Unique Japanese Characteristics Essay

Each individual has different features. but people populating in the same states tend to hold some similar features called the national character. Therefore. there are alone features which show national character from state to state. In footings of Japan. Nipponese people have different manner of thought and sense of beauty from other states.

First. Nipponese people have alone manner of believing. They tend to do much of harmoniousness. For illustration. they prefer to move as groups. so they try to avoid statements and follow the bulk to do good relationships. Furthermore. they do non stress their individualism because they are afraid of being recognized as strange by others. and they are besides diffident. In add-on. Nipponese people ever seek to be polite. For illustration. they use honorifics when they talk with seniors to demo their regard. Furthermore. as there is stating that a wise falcon hides its talons. they do non boast about themselves because they believe a modest attitude shows niceness. Therefore. Nipponese people care about other people foremost. and this sense of discussion is why Nipponese could get the better of a batch of catastrophes because they can see other people’s feelings and cooperate with each other.

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Unique Japanese Characteristics Essay
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In add-on to the manner of thought. Nipponese people have a alone sense of beauty. They can experience beauty from nonexistent objects. For illustration. in footings of sound. they focus on silence between sounds. They recognize silence as a kind of sounds. and they can bask silence as a sound. In footings of perceptual experience. they focus on infinite. For illustration. when they appreciate bloom agreement or bonsai. they recognize infinite as a portion of plants. Therefore. they can bask nonexistent objects. In add-on. Nipponese people have a sense of transiency. For illustration. they consider that flowers are beautiful because of their transeunt life. Therefore. they think that they can non detect beauty until the objects have an terminal. so they feel beauty in transeunt things. Therefore. Nipponese people can bask suggested beauty.

In decision. Nipponese people have alone features such as a manner of thought and sense of beauty. They tend to care about others instead than themselves because they prefer to move as groups and have a sense of discussion. In add-on. they can bask silence as a kind of sounds. infinite as a portion of plants. and a sense of transiency as beauty. They may take these features for granted. but Nipponese features differ from other states. and they can be proud of their national character.


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