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Braden Jarrell Mr. Dengler English 1010 30 October 2013 The Most Advanced IPhone Yet Get connected with the best cell phone 2013 has to offer. The new IPhone 5s is the most advanced phone out, yet apple kept the new IPhone very simple. If you have been a previous iPhone user or apple user this phone would be perfect for you, but if you previously used an android the switch of software’s is a difference. The iPhone 5s is an all-around perfect and simple phone for anyone. The users of this phone range from old to young; anyone can use this device and love it.

A lot of smart phones that are fully touch screen happen to be very complicated for a lot of users, but the iPhone is so simple and easy to understand very quickly. “Apple iPhone’s are so easy to use even a baby can use it”- MacDailyNews Design of the IPhone 5s is the same as the IPhone 5. If you fell in love with the sleek, clean cut and great feel of the IPhone 5 then the IPhone 5s will have that same effect on you. Apple has added new colors to that very nice design of the IPhone 5s. They now have the new IPhone in gold, space grey and crisp white. The hardware of the new IPhone is very advanced.

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The IPhone 5s steps up from an A6 chip to the A7 chip; IPhone 5s is the first iPhone with a 64-bit support. New IPhone adds a M7 coprocessor which Apple claims doubles its CPU and GPIJ performance. The new IPhone storage options come in 16 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes. The most talked about addition to the IPhone 5s is the touch ID biometric sensor that the IPhone comes equipped with. The touch ID is embedded into the home button, the silver ring around the button acts as a trigger, which detects your finger nd then initiates the scanning process.

Once activated the scanner takes a high resolution picture of your finger and sends it to the A7 chip to detect your finger for identification use. Brett Molina explains “The touch ID can remember up to 5 different finger prints, so you can grant access to you and four other family or friends of your choice to get into your IPhone. ” The ID scanner really comes in handy when unlocking your phone and purchasing apps on the IPhone. Instead of taking the time to put in your password all you have to do is scan your finger and you are golden.

The camera on the new IPhone has the same pixels as the previous IPhone (8 megapixels) but it benefits from a larger pixel size. Peter Nowak says “Apple claims it benefits from a 33 percent in light sensitivity’ therefore when you take pictures in a dimmer room the picture will be clearer than on the old IPhone. I have actually compared photos of the iPhone 5 and 5s and the 5s pictures were more clear, cut and sharp compared to the IPhone 5. IPhone 5s camera probably is not the best camera phone on the market but customers seam more than satisfied with the IPhone 5s picture taking performance.

Adding the new A7 chip to the IPhone 5s makes the IPhone one of the fastest compared to the old IPhone is a big improvement loading and performance wise. In an article by Myriam Jorie they compared the two devices “We played Infinity Blade II on the iPhone 5 and then the 5s, and were amazed to see that we’d missed out on minute-long sections of the animation on the older device because of regular frame- freezes. Needless to say, this was never a problem on the 5s. ” The IPhone 5 may be fast enough for some people but the IPhone 5s is significantly faster, you can easily ell the difference between the two.

Myriam Jorie performed tests on the two devices “In a few tests, the 5s performed more than three times better, while in others, it was closer to a 50 percent increase” Apple has added a coprocessor called the M7 which lightens the load of the A7 chip and helps with the IPhones battery life. The battery life on the new IPhone is better; it averagely runs about 2 hours longer than the old IPhone. The new IPhone 5s comes equipped with iOS 7. The look of the new iOS 7 is very colorful and soft focus.

The old software was less colorful, plain and bold. Biggest difference between the two software’s is the icons, fonts, colors, gestures and graphics. Spotlight is accessible through your home screen, now you Just have to pull down from top of the screen. Siri is improved, with a new voice option and a few new abilities as in adding words and correct pronunciation. The keyboard has a new sleek look to it as do most of the apps that support the keyboard. Layers add a new dimension to the Ul so now you can get dynamic wallpapers with some apps.

My personal favorite addition to the New IPhone is the control center in which you an access by simply swiping up from the bottom of your screen. You can access the control center from your lock screen, home screen and all apps. The control center is very useful and handy; you can control multiple options in one screen. You can control the Wi-Fi, airplane mode, Bluetooth, Portrait orientation, Do Not Disturb setting, brightness, music, and AirDrop. At the bottom of the control center also adds apps you can quickly access such as a flashlight, alarm clock, calculator and your camera.

The new IPhone comes in three different Gigabyte sizes 16 6B, 32 GB and 64 6B. Most carries in the United States will offer the phone at $199 with a two year commitment. That price seams fair but if you’re not sold on the New IPhone there are many androids on the market for the same price, question is do those phones stack up to what the new IPhone 5s has to offer? My guess would be no. Is the IPhone 5s the best IPhone out? Yes, though that’s no surprise with apple they know how to compete with themselves. Real question is, is the new IPhone the best phone out?

My answer would be a definite yes; compared to most androids the phone is smooth, simple and flawless. The 64 bit support and A7 chip may convenience some to switch from android to iOS because of the performance and speed that it brings with the help and addition of the M7 coprocessor. The IPhone 5s is an outstanding phone by Apple, but Apples true worth is yet to be determined. If app developers come up with ways to take advantage of the 64-bit support in the iOS 7 this phone will truly grab your attention. If not, many people may Just wait another year or so for the next IPhone to come out.

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