UFO And Aliens Essay

Unidentified flying objects and aliens can be proven through eyewitness accounts
or encounters. On of the most common case would be the case of the Hill’s
(Butler, 1). Returning to N. H., the hill’s had notices a strange light in the
sky. Barney stopped the car, went out to observed the moving lights. He came to
the conclusion of the lights being an airplane, a star or a plant. AS they
continued their ride the lights remained with them. That took away the idea that
the object was a star or a planet. When the object drew closer, Betty looks at
it and saw the shape of a disk like figure. That took a way the idea of it being
an airplane, so they got out of the car to get a better look. At one point, the
object got so close that Barney could see several beings staring down a pond
them. He lost control and shouted out “they are going to capture us” (2).

They raced back to the car and took off unable to explain what had just
happened. The next thing that happened was that they heard a couple of beeps
like a microwave oven going off. The next day Barney had notice some unexplained
blotches on the car. Later on that day the Hill’s realized they could not
account for two hours and thirty-five miles of their journey. They begin to have
stress problems. They could not explain what Betty was having strange dreams
about being taken in to a room and being looked at by strange little beings.

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After that they begin to see many doctors. After a while their story had been
put together in the little pieces that they had been telling it in. The story
that was formed was that how their car was stopped by a group of strange looking
men with pear shape heads and large wrapped around eyes. Then by force they were
carried on to the ship onto separate rooms. Then they were given different test.

Some of the test includes taking skin and hair samples. While inside Betty
remember seeing a star map (3). Later on the map was identified as the Zeta
Reticule system. This proves that UFO’s and aliens are real because when
explaining what had happen they were both in separate rooms under hypnotist ion.

And also their was no was to explain the lost in the time or the marks on the
body and the car.


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