Understanding Workforce Diversity Through Human Resource Management Essay

A Workforce diverseness leads to the variegation of concern direction. Pull offing and taking advantage of diverseness has been recognized as an of import factor in organisational sweetening ( Brian, O’Leary, & A ; Weathington, 2006, p.297 ). HRM includes the apprehension of cultural diverseness and makes full usage of these diverse civilizations to happen new attack. The present challenges and chances organisations confronting is how to correctly handle diverseness. Motorola was chosen as the instance in the portion. As a transnational company, Motorola attaches great importance to HRM. The biggest challenge of HRM is diversity direction. Some diverseness processs are designed to avoid judicial proceeding, while others focus on employee preparation for developing consciousness of and sensitiveness to discriminatory and damaging behaviours ( Carolyn, Chavez and Judith, 2008, p.333 ). Pull offing diverseness includes human resource planning, enlisting, preparation, employee dealingss, compensation and benefits, and calling planning ( in tabular array 1 ). They are analyzed as followers.

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Understanding Workforce Diversity Through Human Resource Management Essay
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Human resources strategic planning

The appropriate employees Motorola demand would important alteration when concern scheme changed, such as Motorola changed phones from parallel to digital. Human resources sections should set the demand get bying with this alteration and do new planning.


In enlisting, human resources section has a particular sub-division. Some people take responsibly to seek endowments from assorted beginnings, some are responsible for enrolling on campus and some are focus on “ balance ” of staff, such as the balance of the male and the female in China. The ratio of the male and the female is about equal in Motorola. There are 664 directors, and manageress is 23 % of the sum. The ratio programs to be rise to 40 %.


Specialized preparation establishments are provided by Motorola — University. The preparation is non merely to internal staff, but besides to clients. Motorola put a batch of work force, stuff and fiscal resources for Staff preparation every twelvemonth and provides each employee 40 hours at least to accept work-related acquisition. Learning content includes occupation preparation, corporate civilization preparation, professional accomplishments preparation, direction accomplishments preparation, linguistic communication preparation and abroad preparation. In preparation, there are besides direction and proficient classs. Secondary school alumnuss could be directors. That means proficient staff can prosecute in direction every bit good as direction staff being engineering.

Compensation & A ; Benefits

Motorola has a really comprehensive public assistance system, including fixed salary, variable wage, fillips, insurance, and public assistance. HR section make a competitory compensation and benefits system every twelvemonth harmonizing to market research. The key for employers is to do diverseness an plus within the organisation. ( Neil & A ; Reichenberg, 2001, p.8 ).

Career planning

Motorola provide development chances for staff, such as preparation, occupation planning. So staffs enable to invariably accommodate the transmutations in the new organisational construction. Staff development programs were formulated and implemented harmonizing to concern development. Organizational construction is redesigned if the bureau is reorganized, so are staff development programs.


Motorola is focused on others of staff direction. The information systems section is the particular one to set human resources-related information online so that staff can seek human resources policies, and personal information. HR section has their publication. Management staff meetings are organized every season and so on. All these promote corporate civilization, and communicating between staff.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a planetary endeavor, diverseness direction is reflected in the long-run planning and development every bit good as in ways accommodating to the market, and cut downing direction cost. The advantages and disadvantages of diverseness direction in Motorola are as followers:


HR is non a “ control section ”, but a service one which meet the demand of employees and operations in Motorola. All maps of human resources section are to fulfill two demands: concern demands and employee demands. Motorola has besides emphasis on the partnership between employees and executives. The alteration is non alteration of construct, but a deeper invention. This attack gives staff greater liberty and democracy. On the other manus, it is the release of the directors ‘ ideas. The relationship between employees and supervisors will be more harmonious with this construct. They are more common aid and advancement, which is the work and undertakings diverseness direction commit to make.

Attach importance to staff personal development

HR sections frequently communicate with a staff to assist him plan calling and life and set up the public presentation rating system with it. U.S. directors perceive diverseness direction as a agency to better utilize endowment and to increase creativeness within organisations ( Gilbert & A ; Ivancevich, 2000, p. 98 ). HR is no longer a rough supervising, but a service and support section to run into their demands. Staff ‘s enterprise, enthusiasm and creativeness are driven with Common involvements and ends. Employee trueness is greatly enhanced. Employee turnover rate is really low in Motorola.

Emphasis on the appraisal of preparation

Training is importanti??but Motorola has besides established post-training rating system: analyzing the response of employeesi??examining the command if contents, analyzing whether staff transfer the cognition into matching ability and eventually analyzing benefits that investing in developing bring to the division and employees.


Aim of diverseness direction is to better societal productiveness and organisational efficiency. But cultural struggle could besides be more and more apparent with a higher degree of diverseness direction. Directors from different cultural backgrounds could take different behaviours because of different values so that cultural struggle is at that place. In the internal direction, different values, ends and norms of behavior lead to administrative costs increased and trouble of coordination and even low efficiency of operation. In the external concern, cultural struggle may be affect market competition. Tregaskis suggests that uniting thoughts must see the struggle between the demand both for conformance and for distinction, and see the diverseness of institutional contexts act uponing multinationals ‘ operations ‘. ( Gunter, Stahl & A ; Ingmar, 2006, p.19 )


With the globalisation, geographical mobility and alterations in population construction, labour construction has great alterations. A assortment of labours result in pull offing diverse in organisation and direction. On the same clip, diverse direction besides affects policy of human resource direction, enlisting, instruction and preparation, public assistance and compensation and public presentation rating and development. It will go a world to beef up work force diverseness direction. Organizations should non merely accommodate diverseness, but besides promote it, so as to develop competitory advantage. In the study, understanding and cognition of pull offing diverseness were stated. Advantages and disadvantages of diverseness direction in organisation were discussed. Two large big organisations were chosen as the instances to analyse the stairss of human resources direction. The 2nd organisation was Motorola.

Some facets were discussed from human resource planning, enlisting, preparation, employee dealingss, compensation and benefits, and calling planning. Finally advantages and disadvantages of Motorola were besides analyzed. It is critical that g the multidimensionality of “ diverseness ” was studied in organisations to construct on diverseness ‘s strengths and turn to its failings ( Brian, O’Leary, & A ; Weathington, 2006, p.289 ). Diversity direction of both organisations showed that pull offing diverseness an organisation could handle employees reasonably, esteem them for their full development and do good usage of employees ‘ ability and potency. Pull offing diverseness better an organisation ‘s profitableness.


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