Use of Sustainable Materials in Construction Essay

  1. Introduction

Belum Eco Resort or better known as the Belum Rainforest Resort is one of the 100 islands located in the Tasik Belum, Perak. It is located really near to the celebrated Royal Belum National Park. Belum Rainforest is an island free from air and noise pollution. It is besides the largest manmade lake in Perak and it is15, 200 hectares large. Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve ( BTFR ) is among the last leftover virgin forest in Malaysia where biodiversity is practically unhurt. The Belum Rainforest Resort is one of Malaysia ‘s premier ecotourism vacation finishs until today. Set in the thick of a tropical Eden, Pulau Banding, the Belum Rainforest Resort, is everything nature-lovers and holiday-goers expect in a getaway finish. This island is a topographic point with complete relaxation and repose. It is surrounded by stupefying positions and milieus. This adventuresome island is decidedly deserving a visit for those who wants to acquire near to the nature.

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Use of Sustainable Materials in Construction Essay
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Belum Eco Resort’s ( BER ) design revolves around green eco construct. Until today, BER continues to proudly pattern ‘Responsible Tourism ‘ . The development of the resort was wholly manmade and hand-built, without utilizing any engineering.


Sustainable stuffs are stuffs that can be used throughout our mundane lives and it is used in the present without compromising its handiness for usage by latter coevalss. It besides means that sustainable stuffs are stuffs that can be produced in needed volumes without consuming non-renewable resources and besides without interrupting the equilibrium of the environment. A sustainable stuff used in a edifice normally benefits the worlds and besides the general environment. It is this sustainability that is maintaining the environment ecosystem balanced and it is really suiting the Earth. It is non easy to to the full depict what a sustainable stuff is and the best manner of explicating it is to look at it as the stuffs that are being used to accomplish environmental benefits unlike any other conventional stuffs. Sustainable stuffs do portion some general features which are the natural copiousness, the aid to pull out some sum of energy used and besides the aid of recycling.


Both the Villa and the modern house are built utilizing strengthened concrete as their edifice construction. Reinforced concrete, in its many signifiers, is an of import edifice stuff that can supply many sustainable advantages by virtuousness of its economic building, thermic mass, lastingness, fire opposition, acoustic public presentation, adaptability and recyclability. Concrete is one of the sustainable edifice stuffs that is ever being used in most edifices and when both the energy consumed during its industry and its built-in belongingss in-use are taken into history. Whereas, reinforced concrete, it is a composite stuff consisting concrete and steel. Concrete provides high compressive strength while steel on the other manus provides its tensile strength in the signifier of embedded reinforcing bars and mesh. Reinforced concrete is chosen to be used in both the Villa and the modern house because concrete is a friend of the environment in all phases of its life span, from natural stuff production to destruction, doing it a natural pick for sustainable place building. Besides that, reinforced concrete building has besides been developed for low-energy building and therefore it is really suited to be used in both the Villa and the modern house.

Other than that, the similar sustainable stuffs used the in the Villa and the modern house is steel. This is because steel is an first-class reclaimable stuff. Steel can besides be recycled from clip to clip without any want in the belongingss or even the quality of the steel public presentation. Steel building in the industry nowadays has ever been outstanding in the low waste certificates during all life rhythm phases of the edifice. It is the fact where steel building generates really small waste. Any waste generated during building of steel is being recycled. This is hence, non even any waste from steel merchandises on the building site can be found. Steel is chosen to be used as stairwaies in both the Villa and the modern house in the Belum Rainforest Resort because steel has one of the topmost strength to burden ratio of any other building stuff. Other than that, steel besides provides a clean, effectual and fast building technique, which will non impact the edifice activities on the environment of the Belum Rainforest Resort. The full steel used as the stairwaies at that place in the Villa and the modern house are 100 % reclaimable.

Last, the similar sustainable stuff used in the Villa and the modern house in Belum Rainforest Resort is glass. Glass produces really small environmental influence to the resort that will do it a good sustainable stuff of pick to be used in both the Villa and the modern house. In add-on to that, glass is made out of many uncontaminated stuffs that are non contaminated and its development procedure is extremely energy efficient that will merely necessitate low degree of H2O. The devising of glass and the building of glass really generates really small waste. Glass is used as Windowss, fanlights and gaps in the Villa and modern house. Glass is an ideal sustainable stuff to be used because even if the Windowss or the fanlights in the Villa and the modern house in the Belum Rainforest Resort is broken, the broken pieces of the glass are reclaimable. Therefore, this will contributes to flush lower environmental impact. Glass is besides really indispensable in the Villa and the modern house because glass allows maximal sunshine to perforate into the edifices and besides let maximal positions outside the edifices. These transparence feature of glass really particular among the sustainable edifice stuffs and it decidedly provide many advantages to both the Villa and the modern house.


In a sustainable edifice, professional workers like the designers, the applied scientists and the contractors are required to work together on the sustainable stuffs used and besides the stuff buildings. Sustainable design and its building method used really helps to cut down on emanations of contaminated gasses released into the earth’s ozone bed. It besides helps to diminish the H2O and energy costs. The advantages of utilizing sustainable stuffs in the Villa and the modern house can be normally be categorized in the subsequent methods which are the environmental advantages, economic advantages and societal advantages.

The chief ground of utilizing sustainable stuffs in the Villa and the modern house is to continue our female parent nature and avoid the decrease of the earth’s natural resources.

The environmental benefits when sustainable alterations are made throughout each phase of the project’s advancement in the Belum Rainforest Resort let us to protect the ecology of the celebrated Royal Belum National Park and to cut down emanations of contaminated gases. It besides helps to heighten the air and H2O value, continue H2O, lessening waste watercourses, preserve and reconstruct natural resource, helps to command and cut down waste and in conclusion, to command the temperature. Not merely does a sustainable stuff aid to better the quality of the environment in the Royal Belum Rainforest Resort but it besides has many commercial advantages every bit good. From the use of sustainable stuffs, diminishing energy consumption, and bettering H2O efficiency will let us to cut down the operating charges, helps to optimise the life rhythm of the Building, addition belongings value in Belum and better the figure of visitants coming to the celebrated Royal Belum Rainforest Resort. Eventhough the environmental and economic advantages of the sustainable stuffs and sustainable edifices are acknowledged, the societal advantages of the sustainable stuffs and the sustainable edifices are frequently non being taken into history. By polishing the interior ecological value in the Villa and the modern house, and at the same clip, we can besides better the visitants comfort and wellness. Besides that, we are able to make an aesthetically delighting environment in the Royal Belum Rainforest Resort. It besides helps to minimise the strain on local substructure, helps to increase the consciousness of the workers working in the resort and to increase the workers’ productiveness.


Basically, a sustainable building’s life clip environmental consequence embraces all working and exemplified constituents. Working impacts are those stuffs that consume energy when it is in usage whereas the exemplified impacts are ever because of the production and building of the edifice stuffs. The lastingness of strengthened concrete constructions in the Villa and the modern house in Belum Rainforest is largely reliant on the worth of the concrete, least sum of contraction or snap in the concrete, small to literally nil sum of oxidation of the strengthened steel in the strengthened concrete, remedial of concrete, and excellence organisation of strengthened concrete construction. If the concrete construction is decently designed and constructed it is traveling to be really long lasting and merely small care is required. The lastingness of the strengthened concrete in the Villa and the modern house is influenced by the exposure conditions or the country of exposure, the type of cement used and the quality of concrete used.

Steel is used as the stairway in the Villa and besides the modern house. One of the really good accounts for choosing steel stairwaies is their incredible strength and great lastingness. Steel stairwaies are really solid and are able of back uping immense measures of mass. This is really does non merely benefits the people who use the stepss but it besides means that we can really make more rare step programs. Steel itself is already really strong stuff and there is no demand to flush worry about the spread outing or catching of the steel in the conditions upsets in Malaysia. Plus, steel stairwaies will non decompose, deflection or even succumb to termites.The steel stairwaies in the Villa and besides the modern house are besides being preserved so that it won’t corrode or oxidise even if they are in contact with H2O or air.

Yet another ground steel stairway chosen to be built in the Villa and the modern house is because it is really sensible. Steel stairwaies, when it is decently conveying approximately, will last for more than ten old ages and merely really small care or even no care at all is needed. No replacing of structural constituent or picture is even needed at all because they last so long and they are really lasting.

The lastingness of glass can be witnessed in our mundane lives particularly in most metropoliss with ancient churches.Glass in the Villa is used at the Windowss, fanlights and gaps. Whereas, Glass in the modern house is used as Windowss. Glass has highly high lastingness and it will non interrupt at all unless it is smashed by utmost multitudes. If non, the glass will go on to remain the same for an drawn-out period of clip. Actually, a normal glass can already defy multitudes applied at fast rates and it is better than the same weight being pressured over a slower period. The lone thing is that glass really agonizes from the force per unit area oxidation.


Green edifice or sustainable edifice construct fundamentally concentrates chiefly on two points which is to better the efficiency of the edifices which consume energy, H2O and stuffs and besides to diminish the edifice footmark on the environment and besides the impact to the human’s wellness. All these can be taken through a better site choice, the design of the edifice, building method of the sustainable stuffs used in the Villa and the modern house, process taken, care when the work is done, and remotion throughout the complete life rhythm. The construct of green constructing includes and incorporates a fluctuation of attacks during the design, building and operation of edifice undertakings. The ingestion of green edifice stuffs and merchandises represents one of import scheme in the design of a edifice. By utilizing green edifice stuffs or sustainable stuffs, it brings a batch of advantages to everyone. By utilizing sustainable stuffs in the Villa and besides the modern house in Belum, it helps to cut down the care cost or the extra charges over the lifetime of the edifice because sustainable stuffs does non truly need care. Sustainable stuffs help to conserve energy in the Villa and besides the modern house. Besides that, it will besides assist to better occupant’s wellness and productiveness. Sustainable building stuffs are ever being used by many developers and its used in all the edifices in Belum Rainforest because it brings a batch of benefit and it has legion characteristics like nil or small injuriousness, great recyclability, nil or small off gassing of contaminated air discharges. Sustainable stuffs have really high lastingness, it can be reused and recycled, and it is sustainably harvested stuff.


Both the Villa and the modern house are built utilizing strengthened concrete as their edifice construction. However, both of these edifices have really different poetic quality. The use of strengthened concrete in the Villa makes the edifice expression immense and broad and therefore, it creates a really dramatic and welcoming feeling. In contrary to the former, the modern house itself has really limited country and the use of strengthened concrete in the edifice makes the modern house looks clean and the fact that the house is really really little is being concealed by the cleanliness and the simpleness of the strengthened concrete construction. The use of steel in the Villa in Belum Rainforest is used at the stairway and besides the Windowss bordering. Steel stairway in the Villa creates a really unfastened and light feeling as you are walking up and down the steps. This is because the stairway itself is really light and and because of the spreads between the railings and the holes on the paces and risers, it gives the user a really unfastened feeling and besides it creates a drifting feeling. The steel stepss in the modern house helps to soften the edifice because from far, the modern house fundamentally looks like a square concrete box and with the stepss, the modern house looks balanced with volume and geometry.

Glass is used in the Villa in Belum Rainforest as the gaps, fanlights and Windowss. The glass in the Villa creates a really unfastened country as if you’re standing or populating out-of-door following to the nature but you’re really indoor in an enclosed infinite. The poetic quality of the glass in the Villa is that it creates an out-of-door feeling even though you ‘re really indoor. Glass in the modern house is used as a frame. It frames the trees outside the modern house and it creates and excess infinite outside the modern house to give a feeling as if the modern house is really bigger than it is. It’s fundamentally helps to volumize the indoor and out-of-door infinite of the modern house.

7.0 Decision

The sustainable stuffs used in the Villa and besides the modern house in Belum has successfully made the edifice a green edifice and has successfully Increase the efficiency of the edifices which are utilizing energy, H2O and stuffs. It has besides successfully reduced the edifice effects of people’s wellness and besides the ambiance. The Villa is to keep any event and to suit friends and a few households while the modern is to merely suit a twosome or two friends. It is intriguing how these two edifices that were built utilizing the same edifice stuffs but have different poetic qualities in their edifice. The sustainable stuffs used in the two edifices have successfully created different poetic quality with the usage of the same stuffs. I feel that it is clip for the authorities and the developers to be cognizant of the importance of utilizing sustainable stuffs in a edifice to salvage the environment and besides the Earth.


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