Unit 680 and 681 Manage and Improve own performance in a business environment Essay

Unit 680 Manage own performance in a business environment You can either write a statement on the following points or make notes ready to have a taped discussion at our next visit. What guidelines, procedures and codes of practice do you have to follow at work? Guidelines, procedures and codes of practice that relate to my work are very important as each of them gives me critical information on how to perform my Job effectively and safely. Failing to follow these could potentially hurt myself, others or even more cause problems for the company I work for by falling foul of legislation. ?? Clean as you go policy in operation. Pedestrians on despatch, packaging store and vacuum coolers area procedures ??? Cleaning ??? Packaging Stock Racking ??? Manual Handling ??? Receipt of Packaging Deliveries Explain the purpose of planning work, and being accountable to others for your own work Planning is important to manage my time in a constructive way to complete the actions to be carried out. Planning helps to be organised and makes that my work can be more efficient.

Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing realistic targets for your work Very important for targets to be realistic is compromise between employee and employer. Clear timetable avoid unnecessary stress and give satisfaction of completing on target. Explain how to agree realistic targets for your work I can agree realistic targets for my work by trying and making sure that they are possible to do in the time I have been given and with the resources I can use and still have time to complete another task allocated to me.

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Unit 680 and 681 Manage and Improve own performance in a business environment Essay
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Describe ways of how you could plan your work to meet your agreed deadlines. To meet agreed deadlines I should make a list of work that needs to be done together with any required dates. I should plan ahead what resources I have got available. Don’t promise what I can deliver and ommunicate with my colleagues and team leader/manager if I think I am not going to be able to complete my deadline. Explain the purpose of keeping other people informed about your progress. It’s important to avoid disappoint the expectation, received help if necessary or creating new, more realistic deadlines.

Explain the purpose and benefits of letting other people know if your work plans need to be changed It is important to give people notice if I need to revise my work plans because my team leader/manager could help me if I need it. If I don’t keep them informed they can assume I am on target and this could cause a lot of problems to y colleagues, managers and to me. Describe types of problems that may occur types of problems that may occur during your work are: – Computer crashing – work not getting saved – Power cuts – Photocopier runs out of toner – Photocopier runs out paper.

Describe ways of seeking assistance with getting help to resolve problems manager or colleges ??? looking in internet attended for course ??? ask Explain the purpose and benefits of recognising and learning from your mistakes ??? Avoid making the same mistakes (or similar mistakes) in the future, ???Thereby make more right decisions and fewer wrong decisions, ???Enjoy more success and less ailure. Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing and setting high standards for your own work It will help me to do the best I can and help me get recognised at work in a positive way.

When high standards are set, it challenges me, gives me bigger motivation and helps me to improve myself. Setting high standards also ensures that the work you do is of a good enough standard and fits in with the company’s principles. Describe ways of setting high standards for your work Setting high standards involves discussions with my line manager around the tasks that I have been set and have set myself. This involves agreeing how to manage and improve my own performance and accept plans for own work and its delivery whilst also behaving in a way that encourages effective working.

I also use feedback from my line manager during these discussions to agree ways to improve my own work and put improvements into practice. This in return helps to set high standards for my work. Explain the purpose and benefits of taking on new challenges if they arise The purpose of taking on new challenges shall they arise is vital to success. By not challenging oneself, the same pattern of mediocrity or self-defeating attitude persists. One cannot grow without moving onto bigger, better, and more challenging ordeals.

Thus the benefits are that of self-growth opportunities and a gaining of new skills and confidence. Explain the purpose and benefits of adapting to change The purpose of adapting to change is to understand the world is always shifting. There is never a moment where circumstances and situations do not change. The benefits of adapting are great- new situations are not intimidating but opportunities Explain the purpose and benefits of treating others with honesty, respect and consideration The purpose of treating others with respect, honesty, and onsideration is to provide a hospitable environment.

One cannot succeed alone- so often the help of others is required to complete an important task. Also, interpersonal relationships aid in self-confidence and positive work completion. Getting along with others is also proven to provide mental and physical health benefits. By listening and respecting one another, tasks get done much quicker and with higher quality and care. Explain why your own behaviour in the workplace is important One’s behavior is vital to the workplace because every person plays an important role in the community.

One person’s negative outlook can disrupt the progress of those around that person. The workplace can immediately become a hostile environment due to the action or attitude of a single person. Describe types of behaviour at work that show honesty, respect and consideration and those that do not Ideal types of behavior that display honesty, respect, and consideration are listening to others’ ideas and providing thoughtful feedback, being sensitive to the needs of others, seeking a solution that will benefit all, cooperating with coworkers, treating others fairly and with dignity, among many others.

Some negative behaviors are belittling coworkers, isolating oneself from the community, ignoring the opinions of others, having a selfish attitude, seeking for self-advancement while disregarding the efforts of others, and spreading false information about others are examples among other terrible ways of conducting oneself.

For this next section you will need to give actual examples of tasks that you have been set at work: Give me an example of a target that you were set at work, how did you plan the task to make sure that you completed the task to the agreed deadline? What guidelines and procedures did you have to follow to complete this task? My target: Authorize hours, packaging store, print room and box making area. Deadline: all hours have to be checked and authorize before Monday 10:30 ??? Plan: Generate lh to 1. h quiet time (no phone calls or other task to do) during day usually between 8:30-10:00 when all managers have morning meetings ???collect all time sheets before fill up KPI’s (key performance indicator) in this same time where I need record all hours and workers what give me clear results if I missed somebody ??? Monday orning: double check by printing reports Give me an example of a mistake that you have made at work, how did you take responsibility this and learn from it?

Mistake: Sorting workers in “Logitime” by Job code what resulted in miss pay due to incorrect authorized. I have to meet with all people who received not all them payment and explain that it was my mistake also here about all the arguments. you, why they needed your help and what you did to make sure the task was completed on time. Despatch department ask me to cover a few day during they admin need have to a day off in busy time.

First my supervisor asks me do I’m willing to help then I meet with Desp. Manager and agreed days. I always take with me some my Job Just in case if the day will not be very busy and I have time to do a bit. Unit 681 Improve own performance in a business environment Explain the purpose and benefits of continuously improving your performance at work This improves the quality of my work which in turn proves that I am capable of further responsibility.

More experience and responsibility could be useful in gaining future Job roles. Explain the purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from other eople The purpose of feedback is to let me know what I am doing is correct or incorrect. Opinion of others can let us find correct way to meet targets. Explain how learning and development can improve your own work, benefit organisations, and identify career options Learning and development brings you knew knowledge and skills.

This improves your marketability in obtaining a Job and increases your value to your employer and helps provide that you keep your Job and hopefully advance with the company that you are working for. Describe what possible career progression routes are available to you ???become a upervisor or manager in my department progress to work in transport what is my goal Give me an example of a time when you were given feedback at work, explain what the feedback was and how you used this feedback to improve your own work.

In our company is used “Employee Performance Review’. It is a form which is filling periodically by team leader or manager and each of its point is discussed with the employee. At the end is issued rating from 1 to 4. Gives it clear feedback of progress and shows what need to be improved also gives good motivation if the score is high.


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