happened once more they can fire the employee and besides If any employee is got caught stealing something and besides imbibing on new universe premiss is directly fired no written or verbal warnings.

2.4 B Analysis
As per my research Planning is chief function in an administration without that you can non accomplish the end without be aftering you can non even put it up the end it ‘s similar stairss or model to accomplish your end. There are different types of be aftering direction by aims, strategic programs, operational programs, eventuality programs.

Management by aims MBO: Each section follows this plans they have their ain programs and aims to run into the demands of organizational ends. Like check-out procedures has its ain end to give 100 per centum client service, green goods has to present fresh and healthy nutrient to the clients, Grocery has aim to convey different truths of merchandise scope to the client ‘s demands in one roof. Bakery has its ain end bring newly day-to-day baked staff of lifes and merchandises to the client every individual section has its ain but overall meets the administration ends to accomplish. And how they control all the aims by mensurating the existent public presentation and comparison with expected public presentation.

Strategic programs: strategic programs is made by the manager of the board of the nutrient material which is long tern programs In the interview I have found in 2020 the grocery of Auckland and Wellington is traveling to fall in together and go a one grocery around the North Island. This undertaking is based on using undertakings on design clip and undertakings at executing clip.

Operational Plans. These types of programs are accrued during work clip. They besides called operational programs are short term programs which is which considered merely for a twelvemonth or less. Like this new universe is acquiring refurbishment and its traveling to acquire finished in following twelvemonth it was an operational programs from the proprietor but he has to approved from foodstuff board of manager to finalise the renovation programs.

Eventuality programs: These sorts of programs come when you are unable to accomplish the ends or there is deficiency of resources. In this new universe we have some eventuality programs which help us decide the jobs. Like if anything goes incorrect with the check-out procedures they have adequate check-out procedures to work out the job. And besides with chillier section electric refrigerator one twenty-four hours it stop working so so we all went to travel the material to bring forth section electric refrigerator room until it acquire fixed.

2.5 Team Structure and kineticss:

In new universe each section has their ain squad. Chiefly at least 20 or more staff works in each and every section. All working under director and on the top we have store director and owner/operator. They are using people for the section instead than for shop. The staffs are chiefly work in a group person who attain their place by making difficult work and some staff is kineticss for the squad every bit good. Supervisors are working as formal in their section. But besides work every bit informal as good because they have to cover with other sections as good. Team function determined when any section directors need a peculiar individual they speak to the other section director of HR director for illustration client service so they look for the individual who truly want to work for a client service.

Basically the section director will state for new staff of more staff to the HR director what type of staff they are looking for portion clip or full clip and what are their duties will be. Team public presentation is besides monitored by the this shop they do employee of the month and there is one for a squad every bit good every twelvemonth there is a check-out procedure of the twelvemonth competition happen in which group of good trained client service operators or supervisors selects by the check-out procedure director to take part to win the check-out procedure of the twelvemonth monetary value and do proud of the shop.

2.5 b Analysis:
My ability of cognition says that working in a squad as a squad is extremely motivated and interesting. I have found that there are two types of squad construction one is functional and divisional construction. Functional are that the lines of bid are clear. Persons specialize and sections tend to develop common cognition across the group. There may be benefits to persons in that calling waies can be reasonably easy defined. And In divisional all the sections are grouped in order to bring forth a given merchandise or services.

2.6 A Leadership:

Leadership in new universe the owner/operator and he is really dedicated and really much focused on his supermarket and he is really focussed on Birkenhead community that why he does most of the sponsorship and besides really loyal to his client and good look after them. And he besides find the people who want their calling in the supermarket he picked them up and steer them from get downing to the where he desire it to be. And besides supervisors ever lead to the workers and our check-out procedure director ever says to supervisor when they do misidentify or something incorrect. That is “ Lead with an illustration alternatively of being an illustration ” .

They do n’t hold any high-turnover of section director it is pretty steady but merely in instance if anyone leave we see first if is there anybody who can work up to that degree or we have to happen the individual with suited demands from outside mention or interviews.

In interview she mentioned that during the times of crisis they use SWOT ( analysis ) which is the best 1 for them and besides do the civilization study to see how the employee experience about themselves in the company. During last 5 old ages ago when countdown came into the market as a rival which shake the sale of the new universe. Then proprietor decided to take action and had a meeting with foodstuff board of manager and get down planning to make something to acquire all the clients back. After they applied that execution they saw the positive feedback from the consequences.

In new universe they have monthly employee of the month when happen every month and besides some little motive the HR director select the random three people to inquire them about the mission vision value of the company who of all time gives the reply will acquire the 20 dollar gift voucher from new universe.

Once once more we have our proprietor, shop director and section director and supervisors which they are good known about their duties and responsibilities so they have to things on day-to-day footing this is chiefly a hierarchy of bid in a consecutive line.

2.6 b Analysis:
Not all of these leaders are directors. Some are members of direction, but others are employees who lead through illustration for colleagues. It does non take a specific rubric to be a leader. Alternatively, there are accomplishments leaders have that make others want to execute at a high degree when either working with them or for them. Leaderships improve the public presentation of everyone around them. ( kirk, 2006 )

As my research I have found that every individual in an administration who leads the staff is a leader. Leader does non intend they have to be in a higher place. For illustration if anybody want to hold a calling in supermarket or a concern proprietor so the proprietor of the supermarket will be the leader for him because these leading are behavioral leading they are non born with leading they are made because of their difficult work or even the supervisors as good you got to demo your ability to go a leader and besides aid others to actuate them to achieve the aims. Participative theories where leaders encourage engagement and parts from group members to assist each other and experience more relevant to the determination devising procedure.

For the motive leader should hold better communicating between directors and workers and receive the feedback from them. And working like as a squad and give them truth undertakings to execute and do them experience more interesting. Directors delegate more power to the employee to do their ain determination over the on the job Fieldss.


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