Universal Language Essay

ABSTRACT: English is a universally speaking language which is accepted as “Global lingua franca” of the people. The largest professional engineering organizations use English as their primary language. The main objective is to encourage students to actively involve in participate learning of English and to acquire Communication Skills. But most of the rural people do not able to communicate freely during Campus Interviews. In order to face those problems, we need more practical training and we wants to study about Phonetics. SYNOPSIS: ? Introduction Language ? Communication ? Role of English ? Technical English in Engineering ? Key features ? Course Objectives ? Importance of technical English ? Cons ? Need a Change ? Suggestions. ENGINEERING ENGLISH NEEDS A CHANGE WITH CHALLENGE Introduction: English language is widely usable language as a medium of communication. People in different countries speak different languages with their vernacular language they cannot communicate in other parts. For the professional students, technical English help the students to improve the Communicative skills.

Language: “Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow “– Oliver Wendell Holmes. According to Encyclopedia defines language as “A system of conventional spoken or written symbols by means of which human beings as members of a social group and participants in its culture, communicate”. • To a Socialist it is a vehicle of communication between members of social group. • To an anthropologist it is a form of cultural behaviour. • To a student of literature it may be considered as an artistic medium. To a Technical Professionals it is a tool for Communication. Communication: Communication is nothing but the sharing of ideas. English language Knowledge for engineering enabling them to Communicate more confidently and effectively with colleagues and customers which develops the communication skills. Communication is not only important in Your Organization but also in our daily life. Role of English: • English is an international language so it acts as a medium of Communication for people of different countries. English is easy as compared to other languages. • English makes a standard for a person in the society. • We are own by our language, its use, pronunciation, accent etc… • A person with poor English is often characterized as an illiterate man. Knowledge of English can open the doors to opportunities all over the globe. It is an easy access to information and technology. It can be used to communicate and transfer our thoughts. We need to Know about the proper usage of language. Technical English in Engineering Field:

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Engineering English provides students with extensive, systematic and well-integrated practice in the productive and receptive skills necessary for successful communication in both oral and written forms of language. The course embodies a multi-syllabus approach and a wide variety of presentation methodology. Emphasis on systematic learning of grammar and vocabulary is balanced with the development of linguistic skills. Key Features: • A regular focus on technical and semi-technical vocabulary enables learners to become familiar with and practice using the specialist language they need for work. Authentic texts and realistic tasks help to prepare learners for their everyday working lives. • An emphasis on listening and speaking helps the learners to develop their communicative skills. Course Objectives: • To develop an understanding of current theory and practice in computer technology, computing and IT. • To acquire a sound, professional understanding and knowledge of computer technology, computing, IT and Computer software. • To develop effective technical English and professional communication skills. • Built appropriate technical vocabulary and necessary technical skills related to communication, computing and IT. Develop confidence and fluency in the English language to Upper- Intermediate level. Georges explains that the purpose of technical writing is to inform and persuade; the subjects are things and development; and its characters are direct, objective and specific. The aim of this paper is to improve students need and attitude. Importance of technical English: • To help students to develop listening skills for academic and professional purposes. • To help students to acquire the ability to speak more effectively in English in real-life situations. To inculcate reading habits and to develop effective reading skills. • To help students improve their active and passive vocabulary. • To familiarize students with different rhetorical functions of scientific English. • To enable students write letters and reports effectively in format and business situations. Cons: Even though Technical English helps the students to develop the communicative skills, at the end of the third year or at the beginning of fourth year, IT companies visit campuses to recruit candidates to their companies.

Candidates with good communication skills and soft skills taste success and those who lack such skills become DEPRESSED AND FRUSTRATED”. Very often recruiters complain that about 50% of students do not have employability skills. Need to change: The changes that I want to made in Technical English are • Need a Practical training for Speaking politely and convincingly. • Able to distinguishing between formal and informal speech. • Have a practice for active listening and writing reports. Have to introduce the training about “PHONETICS” – a science which deals with the pronunciation and representation of the sounds of speech. • The manner in which the human beings perceive sounds through the ear. The Students must Know, how to speak to a group and to give the oral presentations. Suggestions: Finally I conclude myself with a suggestion that in technical English our expectation is to conduct more DEBATES, GROUP DISCUSSIONS and PAPER PRESENTATIONS to improve our own creative skills. By introducing Phonetics, We can able to shine in abroad in our future.


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