Usb Modem Facility In Telecommunication Commerce Essay

The company can accomplish competitory advantage by establishing the engineering in the force concern universe by following appropriate scheme. In this instance the company can follow the Value concatenation method to heighten the productiveness. Here the Vodafone launch the Dongles in the telecommunication sector for the consumer. To acquire efficiency of this merchandise the company should follow the external and internal activities which can accomplish by integrate the scheme with the engineering in the company.


In the aggressive concern universe, the company can derive competitory advantage by following effectual attack. In this instance the Vodafone launch the Dongles in the telecommunication market. The telecommunication market is a perfect competitory market where many organisations produce the merchandises. So to vie in the market the company should take the appropriate attack to confront the external and internal opposition. The proper scheme should follow by the company and the engineering should be integrated with scheme of the company.

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Usb Modem Facility In Telecommunication Commerce Essay
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The Elective Industry:

To depict the impact of engineering, the telecommunication industry is chosen because this sector is continues altering industry which can contrive new chance and challenge for the telecommunication company. In this instance, we choose Vodafone which is most advanced every bit good as the largest nomadic telecommunication web company in UK. The Vodafone Company has developed in 1982.

The Vodafone is one of the taking transnational companies in the universe. This company has a important function in the telecommunication sector. Because of its efficient productiveness in the nomadic telecommunication sector, the Vodafone can set up itself as a universe largest transnational company harmonizing to the World Invest Report 2004. This company can derive uninterrupted growing every bit good as success by supplying extended nomadic telecommunication service and the communicating of voice every bit good as informations. Therefore, Vodafone Company has an tremendous activity in investing, invention and important client service which help the company to derive every bit good as to supply important benefit in the nomadic communicating industry in the universe.

The Technology In the Vodafone Telecommunication Company:

The Vodafone provides ‘Mobile Broadband Dongles ‘ which is the most advanced and efficient engineering in the telecommunication industry. This engineering enhances the communicating chances and provides the flexibleness which induces the consumer to run into their demands. ‘Mobile Broadband Dongles ‘ is normally USB modem stick which exploits the consumer communicating demand.

This technological merchandise enhances the concern profitableness for the Vodafone. By presenting this extremely advanced technological merchandise aid Vodafone to heighten the fight among the other telecommunication companies benefits for Introducing the Technology:

By presenting this company, the Vodafone achieve the big market portion in the telecommunication industry like:

Enhancing the Business Tendency:

Vodafone can heighten the profitableness and fight by presenting ‘Dongles ‘ among all other communicating service for the client. As a consequence this company accomplish the high growing concern tendency in the telecommunication sector.

Alter the Basis of Competition:

By presenting the Dongles, the fight of the company increased and to percipate in this volatility concern universe, all competitory company would wish to follow engineering based concern scheme

Addition Market Share:

Vodafone can accomplish the larger the market portion by presenting this engineering because it enhance the communicating chances for the client and the client can utilize this any topographic point.

Change for the Technology:

When any company introduce the engineering, the company should pull off the engineering as a efficient mode to work the consumer demand every bit good as to take part in the aggressive concern universe. The company should execute efficaciously to pull off the engineering expeditiously such as:

Introducing the employees like any establishment or single to heighten the productiveness of the invention.

Keep concern on the purchase of the company.

Finding other technological company to take the technological support to drive the invention such as package.

Provide indispensable support to develop the engineering.

Introducing new or efficient direction or direction squad.

So to heighten the productiveness of the invention, the company should follow several attacks to trip the new invention such as

Trip The Technology:

External Activate:

The company should trip external environment to heighten the productiveness for the invention. To present the invention consumer pick will be changed, new rivals will be entered in the market, new govt jurisprudence or statute law will be developed, the domestic and planetary environment will be alteration and the societal and cultural value will be altered.

Internal Activate:

By presenting the new engineering, the substructure of the company will be changed such as enlisting the new employees, heighten the preparation installation, reallocation of resources and duties. The industry sector of this company will be restructured for the invention. In add-on the location of the company should be changed to acquire the production related resources easy. To do celebrated the invention the merchandise service or launch design should be improved.

Therefore to heighten the popularity of the new invention the company should take some stairss. In order to make that the company should take planned scheme to work the benefit from the invention. The company should take effectual mode and activity in the production procedure and to accomplish the popularity the company should take the some stairss and to take the jurisprudence and research in the production procedure. The company can derive efficiency by lower cost and effectivity by higher productiveness and to take the stairss which are good for the company. The proper integrating should be adopted and proper panning should take in the production procedure, the company can heighten the merchandise distinction in the aggressive market by following the efficient planning.

Change Of program:

To present the Dongles, Vodafone adopt some attack to alter the program of the company. That means the company can the determination to travel from one province to another for the production which can be explained by the undermentioned factors such as:

Change for increase:

The company ‘s will be alteration to bring forth effectual and advanced merchandise by bettering bing jurisprudence, ordinance and system.

Change for new scheme:

The scheme of the company will be alteration to bring forth the efficient new scheme and ends for the company.

Change for transmutation:

If the production of the new invention is needed to transformational alteration so the company should take to take some stairss to heighten the productiveness

Harmonizing to Kurt Lewin, the company ‘s planning alteration constitute the three facets like

Unfreezing: The Company ‘s current province.

Passage: alteration for the new province or new methodological analysis.

Refreezing: set up the new alteration.





Therefore be aftering alteration is an indispensable measure to heighten the invention productiveness.

Management of the Technology:

The company of the Vodafone should take attack to heighten the alteration of the organisation or to prolong the alteration in the long tally. The attacks such as

Trigger Layer:

The company should concern about the market conditions for the invention alteration. The chance should place and should take appropriate stairss to establish the Dongles in the competitory market. In add-on the volatility of the telecommunication market should be a mentionable factor for the company to work the benefits of the invention.

Vision Layer:

The company should hold clear thought about the hereafter of the engineering every bit good as challenge of the engineering.

Conversion Layer:

The construction of the engineering should be explained in item to heighten the productiveness and to pull the client for this engineering.

Care and Renewal Layer:

The Vodafone Company should be confident to establish this new engineering in the aggressive telecommunication market.

The value concatenation of the engineering:

The Vodafone adopts the value concatenation activities to heighten the productiveness by spliting the program of the organisation in several parts. So, the company able to acquire higher net income than the cost. Harmonizing to Michael Porter ( Comparative Advantage 1985 ) , the company should follow the several phases of activities to heighten the net income than the cost which can be shown from the undermentioned figure:










D Selling






Gross saless


So the company ‘s border will be depends on the several factors:

The substructure of the company

The direction of Human resources

Development of Technology

Processing for the production

The Porter ‘s value Chain activity is so of import to vie in the aggressive competitory market.

The competitory Advantage:

The company can acquire the competitory advantage by accomplishing the cost advantage and distinction advantage. Harmonizing to Porter it can be shown in the undermentioned figure:

Differentiation focal point


Cost focal point

Cost leading

Figure 3: Manner of Business Activities

The cost advantage means the company are able to bring forth goods and services at a lower cost and distinction agencies to bring forth sole good which can pull the consumer in the telecommunication sector.

Here the cost advantage depends on the undermentioned factors:

Economicss of graduated table.


Proper Activity.

Relationship within the concern sectors.

Methods to cut down cost.


Organizational factor to bring forth goods.

The distinction advantage can be gained by following the undermentioned factors:

The organisation location.

Integrate the concern sector.

Different methodological analysis to derive the advantage.

Efficient activity to derive in the competitory market.

Therefore to vie in the market, the company should accomplish the effectivity and efficiency of the engineering.

Resistance To the alteration:

The company have to confront the challenge to present the engineering in the competitory market.

There is some menace in the market to establish the engineering. Harmonizing to Huczynksi & A ; Buchanan 2001 ) opposition mean the challenge for the company that has to follow to establish the engineering and that will be the menace for the other organisation.

Beginnings of opposition:

The opposition has to confront the company to present the new invention in the market.

There are several beginnings for the opposition such as:

Self Interest.

Misconstruing and deficiency of cooperation.

Difficult attack to bring on the client.

Law and statute law for the alteration.

Slovene for Resistance:

The company should take several stairss to avoid the opposition. Harmonizing to Tony Eccles ( 1994 ) the undermentioned stairss should be allow:

The vision and end for the alteration

Proper power to move

Efficient resources to bring forth

Accountability of the company

Capacity to larn the engineering.

Incorporate the engineering with concern scheme:

The company should integrate the technological scheme with the concern scheme to vie in the aggressive concern universe. The company should allow stairss to heighten the capableness of the house. The cognition should be managed decently in the company. Knowledge direction means capturing and geting the cognition as efficaciously than the other organisation. The company should take cognition as an plus, knowledge appraisal and make the the environment for the cognition. if the company can non take the proper stairss to heighten the capablenesss of the cognition it is non possible to prolong the net income from the engineering. In this instance the company should follow proper methodological analysis to heighten the cognition and to enroll the employee who is efficient to drive the engineering. The company scheme should be advanced to increase the capacity of the engineering.





The Vodafone Company should take the appropriate stairss to prolong the benefit from the engineering. The company should take the appropriate stairss to heighten the capableness because the telecommunication industry is so aggressive to vie in the market. To trip the engineering the company should promote all sectors and take enterprises to pull off the engineering. To vie in the market the company should be efficient that means the company should bring forth the merchandise at a appropriate mode and should derive the effectivity from the engineering. In the competitory telecommunication industry, the company will hold to derive the Porter ‘s Value Chain method where the company has to derive efficiency and effectivity by following the cost advantage or distinction advantage. So the company should do the scheme which is enable the company to efficiency and follow the appropriate methods to derive effectivity of the engineering. That means the company should bring forth the engineering or to establish the engineering at a lower cost or disbursal and bring forth best quality of engineering.


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