Understanding Cultural Differences in the Workplace Sample Essay

The importance of understanding cultural. cultural and gender differences by directors and professionals in a concern scene is indispensable to do the work environment comfy. In every civilization there are basic criterions of thought. and moving and these cultural differences strongly act upon workplace values and communicating. What may be considered acceptable and natural in the workplace for one individual may be unacceptable for another individual. Peoples from diverse civilizations bring new ways of thought. creativeness and linguistic communication accomplishments needed to last in today’s work force. In many work environments there are a diverse group of people who make up the sections in the school scene. infirmaries and corporate America. As a director you would necessitate to hold sensitiveness. apprehension and be unfastened minded to the individuals you manage. All should be given the same chances based on their educational background and occupation experience. regardless of gender or ethnicity. In our threaded treatment sing the caput of the section and our Jamaican friend. he was non given a opportunity although he was qualified for the place.

But because of bias positions and the caput of the section being closed minded our Jamaican friend wasn’t given a opportunity to turn out his accomplishments. Most employers in today’s society have a staff that is multicultural ; hold different cultural backgrounds and gender differences. Directors are placed in a place that allows them to bridge the spread between their employees. For illustration. I work in a Health Care Center that is Christian based that employs about 300 or more people. Once a month we all come together for a forenoon of worship. supplication and contemplation. I work with Asian. Hispanic. African. African American. White and Indian. In this clip no 1 sees civilization or ethnicity. There are inkinesss. Whites. Indian and Asiatic male and female praying for one another and joying together with one thing in head. When there is a commonalty the spread in the span can be closed. Having a commonalty will let the spread in cultural. gender and cultural differences to unify together.

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Understanding Cultural Differences in the Workplace Sample Essay
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Example. there is an older lady that work with me who is really quiet and she is from Africa. Several coworkers whisper about her. saying “she’s immorality. she’s chilling. and she’s a witch” . I started speaking to this lady and I enjoyed our conversation. This adult female has so much wisdom that I felt like a small kid sitting at the pess of my Parents. This adult female stated “I cognize what people are stating about me and told me she’s non a enchantress and that she doesn’t get involved in other people concern and that she sit and detect softly and pray when she’s non working. ” This adult female is now known as the spell to individual if you need prayer. Because of this adult female being different from what was considered normal she was labeled. Harmonizing to the talk for this hebdomad. “The challenge for us is to happen ways to bridge the spread between groups. To make so. we have to develop certain accomplishments and abilities. The first is to analyze our ain positions of others. be they portion of the minority or the bulk group. a different societal category. or a different gender. ” ( Bell. 2007 ) .

As a director one would hold to analyze their positions and cultural prejudices before seeking to implement cultural literacy to their employees. Once directors and professionals become culturally literate so the cultural Bridgess at work can be formed. This can go on by implementing cultural consciousness in the work topographic point. Cultural consciousness is now important if multicultural squads within concerns are traveling to maximise their possible. Although transverse cultural differences do non ever cause obvious jobs. it is their more elusive manifestations that can and make lead to a deficiency of clear communicating and hapless public presentation. Cultural consciousness is of import to assist members of a multicultural squad place where things may be traveling incorrect or how to outdo leverage their differences. Without some kind of formal cross cultural consciousness developing it is hard for multicultural squads to place countries that need attending. Cultural differences manifest in many ways. Within a multicultural squad. a person’s cultural background will impact how they act and behave. There will be differences in countries such as communicating. attitude towards struggle. attacks to task completion and determination devising manners.

Unless people come to recognize these differences between them through cultural consciousness. jobs can go on and even escalate. Organizations and professionals across the board in my sentiment should be held accountable for staff consciousness on cultural. cultural and gender differences in the work topographic point. A celebrated quotation mark says. “People perish for the deficiency of cognition. ” There has to be a usher to follow and Harmonizing to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as amended. the ADEA. and the ADA. which prohibit favoritism on footing of race. sex. national beginning. faith. age. and disablement protect workers of all backgrounds. ( Bell. 2007 ) . The ball and sock experiment was somewhat disputing. I managed to compose my name with my left manus. which was non legible and I besides tried to bind my places. and wash dishes which I wasn’t successful. The ball and sock experiment was similar to holding a disablement.

Although I tried to the best of my ability I was limited because I wasn’t use to making something different. This was non normal for me. Cultural differences are merely like the sock and ball experiment. One is usage to what is normal for them and when placed in different fortunes without proper consciousness challenges can originate. In shutting directors need to hold an apprehension that a culturally diverse workplace has people with many different traditions. beliefs and values. What is common for one civilization may be violative for another civilization. Therefore out of respect cultural consciousness in the workplace is indispensable. Pull offing diverseness in the workplace requires directors to be sensitive to differences while still seeking to be just to everyone.


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