U.S. general john buford Essay

John buford was a U.S. general who was a cavalry leader, he graduated at West Point Military Academy in 1848. He was best known for being in the first battle at gettysburg. In november of 1861 he was promoted to Assistant Inspector General with the rank as a major. He died december 16 1863, at 2 p.m from typhoid. When they buried him Abraham lincoln was one of the people who was at his funeral, But his wife could not attend his funeral due to an illness that she had. In 1862 during the second battle of bull run he was wounded in his knee by a spent bullet when he got hit and the word got to the union the newspaper said he died but he was actually fine and went on to fight in many wars and did great deeds. In 1863 he went outside of gettysburg and dismounted his men to block the push onto A.P hill, He served in texas against the sioux in the utah war and bleeding kansas. He had fought in many wars sometimes even against his best friends. In the retreat of gettysburg he chased the confederate all the way to Warrenton Virginia and had many battles there. The town of buford wyoming was sold to aVietnamese man for $900,000. John buford saw his first action at Chancellorsville campaign. He was often seen at the frontlines encouraging his men to get up and fight, he was often referred as old steadfast. Hooker relieved john buford of his cavalry commander and put in his place alfred pleasonton but later regretted his decision so he put john buford in command of the 1st division. After a day long fight at brandy station they won and his division provided key information where the enemy was going to be he also ordered a general withdraw.

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U.S. general john buford Essay
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