Unit 2 on Evolution

Question Answer
Definition of Evolution The process that explains why species change overtime
What did Darwin conclude about the finches and tortises ? He concluded that the finches and tortises were slightly different because they all changed to adapt to the environment they were currently living in.
Example of structural adaptation The blubber that keeps the whales warm
Example of behavioral adapation When animals go into hibernation
The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection that the inherited traits of a population change over time.
what is fitness? is a species or organisms survival skill. There might be a strong organism, but if it sticks out somewhere it would most likely be killed.
What are inheriteted traits? are features that are passed from generation to another
What are acquired traits? traits organisms develop over a lifetime.
Why are dog breeds an example of artificial selection? Because humans have artificially selected dogs breed to create new dog breeds.
Fossil record Fossils and what order they appear
How do scientists determine the age of fossils? Relative and Absolute Dating(Radiometric dating)
Homologous structures are structures that are similar because they were inherited by a common ancestor.
Example of Homologous structure are bats and cats.
Analogous structures are structures that have a similar function in unrelated organisms.
Example of Analogous structures T fly and bird.
Vestigial structures . Two examples of vestigial structures are hind leg bones of whale fossils and blind cave fish. are structures that have lost their original function through evolution
Two examples of vestigial structures are Two examples of vestigial structures are hind leg bones of whale fossils and blind cave fish.
Embryology supports the theory of evolution it shows that an organism changed from using the structure to not using the structure, or using it for a different purpose.
How can a person determine what certain traits an organism has? by looking at a evolutionary trees.
Macroevolution is the big changes that happen that result to the creation of a new species.
What is a species ? is a group of organisms that have similar characteristics and can mate with one another to produce offspring. The offspring of two members of the same species must also be able to reproduce.
Speciation can occur in two ways ___ and ____? geographic and behavioral isolation.
How old is earth? 4.4 to 4.57 billion year old
A geologic time scale is……. Is a that scientists can track events that happened on Earth.
The Law of Superposition…… in undistributed sedimentary rocks the oldest rock layers are at the bottom and the youngest rock layer are at the top.
Relative dating??? is when they order events, but do not put actual date.
Absolute dating??? is when they order events, but put the exact date and time.


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