United Arab Emirates population’s impact on water resources Essay


Presently, UAE faces enormous challenges in achieving environmentally sustainable position and going more immune to climate alteration as the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) has been regarded as one of the driest states of the universe with really low degree of renewable H2O resources far below the UN H2O scarceness threshold of 1,000 three-dimensional meters per capita per annum. Until now, such enormous demand has been met through the development of groundwater resources and desalinated H2O with the ruinous consequence of decrease in groundwater supply by 18 per cent since 2003, as the entire H2O ingestion exceeds 24 times the natural recharge capacity. At this rate, as per the estimations of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, 1.8 billion people will endure from deficiency of H2O by 2025.The ingestion of H2O and its related challenges assume importance in UAE as it has been observed through assorted studies & A ; diaries that the extent of handiness of renewable H2O resource in the Gulf states is among the lowest in the universe.

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United Arab Emirates population’s impact on water resources Essay
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As per the findings of the recent Food Security study published by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development ( AFED ) , the handiness of H2O resources in the United Arab Emirates every bit good as all the other Gulf states was alarmingly low with less than 100 three-dimensional meters per capita every twelvemonth vis-a-vis 6,000 three-dimensional meters per capita which is the industry criterion globally. Further, to boot 13 other gulf states including Oman and Jordan were grouped as H2O scarce up to a terrible extent at less than 500 three-dimensional meters per capita. As a corollary to the aforesaid job, the study besides states that as more than half of the UAE’s basic nutrient demand is imported, the region’s domestic harvest productiveness and irrigation efficiency are sub criterion and high losingss have been were reported in station crop transit stage or other parts of the nutrient concatenation.

The same assumes great importance to me every bit good as the full community of the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) , as such rapid depletion of natural resources every bit good as non-availability of natural resources such as H2O can drastically take to alter is lifestyle and put enormous force per unit area on bing resources in the absence of any remedial steps by the Government or the community at big.

Collecting Data & A ; Information:

The readying of the study takes into history assorted informations collected from secondary beginnings such as books, articles, diaries, newspapers, research documents available both on-line & A ; offline towards the apprehension of UAE’s current state of affairs on the environmental sustainability map. Upon perusing of such articles & A ; documents, it was apparent that the consequence was an pressing demand to better the current scenario of alarmingly low degrees of H2O resources which assumes greater importance in position of important force per unit area on the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) ’s bing resources due to the inflow of exiles due to globalisation of rapid enlargement of the economic system at big.

Analysis of consequences:

However, in recent times, there has been a widespread realisation at the political degree that H2O direction is required for the farther growing narrative of UAE apart from taking enterprises to increasing supply through desalinization, successful development of the state. In 2005, a cardinal milepost in this respect was achieved with the constitution of the Ministry of Environment and Water. Over the last decennary, the demand for proper H2O resource direction and the decreased use of H2O demand have been highlighted on several occasions, with increased consciousness runs launched at both the local and national degrees.

Further, the legal facets have besides been considered earnestly when it comes to environmental ordinance. The Government of UAE has been working on H2O preservation jurisprudence, which aims at seting in topographic point an established legal mechanism for the direction and usage of H2O in the part. At the regional degree, Abu Dhabi established a jurisprudence necessitating boring contractors working in Abu Dhabi to hold a boring licence. The United Arab Emirate Chief has besides issued a figure of other environmental ordinances refering to saving of H2O, including commission degree determinations on groundwater direction and an administrative order that aims at modulating imbibing H2O.

This apart another manner which has been resorted towards controling demand for H2O usage is through bear downing of fees for H2O use. In January 2011, the Government announced new H2O and electricity duties ; although the same was non made applicable for UAE subjects for their houses and farms. In add-on to the same, in August 2011, it was interesting to observe that the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy announced the absence of any farther hikings of H2O and electricity charges over the following old ages. The attendant solution was that the whole duty system turned out to be rather complex and has given rise to a larger argument over the degree of charges paid by exiles vis-a-vis UAE subjects.

In continuance of the legal developments, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has late launched the Zera’atona run, aimed at mainstreaming agricultural policies, including strengthening of the legal model every bit good as proviso of support to husbandmans.


The demand of the hr is to better irrigation efficiency of the full Gulf part. If the same is enhanced from 46 per cent 70 per cent, it could ensue in nest eggs of around 50 billion three-dimensional meters of H2O which is adequate to bring forth more than 30 million metric tons of cereals. The significance if the same can be understood organize the fact that the same sums to about 50 per cent of entire imports of cereals in the part. The cardinal attack to the job of H2O & A ; nutrient security needs to be altered after giving due acceptance to the environment, clime, H2O scarceness and dependence on 3rd party providers for nutrient merchandises which is required in this part. A greater version towards newer engineerings like solar desalinization workss and enhanced dealingss with adjacent states can travel a long manner in guaranting a sustainable supply of nutrient. Further, greater engagement of the private sector entities in add-on to the sustained attempts of the Government can travel a long manner in guaranting that the private sector entities get the right engineering at the right value. In the event that sustainable nutrient security makes a sound concern proposition to the private sector, the Government subsides can besides be reduced commensurately thereby cut downing the financial load on the company and supplying the necessary drift for greater engagement of the community at big. The above statement assumes importance as some of the private sector entities take attention of the full nutrient ironss system get downing from farming all twelvemonth about to bringing of concluding goods to consumers.


In the visible radiation of the aforementioned treatment, in my personal sentiment, there are two countries of policies which should be considered compulsorily with the purpose of measuring UAE population’s impact on H2O resources. The first country trades with population policies, while the 2nd one trades with H2O direction schemes. In position of the high net migration rate in the UAE, greater importance should be placed on migration direction in the part as a portion of the population policies. The same need non see the birthrate facet as aggregative birthrate rates for both UAE subjects and exiles are low at 1.9 ) , and they in themselves do non account for a major factor in population addition.

Traditionally, due to the demand for both inexpensive labour & A ; accomplishments, the UAE has had adopted an unfastened policy with regard to migration. It was in 1976 that the UAE Government officially announced its degree of international migration as satisfactory, but besides expressed the desire to cut down the same as it was excessively high, and the official policy to lower in-migration degree was announced. Therefore, a focussed scheme towards designation of the businesss where phasing out of exiles was to be done on a precedence footing was decided on the portion of the disposal of several GCC states. The banking and public dealingss sectors are illustrations of such businesss which have been considered in the UAE. In line with the aforesaid developments, late, employers in Dubai are now required to adhere to a new work license quota system and are besides bound to obtain pre-approval certification in order to patronize persons for work intents.

As portion of the agricultural policy model, engineering researches every bit good as incremental sweetenings in the regulative government are the cardinal demands soon. Other steps such as imparting support to local husbandmans, accent on water-saving irrigation engineerings and increased use of effluent besides needs to be incorporated within the overall model of UAE’s agricultural policy. Further, in the instance of imported nutrient, tight controls demands to be exercised to guarantee the quality of imported green goods every bit good as heightening the capacity of stockpiling of cardinal harvests which needs to be executed along with preservation of cherished H2O reservoirs. This apart, multinational cooperation, which has already begun to take topographic point, is besides of import from preservation position.

At the single degree every bit good preservation should be encouraged through public consciousness runs with a position to spread outing the current range of audiences. Additionally, preservation should be besides be preached through high duties for transcending certain ceilings for both subjects of the United Arab Emirates every bit good as aliens alternatively of trusting merely on consciousness runs. The H2O and electricity consciousness issue could besides be incorporated in the standard visa application procedure as a agency of increasing awareness degree among incoming rider degrees. Further, integrating classs could be developed for non-nationals, including guidelines on H2O salvaging & A ; its importance on humanity & A ; world.

To conserve the whole procedure of H2O resource direction system, several other stairss besides needs to be undertaken such as the present system of bing H2O subsidies should be reconsidered & amp ; bit by bit abandoned as statistics have reported that H2O is presently sold at 25 per centum below its cost monetary value in the markets when the normal demand & A ; supply factors are allowed to run freely in the economic system. At the upper limit, subsidies could be granted to merely those who have made an equal economy of H2O over a given period, or to below poorness line households. In order to eliminate this issue for good, determination shapers at all degrees need to be involved in the procedure of H2O direction scheme.

There is besides a pressing demand for H2O resources to be evaluated and monitored, and doing both trans-regional and multinational cooperation a top precedence at the cardinal degree. This apart, the top cardinal degree commission representatives should besides integrate H2O issues in cross-sectoral policy dockets. Such political persuasion should besides include other countries impacting H2O, such as trade, fabrication, agribusiness, or migration so as to hold holistic impact.

An effort and vision demands to be incorporated so that United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) may take the lead in recommending for H2O and sanitation issues at the planetary forum, such as the UN. To guarantee the demand & A ; supply side balance increased enterprises demands to be undertaken for farther investings in clean, eco-friendly desalinization along with investings in storage installations. The UAE Government may besides see bi-lateral cooperation pacts with other “water rich countries” and other provinces confronting similar jobs, including provinces as Singapore or Australia. Therefore, to guarantee that population growing does non represent a menace to the UAE’s H2O resources, technological progresss, an equal regulative model, and close cooperation with adjacent states needs to be undertaken for higher socio-economic development of the part.


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