Unit 11

Term Definition
Cell Smallest unit of an organism that performs life functions
nucleus sturcture found in eukaryotic cells controlling the activities of the cell
eukaryotic containing nuclues
prokaryotic cells lacking a nucleus
unicellular organism made of one cell
multicellular organism made of one or more cells
classification process grouping
taxonomy branches of science names and classifies organisms
domain highest and largest rang 123
domain bacteria pro singled celled lacks a nucleaus
domain archaea pro singled celled extreme
domain eukarya contain a nucleaus
kingdom a taxonomic rank below domain 123456 groups
autotroph able to make its own food
heterotroph CANNOT make its own food
asexual reproduction requires one parent
sexual reproduction requires both male and female
cell theory all living cells are made up of organisns
kingdom archeabacteria uni auto hetero pro extreme enviroments
kingdom eubacteria uni asexual auto hetero pro moderate
kingdom protista uni multi sexual asexual auto hetero euk
kingdom fungi uni multi sexual asexual hetero euk
kingdom plantae multi sexual asexual auto euk
kingdom animilia uni multi sexual asexual auto hetero euk

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