Unit 2 Vocabulary

Term Definition
Solution a combination of one substance dissolved evenly in another.
Properties can change when mixed.
Can be separated.
Mixture a combination of two or more substances.
Properties do not change when mixed
Can be separated
Dissolve Dissolve is when a substance breaks down into smaller pieces and is spread evenly into another substance.
Soluble Able to be dissolved in a liquid.
Example: Salt is soluble in water
Insoluble not able to be dissolved in a liquid
Density Float=less dense
Sink=more dense
Physical States of Matter Solid,
change by add or remove heat
Mass the amount of matter in something, measure in grams
Magnetism Magnetic Metals:
Steel, Iron, Nickel,Cobalt
Volume The amount of space an object takes up
Measured in mL(milliters)
Conductors All metals are good conductors of electricity and heat
Copper, Aluminum,steel are conductors.
Solubility One substance dissolves in another substance
Appearance Color, texture, shape.
Size=cm, grams
Insulators Do not allow electricity or heat to flow through.
Rubber, plastic,wood
Freezing Point of Water 0 degrees Celsius
Boiling Point of Water 0 degrees Celsius
Standard Unit of Temperature we use in Science Celcius
Boiling Point of Water 100 degree Celsius
Type of Energy must be Added or Removed from matter for it to change states Heat
Room Temperature in Celsius 25 degrees Celsius
Do we measure temperature in Science class in Fahrenheit? NO! We measure temperature in Science Class in Celsius.
What are the three states of Matter? Solid, Liquid and Gas
Magnets with Like Poles Repel
Magnets with Opposite Poles Attract
Graduated Cylinder container used to measure Volume of a Liquid in mL (milliters)
Ruler measures length in cm or mm(centimeters or millimeters)
Triple Beam Balance measures mass in grams

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